Jay Feaster's List to do during the Summer….

After being eliminated by the Ottawa Senators in the first round of the stanley cup playoffs, GM Jay Feaster of the Tampa Bay Lighting now has to make some changes…which are obliviously needed. there are not many that I can think of by there is a couple.

1. Goaltending

This was definitely expected to be on my list. There is only one word to describe this situation in Tampa Bay….Horrible. Ever since Nikolai Khabibulan left they were already in trouble. John Grahame is a great back-up goaltender. Emphasis on the back-up. Grahame when needed is a great goalie if an injury comes up to a number one goalie but he is not a number one goalie. And then you have Sean Burke. I haven’t seen him play a lot this season but I was never thrilled at the way he played. I think his time to retire is quite soon.

John Grahame is slated to also become an unrestricted free agent according to TSN, and by the way he played this season and in the playoffs they will lickely re-sign him, especially since he doesn’t have a cheap contract.

Likely Candidates: Martin Gerber, Cristobal Huet, Curtis Joseph, Dwayne Roloson and Manny Legace. And according to TSN there is also speculation that the San Jose Sharks might want be wanting to trade Evgeni Nabokov since Vesa Toskala has performed so well this season and the playoffs.

2. Too many stars on the team, no one played to their full potentials.

Jay Feaster will have many players on his team becoming free agents such as Brad Richards, Pavel Kubina and Ruslan Fedotenko, to name a few. With having to get a goaltender, Jay might not be able to re-sign all these star players so I say the odd man out might be Brad Richards. And being a huge habs fan, I’d like to see him come to Montreal…but I doubt he will but it’s always okay to dream

So to sum this all up, you will defintely see some big changes coming to the Tampa Bay Lighting next season.

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  1. goalieman32 says:

    Don’t expect any of the goalies mentioned to be available. Ward looks like he wants to start next year and the orginization has no one else to split time or back up Ward. Huet will likely stay in Montreal because that is where he got his chance to thrive. Abby may be available, but not Huet. Cujo has alwready expressed his desire to stay in Phoenix, Roloson is clearly the goalie that the Oilers are looking for to fill in till Dubnyk comes in. Legacy is a possibility, but if anyone leaves that orginization, expect it to be Osgood, as Howard had a good year in the AHL. Nabokov has a no trade clause, but he may wave it in order to start somewhere, but it would cost whoever was interested. Cheap Available goaltenders (by trade) may be Morrison (Elliot may come into the Ottawa orginizatin next year), Abby, Garon , Thibault, Lalime/Divis, Raycroft, Dunham, Mason, possibly Noronen, Snow, and Prusek. There are others who need to fill gaps in the net as well, like LA, Toronto, and possibly St. Louis, Atlanta, and Dallas.

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:


  3. Komisarek says:

    Montreal might be a trading partner. I wouldn’t surprise to see Montreal deal Aebischer and a 3-4th liner for something like Martin St-Louis. TB must sign Richards…that will cost them around 7 Mil/year…..St-Louis might be available, they will need to trade one of their top forward, unless they want to play another year without a decent goalie AND defense…their two problem area.

    St-Louis is great, but I am not sure MTL needs another small player up front, and at 5Mil/year…..he is VERY expensive! His high salary will lower St-Louis market value, even more with the cap situation every team has to deal with.

    TB need more then just a decent netminder…they need to stabilize that defense…they were horrible down low, caughing pucks non-stop.

    Tortollini needs to shut up too, you can’t trash your goalie in the media everytime he lets a goal in, not the way Tortollini did it, it’s not like his defense was playing great either, 2 on 1 and 3 on 1 were common in TB.

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ok, first of all, you are NOT going to get Richards or St Louis for Abby and a 3rd or fourth liner.

    Second of all, the cap is going up, and Richards aint gonna make more then Vinny, and not much more then Marty, I can’t see him making more then six million, the Lightning will keep him.

