Jagr Rumors TRUE

According to TSN.ca, those Ranger Jagr rumors weren’t exactly false. Jaromir Jagr says he expected to open training camp in New York this fall, rather than Washington.

Jagr confirmed on Thursday that the Capitals were close to dealing him to the New York Rangers this off-season.

“It was not just rumors, it was pretty close to happening and then it didn’t happen,” Jagr said on the opening day of training camp.

Jagr harbours no ill-feelings towards the Capitals, acknowledging that its all part of the business of hockey.


Well, that’s weird. Especially after the two clubs clearly specified otherwise.

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  1. distance7 says:

    Why is this news?

  2. mikster says:

    From NYPost:

    “I had a good idea at the trade deadline that things wouldn’t come out the way I [hoped] it might; when we got Alex [Kovalev, on Feb. 10] and Anson [Carter, on Mar. 11], it was on my mind that [a Bure recovery] just wasn’t going to happen.

    “He’s not going to play this year.”

    He got Kovalev and Carter because Bure was done. He knew it already, and he replaced Bure as soon as he got those two players.

    Rangers do not need Jagr, especially a RW in general unless Kovalev faces a season ending injury, or the team is really sucking in scoring by mid-November.

    Jagr wants to come to the Rangers, but he ain’t coming here. At the very least, he may come here only if McPhee gives up and chooses to dump Jagr to the Rangers as somewhat of a salary dump and accept some low profile players, similar to Kovalev’s deal.

  3. mikster says:

    Trade Rumors!

  4. distance7 says:

    Well yeah…stupid question I guess. Man do I ever hate Jaromir Jagr

  5. mikster says:

    I guess you can hate his personality, no one is perfect, but you can’t hate his talent…skills. I wish i had those.

  6. G_Money says:

    yeah..mainly his looks for me. Looks very similar to a butch woman wouldnt ya say?

  7. distance7 says:

    I always liked the joke that he and Lemieux were a lesbian couple, back when Jagr had the ol’ dyke mullet.

  8. G_Money says:

    yeah, i must agree. Slap some make up on Jaromir, the bums will be hangin off of her..mmm. mm.. sorry him.

  9. beefer says:

    I think this was more wishful thinking on Jagr’s part. At one point, Sather’s plan was to get both Jagr and Lindros. That was two summers ago. With the acquisitions of both Kovalev and Carter, those thoughts should be totally out of his head. The RW position on the Rangers top two lines are now taken care of. They have no need for Jagr. If they did get him, he would probably be the biggest locker room cancer on the team. And thats saying something!

  10. distance7 says:

    Well he already dressed up as a woman in the Czech Republic as a “joke”…sure jaromir…sure….

  11. NYIchooch75 says:

    Someone please just shoot this under-achieving idiot. Play like you earned the $11 million. This jerk’s name shouldn’t be mentioned in trade rumors. HE should be up there in the heart voting every year.

  12. mikster says:

    Ya know what made him cut his hair (true story)? When he went to Italy for vacation, he liked the style of short hair and he cut his long hair.

  13. mikster says:

    Kinda like Yashin.

  14. G_Money says:

    or Kashin if you please.

  15. dave1979 says:

    i have to agree with you distance, i absolutely hate jagr and would probably despise him even more if he came to vancouver (my team).

  16. wheresthesoda says:

    the rangers training camp has opened up,

    no leetch, no richter, no bure, no blackburn!

    i dont think this is to bad.

    i kinda like it. its gonna give all there kids an oppertunity. i think tjutin will make the team this year. same with garth murray.


  17. mikster says:

    Watch out for Lampman, the guy is a really good defenseman.

  18. NYIchooch75 says:

    Or Lindros. Or Malakhov. Or Mike Keane. Or Bruce Driver. Or a handful of other underachievers your team has grossly overpaid during the last 10 years.

    Relax guy. If anything, it was a dig on the Caps and Jagr. No reason to start the next intra-New York shit-throwing contest. So, Yashin is overpaid. Big deal. One guy. Not a full roster. Maybe you missed my subtle point of saying the Rangers SHOULDN’T sign him.

  19. GretzNYR99 says:

    Well said. The Rangers also looked at Brett Hull in the 2001 offseason.

    I don’t see Jagr coming here, if he was coming here, Patrick should have traded with us 2 seasons ago. He would have gotten a better deal than Kris “The Bust” Beech, and whoever the other two or three were, I can’t remember. We would have given him the same deal we gave Philly for Lindros, Hlavac, Brendl, Johnsson. Brendl and Hlavac could easily shine in Pittsburgh’s offense-first system, and Johnsson would have been a great fit on their backline. Oh well, dumb move by Craig Patrick, one of the big reasons why this team is going to be extinct, bad general managing.

  20. GretzNYR99 says:

    How are Mike Keane and Bruce Driver underachievers?

    1. They weren’t overpaid.

    2. They were character players, and nothing more.

    Malakhov yes, is a bit overpaid. But if he has a year that shows flashes of what he could have been had he put the sum of his parts together, he’s worth the money. His money should mainly be made in incentives, as should EVERY player in the NHL.

  21. GretzNYR99 says:

    Dominic Moore has played well in training camp from what I’ve heard, Garth Murray has also played well. Things are looking a bit better this year in training camp, aside from Leetch being injured.

  22. Gforce says:

    ok.. detroit said it get “CREATIVE”there was a report of Kolzig being traded to Colorado.


    Detroit gets:crombie

    Washington gets:Dunham,Tanguay


    New york:Cujo,Jagr

    something like that

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