It's the Rangers' fault!!!!!!!

What’s the reason we aren’t warming up our couches for a long winter of yelling at useless refs? The answer comes from the big apple, and not those fishy lookin players either, the ones from downtown. In 1997 the Rangers, working within the current CBA, destroyed hockey.
The following article was posted on MSN sports, and if you care to read it, it states that the problems start with Joe Sakic and the Avalanche. Burnaby Joe was a group 2 free agent, making a cool three mil, and expecting a ten percent raise. The rangers gave Mr Sakic a huge hike of 4 mil, forcing the Avs to keep their marquee player.

The article fingers the players and the agents for taking this kind of cash. I would like to argue that the real bad guys are the Rangers, a club with huge cash decides to simply try to go over the top so that they can get themselves a seat filler(having lost messier to the nucks). Had the rangers not done this, Paul Kariya wouldn’t have sat out trying to get 7 mil, and lindros wouldn’t have wanted such a beefy contract. It’s all down hill from there.

I think this is the perfect example of a league without parity. Had Joe been playing on a small market team (I will let you come up with your own example), that team wouldn’t have been able to afford to keep him. Rangers would have gotten their star and salaries then would skyrocket again.

So I say, why not install a system that assures a players salary will not go astronomical? A system that would never let agents and teams have a player like Primeau making 5 million, and there are numerous other players. A contract should be qualified by the league to make certain it is a reasonable contract and is comparable to the market place. This could likely take a lot of firepower away from agents and create fewer salary based rifts between GM’s and players ( a la Pavel Bure and Quinn).

here is the article for your viewing pleasure,