It's so frustrating to watch

You know, last week I wrote an article, and I had some strong opinions as to what I thought was going to happen in the next few weeks with this team. There were a few people that strongly disagreed with those opinions, and that’s fine too. I still believe that this Oiler team will bust out soon. The ONLY reason I still believe is because the schedule is about to get as easy as it can in this league up until the All-star break. 8 of the next 9 are at home. However, Dallas comes into the Drug store tonight on a roll, T-Bay on Thursday who seem to have things rolling again, then a rematch against the Preds on Saturday, which is a MUST win. Interesting times in Oiler land, plus, I want to let you all know about the latest in……Jets land.First off, the last 4. 2 decent wins over 2 teams that aren’t that good. The Oilers dominated Florida on Tuesday night, then got outshot, but played strong defensively against the Ducks on Thursday and walked away with 2 in a row, and 3 of the last 4. Then Saturday…..DAMNIT! Just when you think they get it going! Now they were depleted on the blueline(Smith, Ulanov, and Cross), but that still didn’t lose the game. A BAD giveaway by Eric Brewer on the PP ended the game in the 3rd. They simply didn’t play with any intensity until the final minute of the game(as they so often like to do). Then Sunday, a game that should have been won. We had Ulanov back, but Ryan Smyth cost us one goal, BRUTAL reffing cost us another(three 5 on 3’s for the Jackets, has that EVER happened?), and Conklin looked brutal on one goal AGAIN in this game. 4-4 tie, so we end up with 1 point on a road trip where we should have been aiming for 3 at the worst!

I mentioned the Ryan Smyth penalty(cost us one goal). For those of you who don’t live in E-Town, he got benched after that for the rest of the game(3rd period). It’s about time that Mac-T sent a REAL message to this team. Ryan took what some have called a stupid penalty on Long Island that lost us the game, I said it was an AWFUL call(he bumped Aarron Asham from behind, he let up on the hit so he wouldn’t hurt him, and he still gets a penalty). But that cross check to Tyler Wright really should have been 5 and a game. Then the lazy penalty at the end of the 2nd in the Columbus game. He deserved what he got, I THINK he understands why he got sat, and that’s that.

I reported on this site on Saturday that Georges was likely to be dealt soon(Saturday was what the rumor said). Well it seems like Kevin Lowe keeps holding off on dealing him. I think he’s worried about the fan reaction, especially when he announces that Muckler gives him something he doesn’t need at all(Petr Schastlivy). I said this before, and I’ll say it again. Chris Neil. That way, you still have a fighter, and Neil can do the dirty work that Georges USE to do. The only difference is that Georges is bigger, and can control the boards better. Neil is a better skater.

Tonight we get Dallas. Tommy Salo will once again be the starter, and if the Oilers don’t win this game, I would be tempted to do something, weather it’s trading Georges, or bringing up someone like Woywitka. By the way, there was talk this week about Jani Rita being up with the team??? I never heard this, but if someone knows something, by all means let me know. My prediction is already dead of the 11 of 14 by the all star break. So I’ll make a new one. 5-1-1-1 from now until the All Star break. But the thing that makes me upset is that the tie should have come in Nashville, and a win should have been in Columbus, but this team doesn’t seem to care because they won the 2 before that, and they assume that Dallas, Phoenix, LA, Nashville, Calgary, and Minnesota will just lose the remainder of there games this season.

Now lastly, the Jets story. We had Scott Taylor on our show this morning, and he gave us some interesting info about the Winnipeg situation. His sources told him that it WAS NOT Nashville, and it WAS NOT Carolina. His sources told him that it WAS A FLORIDA BASED TEAM. His guess was the Tampa Bay Lightning because he stated that there owner has lost millions and millions on this team(as have most owners)and is convinced that the NHL has failed in Tampa Bay. However, Winnipeg is not the only city they have been looking at, and he suspects Portland, Milwaukee, and Hamilton(all cities have NHL calibure arena’s)are getting a close look as well. Winnipeg however has the inside track since they have a brand new arena, ready to go by this November. The fact is(as he stated), the NHL has failed MISERABLY in the Southern United States, and wouldn’t be surprised if in the next few years the NHL were to move a few(not just one)of those teams back North, and contract a few others. Again as he said, at least the franchises stand a chance in Winnipeg, Quebec city, and Hamilton. They don’t stand a chance in T-Bay, Miami, Raleigh, Anaheim, or Phoenix. This doesn’t mean ALL the southern teams, but we’ll have to see. Remember this is just one mans opinion. And before I end this I must say that he didn’t sound really optimistic that it would happen. It is a possibility, but probably won’t happen at least until the next TV deal is done, so the NHL can have a better view on how badly they’re failing in the South.

