Jagr to Rangers Rumors a Load of Crap! Draft Day was not Quiet, AT ALL!

Jagr to the Rangers for Lindros, Bure, Carter, Nedved and every other loser on the Rangers roster. Thats the rumor. Well I’m here to tell you it’s all a load of steaming cow manure. Here’s why… Slats may be stupid, but he isn’t that stupid! After aquiring overpaid stiffs like Lindros, Bure, Holik, Kovalev, so on and so fourth, do you really think even he would be dumb enough to aquire the biggest stiff of em all? Even Glen Sather isn’t capable of incompitance on that grand a scale.

Larry Brooks (yea I know) this morning pointed out that the Rangers would be giving up one-year deals left on Erica Lindros and Pavel Bure’s contracts to pick up a five-year deal worth $55 million for Jagr, at a time when there is legitimate concerns over a payroll cap or luxury tax to be put on team payrolls in the next Collective Bargaining Agreement. Even if the Caps were to absorb the $7 million per season of Jagr’s contract, Brooks points out, the Rangers would still be on the hook for $11 million bucks.

Also it’s well known the Rangers were offered Jagr several times over the past year but turned down those offers. Fact is nobody wants Jagr. Not just because of his diminished skills, but the fact that he’s a locker room cancer. His constant whining and crying hasn’t endeared him to many over the last few years in Washington.

Face it folks, you know you suck when even the Rangers won’t pay you millions to ruin their team! Jagr’s done!!!

Other news and notes (from Larry Brooks of NYPost.com):

Did you know that the St. Louis turned down Mad Mike’s (it was too weird that he did nada) offer that involved Michael Peca for Pavol Dimitra?

Instead, Blues GM Larry Pleau offered Keith Tkachuk and even Doug Weight to the Rangers.

Yzerman, a dear friend of Eric Lindros might end up recommending Red Wings GM Ken Holland to call the Rangers about Lindros’ availability if Sergei Fedorov decides to leave the Motor City.

The Dallas Stars are still trying to move Richard Matvichuk and Jason Arnott to clear up enough payroll to re-sign Derian Hatcher. They have also tried to offer Billy Guerin to the New York Rangers.

The Captilas are also trying to trade Robert Lang and even Peter Bondra.

The Penguins have offered Martin Straka to various teams yesterday, even the Rangers.

The L.A Kings are up to something. Offering up Jason Allison to then make a nice offer to Sergei Fedorov?

There IS ONE team interested in Pierre Turgeon, the Blue Jackets have shown interested in the old timer, only if the Stars will eat up some his salary.

47 Responses to Jagr to Rangers Rumors a Load of Crap! Draft Day was not Quiet, AT ALL!

  1. dkball7 says:

    Dvorak was traded to Edmonton for Carter. One less bum for them to worry about I guess.

  2. aaron says:

    Wings were supposed to be in the Lindros sweepstakes last time, nothing happened. Ain’t gonna happen this time around.

    When is someone going to realize that the Kings are BROKE?!?! They can’t afford Fedorov. They’ve made some nice moves w/o dramatically increasing payroll, now all they have to do is sign Robitaille back again, maybe pick up a UFA center (Joe Nieuwendyk, perhaps?) and they’ll have two solid lines, something they didn’t have last year. They don’t need Fedorov, who wouldn’t be a dramatic improvement over Allison anyway.

    Though if they could get something good out of the Allison deal…but that still wouldn’t free up that much salary. I just am not buying Fedorov in LA.

  3. Flyers_01 says:

    According to Brooks there’s enough people being offered to the Rangers to start a second New York all-star team.

    This is going to sound wierd but I remember when the Senators were bankrupt that there was talk of them not being able to make payroll. In that discussion I remember reading something about that if the team doesn’t pay their players for 2 consecutive payrolls that the players become FAs? Can anyone confirm that?

    Although it would be professional suicide I am wondering what would happen if the Caps just decided to stop sending Jagr a check every pay period.

    Look for guaranteed contracts to be a thing of the past in the new CBA.

  4. aaron says:

    That’s an interesting point. I don’t think they’ll get that desperate until the CBA though…

  5. mikster says:

    Last time the Wings had a healthier Yzerman and Fedorov.

