Jackman's Season Likely Over

ESPN.com reports that, “Defenseman Barret Jackman is expected to miss the rest of the season due to a dislocated left shoulder. Jackman, the Calder Trophy winner last season as the NHL’s top rookie, reinjured his shoulder in the first period of a 1-all tie with Minnesota on Jan. 5. An MRI exam Jan. 7 revealed the extent of the injury. Jackman was first hurt on a check by Todd Bertuzzi of the Canucks on Oct. 22. It’s the second long-term loss to the Blues’ defense this season. Al MacInnis is out indefinitely with a detached retina and may retire.”I heard about this from John Davidson watching the Rangers game and it worries me… for the Blues’ sake. With Jackman and MacInnis gone, they don’t just lose two major keys defensively, they also lose two key parts of the offence.

Let’s face it, their point men are so talented (the two injured ones and Chris Pronger) that their set-up offence, and especially their power-play, is dependant on not just good defenseman, but All-Star calibre ones. If St. Louis wants to remain a serious Stanley Cup contender, they should be looking into a few defensemen. These are some they should show interest in:

Sergei Gonchar: The best offensive-defenseman in the league. While he isn’t as defensively responsible as Jackman or MacInnis (he frankly gives Tom Poti a run for least defensive defenseman), he solves the power-play problems and will produce 60 point seasons from the point, even in this low-scoring NHL.

Sergei Zubov: Always trust the weight of experience, and two Stanley Cup rings and three Finals appearances show his credibility. He may be the best tape-to-tape passer in the NHL… and can you imagine him hitting Pavol Demitra with homerun passes? This would only happen if Dallas finds themselves out of the playoff picture, so don’t count on it.

Brian Leetch: This move is probably the slimmest possibility, but if the Rangers collapse again, they owe it to Leetchie to let him get into the playoffs again. The Conn Smythe winner in 1994 knows how to win and is still a Top-Ten defenseman in the NHL.

Eric Brewer: He wants out of Edmonton, and there is a key asset he has over the above D-men; youth. He’s talented at both ends and can lead. Besides, can you imagine him and Jackman together for the next ten years (with Pronger for most of them)? Yeah, I’d be scared to play them too. Also, remember Jason Smith is on the trading block too.

Tom Poti: COULD be worth the risk because of his good passing and offensive prowess, but the towel boy probably throws the body around more than Poti… and probably plays better defensively. He could find his way there, but if he’s going to be dealt, Boston is the likely place.

Well, that’s all I got. Hopefully for the Blues, no one else goes down, because it could unfortunately cost Joe Quennville his job.

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  1. Byzz33 says:

    Very interesting fact. St-Louis will surely make a move for a d-man. Even if Leetch and Gonchar are awesome PP men, I predict they will turn to Jason Smith. But hey, who would refuse Zubov? Dallas is close to make some cleaning in their veterans; all depends of the following of the season. The Star’s GM gives their players one month to get in the playoff race. If not, he promised big changes will come. Will they help a long-time rival?

  2. GretzNYR99 says:


    I never thought I’d see the day that you posted an article on here. Hook, line, and sinker, as they say it. Great to see you sharing your wealth of hockey knowledge, with some of the assholes that just come on this site to piss other people off (what lives they have…) it’s always good to know that the true fans are still out there.

    The Irony of this whole situation is that if you watched last year’s series between St. Louis and Vancouver, (an edge of your seat thriller) Jackman was assigned to shutdown big Todd, and couldn’t. I love Jackman, I think he’s a great defender, and he played Bertuzzi well, but I just find that little fact interesting.

    Out of all of those defensemen leaving, I see Zubov going there before any of the other ones.

    1. Sergei Gonchar will stay in Washington. The Rangers can sweeten the pot and ask for Kolzig in a deal for Jagr, but won’t get Gonchar.

    2. Edmonton would most likely trade with an eastern team so that they can’t get screwed in an upcoming regular season game that could decide their playoff fate, or a playoff game.

    3. Dallas will find themselves out of the playoffs for the 2nd time in 8 years at this pace if someone doesn’t step up with all these damn injuries they’ve been having. I don’t know if Zubov would be dealt, but for the right price, I think that’s more feasible than any of the other afforementioned players.

