It's Time To Send A Statement……

This weekend is going to be a huge weekend for hockey fans everywhere.There are few people who will not be watching to see what happens in this huge event……This weekend a double header will take place between the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The atmosphere for these games will obviously be something amazing. I have never been more excited to watch these two teams play.

Now this is my point. The Senators only need to win one of these games to win the season series.The Leafs have to win both these games and the rest of the games versus the Sens to sweep the series…..I know this is gonna make a huge debate who will win the season series and could this be do or die for both teams??

(Jason Spezza will be returning to the lineup after injury problems for the Leaf/Sens double header)

What do you all think??(keep it clean, I know theres a lot of hate but c’mon…LOL)