    They losse Fedorov, who do they get? Prospal? Nieuwendyk? Lindros? Your choice. They are weak at center if Fedorov goes.

    I say the Kings are bs’ing their ‘poverty’.

  6. DaMick says:

    But id say the Salary cap has more fiscal feasibility in this day of age.

  7. infoengine says:

    Sorry the KIngs aren’t giving up Allison just yet. They like him and the would never go for Federov. Way to much money. But i’ll tell u what the are going to do. They are gonna put Ziggy on second line with stumpel and Robitaiile. GM Taylor said he was looking for a winger to play next to Allison and Deadmarsh who are almost fully recovered. I think they are also gonna find a defence men to pair up with Norstrom.

  8. titans says:

    Oh yea…sorry so many bums I lose count!

  9. titans says:

    I think the players union would have something to say about that.

  10. aaron says:

    Why are you saying the Kings are bsing their poverty? Just b/c they’re in LA? They don’t exactly sell out games, they don’t have long playoffs runs to make money, and they don’t have Cablevision’s unlimited resources.

    And my choice would be Prospel. If not him, Niewendyk. Lindros wouldn’t even be an option. We have our top two centers in Yzerman and Datsyuk; both are better than Lindros, and for that matter, Draper and Larionov are too.

    I would never want Lindros. He has negative trade value, as far as I’m concerned. You’d have to send us another player in the package just to get us to take him off your hands, and we sure wouldn’t give anything up to get him.

  11. aaron says:

    Would it still be the second line if it had Palffy on it? He was like 8th in scoring last season w/ absolutely no help. If they can get one more decent player and Robitaille, they’re going to have a great lineup. Two great scoring lines, a solid defense, and a good goaltender. Taylor is quietly assembling a great team in SoCal.

  12. Goldenscud says:

    The NHL might need to change the roster limit to 40 to accomodate all the “new” New York Ranger players.

  13. infoengine says:

    not a solid defence yet. they have good young guys but they need a proven veteren to play the first pair with Norstrom replacing Schneider

  14. Kashin says:

    I think that there will be a definite deal done if Jagr isnt a Ranger. Lindros will be a red wing. They could get a young d man or prospect in return.

    Who would turn down a mad mike deal. The Isles never end up with the edge in the end.

  15. dlo44 says:

    rangers should have cleaned house, eat sallery and trade Lindros, Bure, Kovalev and any other stiff they have for draft picks. They haven’t even made the playoffs while buying everything in site, and nobodys watching anyway. Blow up the ship. They could have had 5 first rounders in this years deepest draft in a decade. They just seem to have zero long term plan. Why they keep doing this is beyond me.

  16. mikster says:

    Well, that’s your opinion! You don’t know what Ken Holland is thinking. Unless you are inside his mind, then you are right, but as of now you never know.

    But, i see your view and i’d agree if i were a Wings fan.

  17. mikster says:

    Hmm, well…..think this again with more smarts.

    They could have had five 1st rounders? How do you know? If all those players above were not traded, how would Lindros and Bure and Kovalev get traded? If they could have traded Lindros for a 1st, they would would have. Apparantly, no one accomplished that.

    Rangers will clean the house after next season, Lindros, Bure, Leetch (maybe even this season), Richter is done, Nedved will be out…Mironov, Malakhov…

    They have the Hartford Wolpack as one of the most talented AHL teams.

    They are fine.

  18. aaron says:

    I have faith that Holland isn’t stupid enough to enter the Jagr sweepstakes. Maybe I’m wrong, but I sure as hell better not be wrong. There are enough options out there in free agency to fill the hole Fedorov left (which frankly is not as big as ppl say it is).

  19. titans says:

    “They are fine”??? They have the highest payroll and the most star studded lineup in the league yet they can’t make the playoffs. And in the NHL EVERYONE makes the playoffs. They are not fine!

  20. aaron says:

    That is the one hole, where Schneider left. There are players available though. Woolley wouldn’t be too bad a pickup for you guys, really. He’s better than his reputation. He’s not flashy or physical, but he’s good at moving the puck up ice and creating offense in the zone, and he isn’t a liability in the defensive zone. Kinda like a mini-Schneider.

    I think you could move Miller up w/ Norstrom and get by well enough.

  21. aaron says:

    Nobody would take Lindros or Bure. You think anyone wants those two stiffs?