  5. muckies says:

    They do have to unlaod a salary, and that will be Marty St. Louis.

    if I’m a team loking for a winger, I would definetly make a move on him, he;s under contract, he’s loyal, and he sets a championship standard on teams.

    If I’m JFJ and looking for someone to play with Mats, this is th eguy I’d move on. They would complement each other well, both can pass and finish plays, and they both make excellent plays at full speed on the rush.

    marty wouldn’t come cheap, but thats alot of salary to swallow, and I’m assuming most teams won’t want it.

    Tor: Tucker, Coliaccavo, Tellqvist, 2nd rounder.

    Tampa: St. Louis.

  6. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    Theyre gonna want a goalie dip shit. and Telq will NOT cut it

  7. TheRussianEvolution says:

    It is possible that the Lightning and Rangers are invloved in something this summer

    With that said, I think the most exciting team to watch this offseason will be the Rangers. They have cap room, tons of UFAs, tons of great prospects, and we all know Sather has been looking for a young rising star since last summer.

  8. muckies says:

    Thanks for the positive feedabck there friend. I’ve read your complimets, and now i’LL reflect on them……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. If you knoew anything about hockey, you’d know they need to buold their defensive core after the top 2, and aneed grit on all the lines. they can address their goalie through free-agency. This is a team that has historically gone with 2 solid goalies, and will want a legit Nhler to play back-up. They can sign a #1 goalie by free agency. i would mention anmes, but I’ll put them on the open thread so you can show your friends and learn something about hockey…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  9. muckies says:

    Before the season, Hasek said he wants to play at least two years.

    Depending on the $$$$ situation in Ottawa, and how Emery does in their Cup run, Hasek is a goalie that may be on the free-agent market next year. He could sign with a Cup contender like Tampa if Ottawa can’t get him under contract for the money they offer. If I’m Featser, I’d throw some extra cash at Hasek and possibly have him between the pipes in the playoffs.

    If Ottawa doesn’t sign hi,m some team with a Cup chance will make a move on him, he’s still got that aura and the way he played during the season, and the amazing shape he’s in, and his history, will make it alot easier to bring him in and believe in him.

    Hasek will be in the NHL next year, and maybe not with Ottawa

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I don’t think Tucker and Colaiacovo will be traded. Tucker is too important to this team, I mean seriously, he played like an all-star, and at parts of the season, outplayed Jarome Iginla, Iginla is the main compariosn just because of the similar goal totals all throughout the year. Not that Tucker is better then Iginla, but he had a great year.

    Colaiacovo is a great physical defenseman, did you see how he took out Bertuzzi??? That was great.

    Maybe Harrison, Tellqvist, 2nd Rounder and… idunno.

    I think the Leafs should focus on two names this summer. Bertuzzi and St Louis, and due to both teams being desperate, and both players having an off year, I could see either one as a Leaf next year. Certainly not both, but either one would be a great winger for Sundin.

    Did you know Todd Bertuzzi had 71 points this year? People are still trashing him…. St Louis had 61….

    And of course Alex Mogilny is always an option, he’s always been good with Mats.

    The wing is gonna be a hard position for the Leafs, right now their top two wingers name wise are O’neill, and Tucker, although with O’neill being sat alot, and playing with shit like mates, Poni had better numbers. They’re deep at centre with Mats, Welly, Stajan, and Lindros. I don’t see Ally retunring, Lindros will. Stajan and Wellwood gives us speed down the medal.

    It might cost the Leafs a chunk of future, but they need a cup now, this drought is embarassing…

    Bertuzzi-Sundin-St Louis





    The defense will be very different too.

    It’d be difficult to get both, we’d prolly have to deal Tellqvist, some good picks, maybe we’d pick between Pogge and Rask, then of course there’s the defensive prospects we’ve got, that I’m sure some team is going to demand.

    Although maybe Mogilny would be easier to get, because he’s expensive and old, we’d give up alot less, and we’d see similar results, with a team like that.

