Jackets would love to move Carter

*I know the Columbus Blue Jackets would like to divest themselves of Jeff Carter’s contract (He is in year one of the 11-year package, with a cap hit of $5.272 million), but this is a tough sell because he just turned 27, which means his deal doesn’t end until he’s closing in on 40. Carter and Rick Nash seemed like a fit the day of the Philadelphia Flyers trade last June, except that both like to shoot. Carter isn’t a playmaking centre. This deal went sour almost from the beginning when Carter went into hiding and didn’t talk to the media, upset he’d been moved from the Flyers. Carter needs to be on a contender; he’s never warmed to being a Blue Jacket. The Jackets need a team with cap room and young bodies in return. I don’t see an obvious fit someplace else, although the Jackets would probably be looking at the Los Angeles Kings, because Carter and Mike Richards were a tandem in Philadelphia and one of those could play the wing. Plus, Los Angeles would have a young goalie to deal in Jonathan Bernier. The Kings have $50 million already tied up in players next year.


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