Its That Time of the Season – Fantasy Sleepers

After more than a year of waiting that included practically no news about hockey players – now the most hardcore of hockey fans must prepare to draft the best of the best for our respective fantasy leagues.

I’ve got questions for you to mull over and comment on:

With so much time off what players will benefit and who will suffer?

– John LeClair comes to mind. He was a solid 50 plus point guy in Philly last year. But after another back surgery – is he a guy you take a risk on now that he is on an explosive PITT team?

– I have heard reports Brett Hull has really lost his game. I haven’t seen him play yet so it is hard to know.

– I think defensemen who are in their mid to late 30’s will be the beneficiaries of the rest and recuperation of a missed season. Look for the likes of Rob Blake, Sergei Zubov and Matt Schneider to have bid seasons on the blue line

Beware the BIG Blowout!

– Will Peter Forsberg stay healthy in Philly? If you think not, then save the money and diversify your offensive assets in multiple players as opposed to the big spend on Peter the Great.

– Marty Brodeur was the one big ticket player in our league last year EVERY penny of his big fantasy salary. I don’t think he is going to be quite as good considering the rules changes and the vacancies in front of him on D. Now if Kevin Greenstein is right and he is traded to Vancouver – he will be worth it all over again. That is a risky and expensive bet however.

– Mike Modano found a way to feed his dog’s after making $9,000,000 per year. The question now is he going to come back and live up to his potential or let his poor business deals effect his play like he did in 2003-04?

– Beware Alex Ovehckin. His plus minus is going to be pretty bad. Until he proves he is a Jagr – hold off on him unless you can get him at the right price.


Who is playing so well in your team’s camp that he is going to make the team and rise to NHL fame?

Forwards I think you can’t miss on are: Zherdrev, Bell, Ruutu. Others I like are Saprykin, Comrie and Praise. Jeff Carter is supposed to be the real deal but beware over zealous Flyers fans biding his price to high in your league. He is no secret anymore. If Crosby isn’t already taken it will be even worse for him.

Defensemen are another story. Some suggest your shouldn’t prospect on them because they take too long to get good. Cam Barker scored last night which is a good sign. Dennis Seidenberg in Philly is a player with a CANNON of a shot but will likely play 7th behind more skilled players. In a Clarke trade, he will get sent somewhere where he can play his offensive game.

Who’s waiting to have a great in your world? Who is going to have a HUGE year that is waiting to be picked?

Good luck to you all. I am headed to NYC for my draft tomorrow.