Jason Allison is Back!!!


Los Angeles Kings center Jason Allison is ready to play tomorrow night and will be a game time decision on Thursday night against the Nashville Predators. His status will be determined following a medical examination on Thursday afternoon by Kings Team Physician Dr. Ronald Kvitne of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthapaedic Clinic.

Allison, who suffered the injury on Oct. 29 at Atlanta in a knee on knee collision with Thrashers defenseman Andy Sutton, has been skating with the team for the past two weeks and has been participating in full contact drills over the last three days. At the time of the injury, Allison was the Kings leading scorer with 11 points (4-7=11).

From: LAKings.com

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  1. Kingsfan1 says:

    I think thats total BS. JA is probably still atleast 2 weeks away from playing, he’s just barley started light contact drills and still has alot of pain and discomfort, if i wasn Andy Murray i wouldn’t rush him back so soon, the teams not playing too bad and with Deader, Lappy and Vich back Thursday or this weekend they will basically be healthy excpet for JA. No way is he gonna play Thursday, i think end of December at the earliest.

  2. Steel250 says:

    I agree it might be BS, But it might just be true, Allison is a warrior, and it will be a game time decision if he steps on the ice at game time. I would love for him to come back early as much as anyone. I doubt Andy Murray or any of the Docs will let him play if his knee isn’t 100% without risk of injury. You can bet if he does play he will have a brace made of the finest Krytonite available!

  3. KingstoCup says:

    I am a kings fan myself, but i don’t think they would rush him back. He is cleared to play by the doctors. They are still in the playoffs and there young guys are doing well. They are smarter than that. I know that it seems rather fast but he has been training like crazy trying to get back. By the sounds of it, hes going to play. I hope he stays healthy.

  4. cwhockey says:

    With his work ethic, I’m not surprised that he’s been cleared to play. It does seem a bit early though and the Kings are smart enough not to rush him back. So don’t be surprised if he doesn’t play or if his time is limited.

    I’ve torn an MCL before, so I have an idea of what he had to go through. Granted, my situation was different than his. I had a torn MCL and a broken bone in my knee at the same time, while he had a torn MCL and a sprained ACL. Mine was a bit more serious but I didn’t have surgery, while he did. But I was up and going in three months. And with new advances in medicine the healing process is much quicker than when I got hurt. So don’t be too surprised if they say he’s cleared to play. If nothing else, his ice time for a while may be more like a trial run and it will be limited. Don’t underestimate the desire to get going again after any kind of serious injury; it’s quite the motivator.

  5. Lint07 says:

    Yeah, Baby! Yeah! My hockey pool is going back on track.

    …And by the way, whatever happened to the HTR hockey pool that was suppose to take place?

  6. TrojanMan says:

    Hey I have a question for you. I tore my PCL a few years back and since then Ive had shooting pains every now and then when it goes from cold to warm outdoors. Is yours the same way?

  7. cwhockey says:

    On occasion my knee will do that. Not as often as it used to but mine was about 15 years ago. You’re more sensitive to changes in air pressure after an injury like that, so sometimes when the weather starts to change you can feel it. Kinda like a human barometer.

    My MCL never fully healed, is still only about 60%. Unfortunately those type of pains will probably stay with you, maybe diminish over the years though. Unless you have the time and/or money to have corrective surgery that is.

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