Jagr to Rangers Rumors a Load of Crap! Draft Day was not Quiet, AT ALL!

Jagr to the Rangers for Lindros, Bure, Carter, Nedved and every other loser on the Rangers roster. Thats the rumor. Well I’m here to tell you it’s all a load of steaming cow manure. Here’s why… Slats may be stupid, but he isn’t that stupid! After aquiring overpaid stiffs like Lindros, Bure, Holik, Kovalev, so on and so fourth, do you really think even he would be dumb enough to aquire the biggest stiff of em all? Even Glen Sather isn’t capable of incompitance on that grand a scale.

Larry Brooks (yea I know) this morning pointed out that the Rangers would be giving up one-year deals left on Erica Lindros and Pavel Bure’s contracts to pick up a five-year deal worth $55 million for Jagr, at a time when there is legitimate concerns over a payroll cap or luxury tax to be put on team payrolls in the next Collective Bargaining Agreement. Even if the Caps were to absorb the $7 million per season of Jagr’s contract, Brooks points out, the Rangers would still be on the hook for $11 million bucks.

Also it’s well known the Rangers were offered Jagr several times over the past year but turned down those offers. Fact is nobody wants Jagr. Not just because of his diminished skills, but the fact that he’s a locker room cancer. His constant whining and crying hasn’t endeared him to many over the last few years in Washington.

Face it folks, you know you suck when even the Rangers won’t pay you millions to ruin their team! Jagr’s done!!!

Other news and notes (from Larry Brooks of NYPost.com):

Did you know that the St. Louis turned down Mad Mike’s (it was too weird that he did nada) offer that involved Michael Peca for Pavol Dimitra?

Instead, Blues GM Larry Pleau offered Keith Tkachuk and even Doug Weight to the Rangers.

Yzerman, a dear friend of Eric Lindros might end up recommending Red Wings GM Ken Holland to call the Rangers about Lindros’ availability if Sergei Fedorov decides to leave the Motor City.

The Dallas Stars are still trying to move Richard Matvichuk and Jason Arnott to clear up enough payroll to re-sign Derian Hatcher. They have also tried to offer Billy Guerin to the New York Rangers.

The Captilas are also trying to trade Robert Lang and even Peter Bondra.

The Penguins have offered Martin Straka to various teams yesterday, even the Rangers.

The L.A Kings are up to something. Offering up Jason Allison to then make a nice offer to Sergei Fedorov?

There IS ONE team interested in Pierre Turgeon, the Blue Jackets have shown interested in the old timer, only if the Stars will eat up some his salary.