So that’s it for this week, just let me know what you think. I think a lot of the Oiler fans have gone into the basement, especially while the Flames continue to roll. Hey, we were bound to have an off year, and they were bound to make it some year! It’s only half done, we’re only 3 points back of 8th if we win tonight, so let’s not panic. The Oilers have one of the lightest 2nd half schedules in the league(mid Febuary, and the 2nd week in March is tough, but that’s it really), so we’re not done yet Oiler fans. Maybe we should jump on the band wagon while there are still spots available!

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  1. defenestrate says:

    TC, did you say “bust out” or just “bust”? Jk.

    Seriously, though, the Oil needs a great 2nd half. I predicted them for 2nd in the division – what happened?

    We’ll trade McAllister and Cummins for Laraque. Wouldn’t Big George and Big Pete look awesome bookending Dan Hinote?

  2. GretzNYR99 says:

    I’m glad to see that you acknowledged that the Oil’s schedule is really tough after the Allstar break. Things aren’t looking too good there. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Smith and Laraque dealt to NYR though. Sather’s gonna have to make a move soon.

    Bring back Winnipeg, Quebec, and Hartford. Hartford misses hockey so bad, just as much as the other 2 cities do. With a new arena and a new team, it could be a hockey hotbed now that Boston’s not as good as the used to be, taking up most of their fanbase.

  3. trailerparkboys says:

    The “DRUG STORE” I like that!!. I did’nt see Saturday’s game , but I did see Sunday’s , pitiful calls, bad judgement by Smyth. but good heart over all , We looked like we wanted to lose that game. But some how pulled out a point.

    Winnipeg’s new arena , Does’nt it only hold 15000 ?

    Not good enough for todays market!!!.

    P.S. Tried to post an artical here 2 days ago about the oil no luck . “I don’t know what it takes”

  4. Swaottawa says:

    I think you guys would be lucky to get a player like Petr on your team for Laraque… lets face it larague is not the same caliber of player he was even a season ago… he’s had a hard time keeping a steady spot on the Oil so what makes you think he would do any better on the sens… Schastlivy has lots of good upside to him… incredible wrist shot, hard in the corners and is tough… he has a lot of potential and was putting up mad points before his injury last season and hasn’t been given a chance to really crack our lineup and get any decent playing time on one of the better lines in Ottawa… and a note to that is when he did play with bonk and Hossa he put up an assist and goal… In Edmonton it’s not that hard too shift one of the wingers to the right to make room for Schastlivy… as for Neil he’s not leaving Ottawa… or at least I don’t think so… He is pretty well the only fighter that Martin can live with… and the fans of Ottawa for that matter… Stupid penalties and needless fights get you benched pretty quickly in our system and Neil is the perfect goon for us in that he is on a tight leash and doesn’t mind… I think your getting a deal if you score Schastlivy and give him some decent playing time… but that’s just my opinion… I would like to see him stay and play with alfi and white… but I’m not GM…

  5. Swaottawa says:

    What would you rather have… draw 3000 in Carolina… or 15000 in Winnipeg… think about it… most areanas most nights only get 1500 people when there lucky… the only time of year you miss out is playoffs when some teams could shove 30000+ into a arena if they had the room…

  6. gr8haluschak says:

    Where are all the Tommy bashers now, how about the Lowe bashers for trading Niinimaa, where are they now ? Everyone seems to be on these two guys but where is all the praise for Tommy, what 3 shut outs, GAA under 2, and save % well over 900 in his last 6 games. How about praising Lowe for bringing Ulanov back. This team has turned the corner but everyone is still questioning them.

  7. TC_4 says:

    I do want to say that I was wrong about 11 in 14, but it’s still dreaming that Smith will be dealt. They’ll have to fall out of the playoff race, which means about 12 out by the deadline. At the moment, they’re 3 out. It seems like they just won’t deal Laraque now, they keep giving him that “final chance”. If he keeps up what he did tonight, he won’t go(+2, and created 2 or 3 REALLY good chances). And at the sametime I just want to point out that I DID mention the tough sched after the All-Star break in the last article. I’m not trying to get another thing going, I just have to point that out to my credit. Honestly, even if Smith and Laraque are availible, I don’t know if you guys are going to give the Oil what they would want. If you get those two in a package, Lundmark and a pick(2nd round)would have to come back our way, and I doubt Slats would do that.

  8. TC_4 says:

    Let me put it this way, if Schastlivy was THAT good, LA would have wanted him for Smolinski, or Buffalo would have wanted him for Varada, or else he would be a regular in your lineup. As for Neil being better for Ottawa’s system then Georges….Georges RARELY gets a 2 min minor. 5 for fighting, and that’s about it. He controls the boards, and is still a more valuable player to have then Neil(and upgrade). It sounds like your going off what the media is saying about him playing bad, and even the media still knows the Oilers will get something pretty decent for Georges(if he’s even dealt).

  9. gr8haluschak says:

    Why the hell would we want those two talentless peices of garbage, sorry I stand corrected it would be great to pay for two more bodies on press row.