    4. Leetch probably won’t go even if we miss the playoffs. Sentiments still run high for Leetch, and the fans will want to keep him. Although he hasn’t been great in his last 5, it’s rather unfortunate that his defensive partner… oops, I mean offensive partner, Tom Poti, doesn’t know a damn thing about defense. I watch a lot of St. Louis’ games, and I love this team. Even though they play Joel Quenneville’s puck moving system, they are all very defensively responsible from Pronger, to Boguniecki, to Demitra, to Tkachuk, to Weight, to Drake, to Mellanby, to Cajanek, to Finley, etc… Joel Quenneville in my mind is the best coach in the NHL because of the way he works this team. Still winning, and they’ve lost either the 2nd most or the most man games in the NHL due to injury. And as mentioned before, they don’t play the trap to win, and they’re still very responsible defensively, THAT’S what Hockey is all about, not standing around in the neutral zone and blocking passing lanes and taking up space to stop speed.

  3. DirtySanchez says:

    Hey Gretz,

    It’s great to see you and Captain NutSack stroking each other. Captain Sack-o-Shit I took the liberty of signing your guestbook at your stellar website!

    Down to business…I think NutSack has a great point about the strong possibility of the Blues going out for D-man. Seeing as though every year the top tier teams in the league are all in a hunt for a key d-man, I think you are going to see the stock rise for players like Brewer and Gonchar before March and the usual suspects will be throwing their hats in the ring. The Blues have the chips to make as strong as a bid for any of them and if that is the case, I think you will see this team make a strong push for the missing pieces to their ever elusive Stanley Cup.

  4. Freeze says:

    I can sympathize with Jackman. I dislocated my right shoulder, broke the top of my humerus bone (there ain’t nothin humerous about that), tore my labrum and rotator cuff in a hockey game October 19 of last year. I have to have arthroscopic surgery and won’t be be back on the ice until June. It sucks.

  5. Lint07 says:

    We’ll immediatly send Craig Rivet to St.Louis if they agree to pay for his plane ticket.

  6. TC_4 says:

    What are they going to offer for Jason Smith??? Tell me your not thinking like Bryan Murray and going to offer us a young winger and a late first round pick. That ain’t happening!

  7. TC_4 says:

    This is great news for Anaheim, Minnesota, Phoenix, Nashville, Calgary, Colorado, Edmonton, Los Angeles, and San Jose. It’s amazing the Blues are doing so good when 2 of there big 3 d-men have been out since November. I know Khavanov, Salvador, guys like that aren’t bad, but once you get past Chris Pronger, it’s nothing to worry about that’s for sure.

  8. TC_4 says:

    Where in the HELL did you get this shit about the Oilers??? Why does that get posted??? “Eric Brewer: he wants out of Edmonton.” Why even say anything like that??? What a crock of shit buddy! “Also, remember Jason Smith is on the trading block too” Also total B.S!!! The Oilers have no more salary dumps that they need to do, and they won’t. People, you look at the points column next time you check the standings…ok??? There in 12th, but they are 4 freakin points out of the playoffs, with 39 games remaining. That 78 points left to get!!! How come most people think that LA is lock for the playoffs after losing Straka, Allison, Deadmarsh, and Palffy, and yet Edmonton, who walked into Philly and beat them 3-0 and just went 3-2-0-1, with all there loses being close 1 goal games, aren’t finished for the season??? It is just getting ridiculous! I bet they got on 9 out 10 wins stretch right away, start chasing Calgary for 6th, and people will STILL think they’re not going to make it.

  9. Leaf_Expert_hater says:

    actually, Bertuzzi had only one goal and 3 assists in 7 games. If he didn’t shut him sown completely, he sure did slow him to all but a crawl.

    Jackman is the Real Deal folks….. er, when he gets better he will be….

  10. CaptainSack35 says:

    First off, I trust my sources… Jason Smith has been shopped around by Kevin Lowe, and so has Eric Brewer. By the way, Craig MacTavish’s job is also on the line, and how the Oilers handled the Comrie situation, they have began to shop around… even though Brewer and Smith are young, they can’t afford them two years from now. They’ll get something while they can if they aren’t in the playoffs… either way, they want to be prepared for the future NHL, whether its similar to it now or with a salary cap, getting young and cheap works for either direction.

