J.R. returns from injury Thursday

Philly.com & Philadelphiaflyers.com are reporting that Jeremy Roenick will return to the ice on Thursday vs the Islanders. He will most likely wear a protective cage for the next month to protect his jaw.

Keith Primeau might also be close to returning as well. Though he won’t say when he would. JR was not as quiet saying he believed Prim’s would be back on Thursday as well.

Rico (Eric Desjardins) got some good news today. His arm is almost fully healed and could return for the final 3 games of the year.

Radovan Somik and Vladimir Malakov could be back by the flyers final regular season game.

This will make for an interesting playoffs. The Flyers will be healthy for the first time since early January. They have played well through all the injuries hopefully they will go far and win the Cup this year.

Welcome back Guys… You have been missed.