    And Kovalev ain’t a problem. He’s not that expensive; he makes about what he deserves. He definately isn’t a stiff; he finished like 7th in scoring or something.

  22. dlo44 says:

    if the rangers pick up the bill. they are competing so the might as well develope their own talent. they got nothing to lose

  23. dlo44 says:

    correction “not competing” excuse me

    kovalev was in the top 3 untill he went to the rangers, then he stopped producing like he was.

  24. Flyers_01 says:

    Unless hockeysfuture changes their ranking, the Rangers are ranked 28th in terms of prospects.

  25. titans says:

    No, but they do always end up taking it in the rear end!

  26. infoengine says:

    we don’t plan on getting by. We plan on at least making the post season and then trying to pass the first round. Dave Taylor said that if we get Robitaiile we still have 2 or three trades left one being a blockbuster

  27. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    aite first

    Bure is not a stiff… he produced when he was healthy, he was the reason Nedved got 1/4 of his points. U’ll see next year he will score alot if he returns healthy.


    Kovalev isn’t a stiff either. It takes time to develop chemistry. Look at Roenick it took him a year to fit in but now hes doing great. Kovalev just needs time to work it out.



    I admit he played poorly though a large portion of that was because of him playing on the wing with a second line centre like Holik. He deserves a shot with a good winger with him at centre.


    Kovalev (used to be a left winger)




    Sign a lefty a(Berezin/Arvedson/Podein)



    Jagr CAN score…….. but only with Lemieux on his line. He isn’t that old but he needs an amazing centre on his line to score. Not Robert Lang. Those kinds of centres are rare. Those kinds of centres (Sundin, Thornton, Forsberg, Sakic, Modano, and maybe Lindros b4 he became lousy)

    Leetch should be resigned he should be the captain. Leetch is the Veteran leader they should have not a 43 yr old selfish Messier. I say dump Messier and give Leetch a small raise.

    Fedorov, he would help the team. He is really expensive and would set up the team for Catastrophe. He would play well with Bure or Kovelev though.

    Hatcher would help the team but they can’t afford him going into the CBA.

    LeClair he may help Lindros but they would need to drop some contracts (Ward,Richter,Lefebvre, Donato)

    They need a coach that can criticize them and teach those egos a lesson. The only coach i knew who could do that was Bowman. (the only problem is he is retired) Hasek, Chelios, Shanahan, Hull, Fedorov, Yzerman, Lidstrom.

    The other things is they should trade for a quality left winger!!!!!!!! although untouchable Richard Zednik would be perfect on a line with Lindros and Bure/Carter/Kovalev. Leetch

    Leetch needs a better defensive partner. Malakhov may have the physical attributes but he isn’t that smart on the ice. The could use an inexpensive smart quality defensive defenseman. (Greg DeVries) even though Hatcher would be perfect like i said before he is too expensive and untouchable.

    One unrealistic fantasy. Imagine Scott Stevens seven yrs ago with Leetch 7 yrs ago. That would be better than Neidermayer Stevens. Leetch is the same man who had 103 points in a season.

    so overall,

    Keeps: Bure (if he gets healthy), Lindros (if turns his game around), Kovalev, Leetch

    Castoffs: Messier, Richter, Ward, Lefebvre, Donato)


    and get a coach who is an asshole and will teach the egos a lesson!!!!!!!!

  28. dlo44 says:

    rangers are great if……….

  29. defenestrate says:

    It’s “Pepto-Bismol Pink”.

    And yes, I’m jealous that I don’t have my own “bubble”.

  30. aaron says:

    Actually, when I said “get by”, I meant get by well enough to pull an Anaheim.

    West is weaker than its been in about a decade this year. I think the Kings have a decent shot at making the Cup Finals if they play their cards right this offseason (and by right, blockbusters generally aren’t part of the equation…best way to destroy a team is pull a blockbuster or sign a big free agent).

  31. aaron says:

    Well, anybody would. That team drains the talent of all who enter. Personally, I’d like to see him leave too, just b/c he’s young and talented, which the NHL is in short supply of right now, and I’d rather not see his career nuked by an extended stay w/ the Rangers. But if I were the Rangers, you don’t let go of this guy.

  32. mikster says:

    In terms of after the CBA

  33. mikster says:

    When and after the CBA comes.

