Jackman out Berehowsky in

TSN is reporting the leafs have traded little used D- man Ric Jackman for former maple leaf first rounder Drake Berehowsky. Good trade for both teams and both players. Jackman gets the ice time he’s been looking for and Berehowsky gets a shot at the playoffs.

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  1. guinsfan4life says:

    Good trade for the guins. They get younger for a…. Good deal for the leafs, they get some experience on their blueline in prep. for the playoffs.

  2. nocuphere says:

    Excellent deal for both. Jackman looks solid when he plays, and like you said your pens get younger with Jackman.

  3. wingedim says:

    Adding some depth yes, but still not the ‘go to guy’ that the Leafs need to ensure a deeper charge into the playoffs and ultimately the cup.

  4. GretzTML99 says:

    Yeah great trade! Berehowsky is a journeyman who already failed in Toronto for a tough hard-nosed 25 year old Jackman on a team that is aging rapidly.

    This is what we have been waiting for, a trade to truly rival the moves made by Clarke. Who needs Gonchar or Boughner when you can have Drake Barelycanskateowsky.

    John Ferguson Jr. is a c**ksucker!

  5. wrightstuff77 says:

    I hope no Leaf fans are too excited about this deal. All we got was an older more expensive Ric Jackman… We already have one of those, his mname is Marchment!

    I agree the Leafs need to do more to compete, and I’m not talking about trading Antropov for Rob Blake, I think that Leaf fans should consider a fair trade that meets the needs of those involved like getting Boughner from Carolina for a high draft pick.


  6. BarryMelrosesMullet says:

    That is the trade they need to make and jackman could have been a part of that trade in some way.

  7. nocuphere says:

    Dude they got nothing for nothing. Berehowsky isn’t that bad. Jackman isn’t that good. Berehowsky will be gone at the end of the year. They need to make roster space for the young d men coming on board next year. Fergie ain’t done yet.

  8. Enigma says:

    Give the guy a break….rip him at the trade deadline if this is the only move he makes. Untill then wait and see.

  9. BarryMelrosesMullet says:

    I agree man, JFJ isn’t done yet I hope. Jackman should have been an add-on to a bigger trade to a younger team. Carolina for example.

    JFJ hopefully has a few tricks up his sleeve, if he doesn’t, he is a cocksucker

  10. BarryMelrosesMullet says:

    The Cup is as good as Toronto’s.

  11. nocuphere says:

    Agreed. Lmfao.

  12. TC_4 says:

    I don’t mind this deal. I believe that Berehowsky is tougher then Jackman, has more experience(not much though), and is more physical. Sure he makes more, but why take any chances when going for the Cup? You do Everything that’s going to improve your team. As for Jackman, this is the kind of place where every failed first round pick needs to go. Why? Because I think with a lot of failed first round picks, half the reason they fail is because they don’t get the ice time, there for lose there confidence. It’s working for Rico Fata(although he’s cooled a lot since the start of the season).

  13. movingfire says:

    Hilarious…Barelycanskateowsky…..I love it..

  14. movingfire says:


  15. opcTML says:

    So who is gonna be the odd d man out for the leafs?


  16. Aetherial says:

    Uh, I don’t get it.

    Seriously, where are you going to play him. At best he is a depth D-man… I guess maybe he can play ahead of Marchment?

    Anyway, I suppose they were not playing Jackman anyway. I still thin Jackman has some potential. I would have thought he would have been more valuable as part of a package to some selling team trying to get younger.

    Then again, why did the Flyers, who were panicking for D-men a couple weeks ago, trade off Weinrich for a 5th rounder… I would have though they would like some experienced D depth for the playoffs.

  17. stevescottys says:

    Throw out something here…..do you think that the Leafers are positioning themselves to trade one of the younger or everyday defenseman…..Pilar, Kaberle, or Berg…..for a big name player…..just a thought.

  18. BarryMelrosesMullet says:

    Very Possible!!!!Good Point!

  19. BarryMelrosesMullet says:

    Your mother’s breast cup bitch!

  20. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah especially for the penguins. They did exactly what they wanted. They signed berehowsky with the idea of trading him for younger players at the deadline. It will soon happen with Eastwood, Buchberger..and would have happened with McKenna had he not torn his pec and been out for the season.

  21. nocuphere says:

    Exactly! I think. haha

  22. Killa_Bs says:

    This has got to be the trade that ends all speculation.

    Toronto will finally win the cup. This reminds me of the trades made by the Pens before they won back in the days.

    Just too bad. It could have been exciting.

    OK. The sarcasm wasn’t necessary. I’m sure Drake will do well, I mean he can’t be worse than Jaromir.

  23. BarryMelrosesMullet says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the Leafs need a couple of niggers on their team.

    They do alot to spice up a team and Toronto is a little too white at the moment. They are supposed to be the city of multiculturalism aren’t they?

    A Laraque or a grier or a worrel, even a Carter. Then ever–ting wood be arie man and we cood loot da NHL for da Bling-Bling.

  24. Kyleton says:

    This was strictly a depth move. Berehowsky will most likely take the same role as Jackman did. Jackman wanted to play more which he gets with the pens, and Berehowsky will be a good little soldier and play when called upon and not complain when he does not just so he has a shot at the playoffs. This is a good trade if what I said is the case. This deal was not intended to put the leafs over the top, just add what they think is a reliable defenseman with a little more experience.

  25. MrwarrenG says:

    This is obviously a familiar face, however he will never actually play for the leafs, as I have heard the Washington capitals have been scouting the Pens, suggesting that Drake Berehowsky was acquired merely to fit the needs of the capitals in the Leafs ultimate quest to land Gonchar to bolster their special teams.

