Jacques Martin negotiating in order to become the Habs`next bench boss.

Sportsnet is reporting that Jacques Martin is negotiating a potential buy-out from the Florida Panthers in a potential move that would pave the way for him to become the next coach of the Montreal Canadiens.
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Is this the right move for the Habs? Or would they be better served by going with one of the other rumoured names: Bob Hartley, Patrick Roy, Marc Crawford, or Don Lever?

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  1. muckies says:

    Good coach. Loves big defenceman with some skill.  Will probbaly lobby Gainey to keep Komiserek.  Takes forwards with speed and skill over big players who are slower.  Likes fast teams that swarm the net.

    He'll do good work with the crew they have now and will build a good defensive system, he could probably get the team they have now back into the playoffs.  

  2. sgeorge says:

    great news ! Finally a coach with experience behind the CH's bench !

    It will be made official today at 2 pm :


    (sorry article is in french)

  3. hockey_lover says:

    I wonder if this will become a bit of a power struggle.

    Martin has had the GM of Florida job and I believe was also a GM in Ottawa for a short time (although, I may be wrong about that … please feel free to correct me). With him going to Montreal as a "demotion" to coaching again, I wonder if he will push the boundaries too much and step on Gainey's toes too much.

    At the end of the day, Martin is a decent coach and should do well.

  4. Milohabs says:

    I never thought about Martin, but I'm really glad they went with an experienced coach. He has the desire to get back tot he finals and win and that will be his ultiamte goal. I really didn't want a coach with no NHL experience.

    On a side bar, does anyone out there feel like this could give the Habs an inside track on Jay-Bo? I say let Komisarek walk and give his $$ PLUS to Bouwmeester. A much wiser investment (IMO)

  5. Milohabs says:

    This is by no means a "demotion" Martin CHOSE to get out of his current deal with Florida (The Panthers wanted to keep him). He CHOSE to apply for this position. I have a feeling he knows EXACTLY what he's stepping into, and Gainey will have no issues cutting him lose if he starts "getting in his way". I have a feeling there will be no issue like this.

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