  10. TC_4 says:

    Good point Bubbles about the arena only holding 15 large. But….and I don’t know if you heard the interveiw with Scott Tuesday morning, but he stated that when he chated with Betteman at the All-Star game last year, he asked him if he regreted building the big arenas with 18, 19, and in Montreal’s case 21 000 people. Betteman’s answer was yes! So for TODAY’S market, your right, no it won’t pull in enough money(they would have to sellout every game, and the average ticket price would be $80). HOWEVER, TOMORROW’S market is comming SOON! I’m not buying the “CBA won’t change anything” nay sayers out there. I believe that there will be lots of revenue sharing(50%), and there will be a hard cap(40 million), and there will be a BETTER Canadian Assitance plan. What needs to happen with that is all the teams need to pay an even amount on taxes, because the Habs for example, pay 10 million more then the rest of the US teams COMBINED! So if that gets straightened out(which I’m positive it will), then Winnipeg would have a hell of a lot more then a fair chance. We’ll have to wait and see.

  11. TC_4 says:

    I don’t know what EXACTLY is happening d-strate, it’s making everyone mad in this town, but yeah, we beat Dallas soundly tonight, so we’re only 3 points out again. McAllister and Cummins??? How about Laraque, Oates, and Cross for Sakic, Hinote, and Morris. Come on, you know that’s fair! Seriously, I don’t know if you guys got something we would want for Laraque other then a 2nd round pick.

  12. trademan says:

    “Nice getaway Leheay”

  13. TC_4 says:

    Which is why I’m pretty sure they’ll make the playoffs. It seems like they hit ROCK BOTTOM, but have slowly got it together, and are due for a 5 game roll, or something like that.

  14. defenestrate says:

    Take them, please! Just take them!

  15. GretzNYR99 says:

    Well, now with Kasparaitis gone for the season with an MCL sprain, Poti out day to day, and with DeVries already injured, Sather’s going to make a trade, and I think good buddy Kevin Lowe will help him out. The Rangers and Oilers have traded at the deadline every year for the past 3 years. Something’s gonna happen, I can feel it.

  16. HabsNick says:

    Actually, what the league think about arenas, is solely the number of corporate seats and rooms, they couldnt care less about the number of 20 dollar seats in the rafters.

    And oddly enough, that 21000 seats arena Montreal built that Bettman says wasn’t a good idea manages to nearly sell out every game, even back when our team didn’t play well. That’s how things are in a true hockey town

    Most of the people going to see games in Florida are quebecers on vacation, i think it’s stupid to put a hockey team in a city that barely ever sees snow.

  17. spazmainia13 says:

    Where the hell have you been

    “I’ve been up all night worried sick”

  18. nocuphere says:

    They won’t post articles that lool like they were written by a 3rd grader.

    As far as your oilers, they just stink. It’s not your fault.

    Oh yeah Bubbles?

    You suck!

  19. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, but still, the Habs had trouble for 3 or 4 years there where it wasn’t selling out. I think 18-19 thousand would have been a solid number. At the sametime however, I don’t think they were a bad idea in Toronto, Montreal, Minnesota, or Colorado. Miami, Tampa, Carolina, Phoenix, LA(and it was the NHL’s rink first, so they had the say), Anaheim, Nashville, and Atlanta. Like any of those cities are ever going to get 18 000, or even 16 000 for a regular season game. Winnipeg, 15 000(a few changes, maybe they could get 16 500 in there???), they’ll sell out EVERY game.

  20. TC_4 says:

    I see that side of it, and hey, and I didn’t think Lowe would do ANYTHING last year, and he made the biggest splash. Who would you give up for Jason? I know the word is that if Smith goes, a good young d-man is comming back this way.

  21. TC_4 says:

    If you got “nocuphere”, then why are you saying that the Oilers stink???

  22. nocuphere says:

    Relax dude, he’s a buddy of mine. And actually there is 13 cups here, I just wasn’t alive for any of em. Thanks for throwing salt in the wound TC. You bastard.

    kidding dude!!

  23. trailerparkboys says:

    I’ll check my glasses to see if there is any thing wrong with them. I can kinda see , What is “LOOL”?

    Maybe you should PROOF READ before you shit on other people’s grammer.

    Hey “nocup” KNOCK KNOCK!!!

    Rickey Out

  24. nocuphere says:

    Haha….bastard. You cheeseburger eatin mofo.

    J-roc out

  25. TC_4 says:

    I’m FAT, I’m FAT, I’m FAT, I’m FAT, I’m FAT, I’m FAT!!!

    Rita McNeil out

  26. TC_4 says:

    Nah, that’s cool. With a name like that, I know you don’t mean harm!

  27. The_Conductor says:

    TC why you got to be a dick. I am as fat as posible but when I came out as a lez… I am now skinny and manly.

    Rosie O’Donnel out

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