  34. aaron says:

    Hehe, you think Bowman destroyed Hull’s ego? You haven’t seen footage of Brett Hull in practice then…holy crap. I’ve never seen anyone that egotistical (even though I know its all a ploy to irritate his teammates, its still hilarious).

    Standing in line to do a shooting drill, just arbitrarily shouts out, “Thank God for Brett Hull! You stiffs would be useless w/o me.” Freakin’ funny as hell. But hey, he’s one of the best players we got, and he seems to annoy the rest of them to do better, so I’ll lay off him.

    You aren’t getting Bowman anyway. Lidstrom has an ego? That’s news to me. Kinda hard to detect these things, I suppose, when he never talks.

    I still think it would take the reincarnation of God to get those overpaid losers to play like a team.

  35. mikster says:

    Hockey’s Future is not that good, too opinionated and i dislike the Ranegsr staff on there.

    Rangers only need a few good prospects and two bluechips. That’s how their system goes.

    As far as i know, they are drafting character players with leadership and smarts at both ends of the ice. Garth Murray, Lee Falardeau, Dominic Moore….Hollweg was the best but his career is basically over due to a head injruy. They have Lundmark, now Jessiman, and Tjutin as bluechip prospects. Blackburn is a future starter and if not him then Lundqvist, super star in Sweden, is starting to become a bluechip goalie prospect.

    Lyashenko, acquired from Malhotra deal, is the perfect 3rd, 4th line center with incredible defensive smarts.

    Then they have rough stay at home d-men that play with character and leadership (Taylor and Nasty Guenin and Lampman). Poti is their future offensive d-man.

    They are fine when the CBA comes since they really only have Holik and Kaspar getting paid during the lockout.

    So yeah, they are fine.

  36. mikster says:

    Hmm, i think any player who plays with Jagr and Lemieux will score more points, right?


    He;s obviously not going to score that much with the Rangers.

    And, what kind of a stupid biased unsportsmanlike way is it to say that you do not want to see his career nuked by pkaying with the Rangers?

    Who drafted him in the first place? Ok, then Shhhcott, zip it!!!!!!!When a problem comes along, you must zip it! and zip it good!

  37. aaron says:

    Actually, Kovalev played w/ Straka and Lang. He did play w/ Mario this year, but he was putting up 90 point seasons before that.

    Oh yeah, I completely forgot he was drafted there. But that was back when they were good. Face it: look at the string of “super stars” who have entered there lately. Fleury, Kamensky, Lindros, Bure, Holik, Kaspiritis…any really good player who signs or is traded there is like cursed, I swear to god. Maybe Kovalev will survive b/c home grown Rangers seem to do better (then again, there’s Richter to think about…)

    I’d be happier to see him playing somewhere else, that’s for sure.

  38. infoengine says:

    SC finals!

    thats a large statement. But either way i’d rather they have stronger defence also I really enjoyed watching schneider making all those goals at the blue line. It would be nice to have that weapon plus Allison in the corners and Deadmarsh.

  39. dlo44 says:

    are you saying there is a lack of TALENT in New York?

    he has lots of guys to play with and it still doesn’t work, same thing over and over, thats the point.

    highest pay role, no playoffs

  40. OldNord says:

    Come on Mikster, Kovy put the numbers without this two guys and you know it, is it Straka, Hrdina or whatever who made it so good.

  41. dlo44 says:

    theres no ice time left for any their young guys like lundmark.

  42. cwthrash says:

    I’m lucky enough to have my own personal button, which was actually put up before I came to this site. It’s like they knew I was coming and got it ready for me. And that almost looks like the truth, since I’m the only one who ever uses the button for Hotlanta.

    Even though you were being highly sarcastic, maybe they’ll put up an SCTP button. Imagine the carnage that could result from that. Priceless. That I would love to see.

  43. mikster says:

    On the left side? yeah there is….especially if the moose retires.

  44. G_Money says:

    exactly what i was thinking defenestrate

  45. boy1der says:

    It sure isn’t trading Allison for Federov!! If the Kings were going to spend that much money on someone,(and they won’t) it should be on someone younger…like Bill Guerin. I’ve heard his name (as well as John LeClair and Anson Carter) floated on the airwaves in L.A…

    Of course, they are just, RUMORS…

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