  26. MrwarrenG says:

    What is with this page? Anyways, the Leafs landed barelycanskatehowsky(stolen from above) because he is a tough, proven d-man. Why they landed him, for one simple reason, he is a better fit for the Capitals than Jackman. Jackman, will prove to be a solid d-man in Pittsburgh, as he will see some serious ice time. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I expect Jackman will turn himself from an injury fill in to a typical number one d-man on a non contender team, to the likes of Paul Mara or Eric Brewer. However, I believe that off the ice may be a problem for a guy like Jackman, a recovered alcoholic, as in Pittsburgh there are a few smelters, and some serious bars supported by the steel workers of Pittsburgh.

    UNtil Next Time, G

  27. MrwarrenG says:

    Sorry i got caught up in my comment, it proves that really should proof read everything you write. Anyways, basically I heard that the Caps have been scouting recent Pens games, leading me to believe they may have told the leafs who they might want in a package for Gonchar.

  28. GeniushockeyKID says:


  29. Leaf_Expert says:

    Good move for Ric, hes a good kid.

    He’ll get deserving ice time in Pitsburgh.

    Drake will be a good replacement for when Pilar stinks it up. And hes a known powerplay quarter-back.

    Good luck to Ric, and don’t be surprised if this turns out to be a real point marker in Jackmans career….

  30. Leaf_Expert says:

    Berehowsky’s salary- $450,000.

    Jackmans salaray- $585,640.

    -Interesting fact for some to see.

  31. trailerparkboys says:

    What’s this The Toronto Maple Leafs are actully trading youth to get better now that is a shocker!

    Trading a 25 year old defencman who went 5th overall in 1996 , Yeah well I hope that they win the cup this year .

    Because if the lock out last’s more then a year , Half of the team will retire.

  32. trailerparkboys says:

    Another move to get rid of youth for old age

    Go BUDS Go

  33. Dymd3z says:

    stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Trade Jackman, who has potential for a nobody. Give me a break!

  34. nocuphere says:

    Yeah well beats trading talent for draft picks. Go oil!!

  35. Lint07 says:

    Poor Berehowsky. He’ll actually have to start playing defense…..

  36. nocuphere says:

    Yeah bad trade. Get rid of a “26” year old former first rounder who never plays for a 32 year old guy who plays 18 minutes a night and a smaller salary. Actually a decent move by Toronto.

    Room has to be made for young D men Coliacovo, Hedin, Harrison, Kondratiev, Brendon Bell, or Ian White next year.

    You’re right lots of leafs will retire, but there are believe it or not lots of guys waiting in the winds. Toronto’s D is younger than most think. Kaberle, McCabe, Pilar, Berg, are all still young fellas. With this core group and young “good” prospects waiting, the leafs will always be ok.

    Go leafs Go.

  37. nocuphere says:

    Holy shit, all you guys slammin this trade should all quit what you’re doing and go apply for a gm job. Seriously your talents are wasted here. You think these gm’s have no idea what they’re doing. I recall all the bashing when the leafs signed Joe New, and Ken Klee. Horrible moves by Ferguson eh!

    When Scotty bowman goes out and gets a 5th or 6th type D man it’s a great move. The leafs do it and it’s stupid, it’s horrible. Wake up guys Jackman has been given a chance by 3 teams now, and obviously has done nothing with it. Now he gets a chance to play and prove Fergie wrong I guess.

    Berehowsky has played and can play, he fills a role and thats exactly what they got him for.

  38. matrix2003 says:

    I think that this trade is just set the Leafs up for a Gonchar to Toronto trade where the Leafs would possibly deal away Kaberle or Berg. Interesting to note is that this trade happens just a day before Gonchar returns to the lineup… interesting!?

  39. trailerparkboys says:

    Do you think that “berhousebum” will play 18 mins a night in Toronto?wow you have a lot of faith in him.

    But now they saved $115,640 That will go towards Toronto Buying er… Trading for Gonchar , When they trade for him who will they give up ? a 1st rounder maby !! or Coliacovo, Hey they might even give up Stajan (they got rid of Mccauley) any thing can happen.

    This has to be the year for the buds!! But what do I know every year is the year of the buds

    1967 clap clap clap clap 1967 clap clap…………

  40. nocuphere says:

    Can’t get laid if you don’t make it to the dance.

    Only canadian team to miss the playoffs this year eh.

    clap clap clap clap. Keep the past alive. Where are Gretz and Mess now.


  41. trailerparkboys says:

    1967 clap clap clap clap 1967 clap clap clap clap 1967 clap clap clap….. ha ha ha ha ha

  42. nocuphere says:

    1990 eh? 14 years or 37, it’s all the same. Thats what great about the times……they change. 2004 hahaha 2004 hahaha. Better find a comfortable spot to watch the playoffs this year. Poor oil, missing out on all that playoff revenue. I guess ol’ Ryan Smith and Mike York will be gone next year.

  43. trailerparkboys says:

    I was alive for my teams 5 cups ! do you remember the buds winning the cup.

    1967 clap clap clap……

    It does’nt matter because Dallas would put them out in five.

    1990 clap clap clap clap …………I still remember.


    Peffster out…..

  44. rojoke says:

    Wasn’t this the same guy that the Leafs drafted, after he had numerous knee surgeries in junior? A guy who most experts said would be lucky if he ever played more than two or three seasons in the NHL. And that was how many years ago?

  45. mojo19 says:

    seriously? that made you laugh? well… you must be “special”

  46. mojo19 says:

    i believe its the drake. Making this deal an upgrade on the 7th defensman and nothing more.

  47. smooth4488 says:

    I agree. It helps both teams. Barring injuries, Berehowsky can fill in as a 5th or 6th defenceman. Jackman will log alot of minutes in Pittsburgh and he’s a good guy so I hope he does well.

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