Jackman Remains in St. Louis

According to tsn.ca, the St. Louis Blues have re-signed Barret Jackman. Terms of deal are $14.M for four years.

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  1. Kyleton says:

    14.4 Million for 4 years… not too bad at all

  2. BruMagnus says:

    That's a solid signing.

  3. zombieskin says:

    I was really hoping that jackman would have been shipped off. This means that salvidor will either be traded in the coming ours or go on the market in the offseason. Unless the rumored trade sending Mckee to new jersy can go through. This free up some cap room. I am not fully sure if this would fee up enough to resign salvidor. I just would really really like to see Salvidor stay.

  4. iamnewfie1 says:

    good for the blues …now trade mckee and rucinsky and try and pry ryder and halak out of montreal……

  5. BruMagnus says:

    Who do you value more:
    McKee or Jackman?

  6. zombieskin says:

    that is a tough one but i'd have to say Mckee. Even though he has had some injury problems over the past couple of years. But when he is healthy is a much better dman than jackman

  7. zombieskin says:

    i would have rather seen Jackman traded rather than Mckee. But now that Jackman has resigned it looks like either Mckee or Salvidor are gonna be on their way out (probably Mckee). Jackman would have been hard to move to were asking alot for him. Apparently a 1st rnd pick, a top prospect and a veteran skater.  I do agree we should trade rucinsky. I have been saying this all season long. I hear the Rangers are interesed

  8. BruMagnus says:

    Yup. Rucinsky is done. I'm surprised he was offered anything before.

    Jackman or McKee, that is a tough call.

    What holes do you guys need?
    How about Eric Johnson for Jordan Staal?

  9. BruMagnus says:

    It is indeed a tough one. Can't you afford to keep both, with Salvador and Brewer and also Johnson?
    That seems like quite a deadly defensive squad if you ask me!

    PS, It's refreshing talking to a Blues fan since there aren't any on here.

  10. zombieskin says:

    EJ for Staal? There is no way I would ever make this trade. Simply cause EJ has definately proven that he can be a top defensemen in the very near future. Now if we trade him off even for Staal who does that leave us with to quarterback our powerplay? Jackman?  I personally think we got ripped off with the salvador deal definately could've gotten more than no name fighting forward. Yeah ok the kids from st. louis but so what? I'm actually surprised that we got anything for Backman. he's but almost worthless.  Why we held on to Rucinsky and resinged Jackman I will never understand.  Now that we have completely wasted this year is AM on his way out? seems to be a trend with the blues.

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