    Los Angeles will find a way… deep defense, quality role players, one of the best regular-season goaltenders in the last three years… they will finish ahead of Edmonton, who doesn’t have a true first line center… and two-thirds of the club is underachieving. So what if they turn the corner? The West has Nashville, Calgary, Minnesota, LA, Phoenix, Anaheim, and Dallas, all competing for final spots behind the Wings, Avs, Nucks, Blues, and Sharks. The Oilers will probably still stay below them all. It’s a lost year at this point, so get some prospects out of the deal.

  11. CaptainSack35 says:

    By the way, you think they’ll go on a 9-1-0 tear soon? Two words buddy… DREAM ON.

    And by young, I meant younger… build for a hopefully fiscally fairer NHL four or five years down the road.

  12. TC_4 says:

    I will bet you 1 billion dollars neither one of Smith or Brewer will be dealt. Where are you from??? I want to know where these “sources” are comming from. That’s a joke buddy, and it sounds like you just want the Blues to have some good d-men and your the one who’s dreaming. Dream on??? Did I say that’s EXACTLY what’s going to happen? No. But…they will go on a tear very soon. They play Florida, Anaheim, Nashville, and Columbus, and I’m betting that they win 3 of 4, which would make it 4 of 6, with a 3 game homestand after that, make it 7 of 9. You think the Kings, without Deadmarsh, Palffy, Allison, and Straka are going to make the playoffs….are you drunk??? Shows how much about this game you actually know.

  13. TC_4 says:

    By the way, LA sure did “find a way” last year didn’t they “expert”.

  14. CaptainSack35 says:

    Two words… Roman Cechmanek. My work is done here.

  15. CaptainSack35 says:

    Hahaha, that’s cute. Really, that’s funny. You keep thinking that a team that has not gotten quality production out of half their team is going to make the playoffs… right.

    I could argue with you, but I don’t like to make people who are clueless look even stupider, not my style. Besides, other people here are talking about Brewer, Smith, and Laraque in trade scenarios, so stop being so blind to the obvious.

  16. CaptainSack35 says:

    By the way, calling me drunk and stupid, you can’t even do second grade arithmetic. You said win nine of ten, and now say if all goes right, with the weaker teams and homestand, you would be 7 wins out of 9, which means the best you can do is 8 of 10. You expect me to listen to you, when you can’t defend your basic math, and make logical sense (that Anaheim and Nashville are better teams)? You might hurt yourself if you think any harder, buddy.

  17. GretzNYR99 says:

    Yes… you’ll bet a billion dollars you don’t have on a team that hasn’t gotten any production out of their players that plays a run and gun system in the era of the Neutral Zone Trap. Yep, I’m willing to bet with you too. Real smart.

    They will go on a tear soon, what’s going to happen, they’re going to get Brett Hull and reunite him with Adam Oates and Hull is going to score 50 goals in 35 games? Lets be realistic here, Edmonton’s down and out. Dallas, on the other hand still has a good chance, and when Mike Modano comes back, THEY WILL go on a tear. Bill Guerin’s been decent all season, and once he gets his set up man back, he’ll start tearing things up. As for Edmoton, I love Mike York, but he can’t be a number one center. Give Edmoton a few years, they’ll be great.

  18. GretzNYR99 says:

    I also didn’t mention the competition in the west is so stiff, it’s almost impossible to get a playoff spot unless you’ve got productive superstars on your team, and Edmonton doesn’t have them.

    Detroit, St. Louis, Colorado, Vancouver, Dallas (in due time), San Jose, Calgary, Anaheim, Nashville, LA… Edmonton’s got quite the ways to go. I like the Oilers a lot, and I don’t think they’re going to get anywhere. Especially with the division they’re in… Vancouver, Calgary, Colorado… oh my… they have to go almost unbeaten against those 3, from here on out to get back in the thick of things, those are games that have double the points of regular games. Not an easy task for the Oilers.

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