    Mogilny-Sundin-St Louis





    But I’m just rambling on incredibley unlikely what if’s. I’d say the rank of how hard it’d be to get, on a scale of 1-10.

    1. St Louis (8-9)

    2. Bertuzzi (7)

    3. Mogilny (3)

    I really have no clue what the Leafs are going to do, but I really don’t like JFJ.

    And what if Ken Hitch***** gets fired? We heard people say Crawford and Quinn could switch jobs, what about Hitch***** and Quinn? Other then the posibility of another NHL coach, why else wouldn’t you have announced Paul Maurice by now? Hitch loves the old hockey, and it’d be great here.

  11. almelo95 says:

    He’s great for the 20-30 games that he’ll actually play. He’ll be another year older and I can’t imagine his body holding up. I wouldn’t pin my hopes on him.

  12. JannettyTheRocker says:


    Alright, bring on the Calgary Flamers………..The Edmonton Oilers beat the Detroit Red Wings in 6 (Exactly as I’ve called it all along)!!!!!




  13. mush124 says:

    way 2 go Oilers! always been my 2nd fav team…. I just hope habs comeback and take out Carolina… go habs go!

  14. Chelios24 says:

    Fire Tortorella and get a full-time starting goalie.

  15. SabresFan220 says:

    Ok, St. Louis will not be traded unless the offer is a can’t miss deal. Richards may be dealt, but once again, probably a sure fire starting goalie for him. Too bad Montreal already unloaded Theo, I could’ve seen him going to Tampa for Brad Richards. Abbey won’t get Richards alone, but Abbey and Perezhogin maybe. The Lightning also need to add a defensive presence, but you can help decide who. The forwards are pretty solid, just keep the guns you have and things will look good in Tampa.

  16. bammer91 says:

    nice call write on the money too…….I always love the underdogs and thats exactly what edmonton is too hopefully there crowd will be as crazy as it was tonight and they beat calgary……go Edmonton BABYYY!!!

  17. dcz28 says:

    I didn’t like the 3rd goal at all and it should not have counted but the Wings never played for 60 mins aside from maybe game 1 and did not deserve to win. If the Wings would have played like they did in the first and second period of game six for all the games (60 minutes) they would have easily won this series but they didn’t.

    I hope Yzerman comes back for one more year and plays the Sens in Ottawa so i can see him play one last time before he hangs them up for good…if he retires the NHL will lose one of the best and classy player this league has ever seen.

    Lilja was a player i really didn’t like before the playoffs but now i really hate him and i hope Holland has more sense then to re-sign that piece of crap.

    Now i hope Ottawa wins the cup

  18. habs_punk says:

    Can’t even read an article about Tampa Bay without seeing ridiculously far-fetched comments about the Leafs picking up the best players available, and even ones that aren’t available.

    St. Louis and Bertuzzi? Wow.

    And one big hit doesn’t mean Coliacovo is turning into a major physical presence on the ice. Perezhogin was the player that knocked Primeau out for the whole season, and no one’s going to call him a major physical presence. Fact is, Carlo’s numbers were far from spectacular this year. He still could end up being a complete flop. Who knows. I mean he was drafted in 2001 and has only played 25 games. Who knows.

  19. bleed_penguins says:

    Leafy’s actually right for once. I was also watching OTR when Cujo said “he’d only play for 2 teams”. Phoenix is the first, and then Toronto would obviously be the second. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cujo back in Toronto for a year or 2, god knows they need a goalie. Unless of course they think they can get it done with Aubin, lol. Good luck with that, all us Pens fans will be laughing all next season.

  20. habs_punk says:

    You’re still not going to win the Cup.

  21. dave1979 says:

    Congrats Edmonton!

    Go Edmonton, Go Calgary, Go Montreal, Go Ottawa!!!!!!!

    Good luck to all Canadian teams, though I am hoping for Calgary and Montreal the most!

  22. dave1979 says:


    Bloody Canucks. Look what they have reduced me to, lol.

  23. bleedingblu says:

    he also layed a big hit on Comrie and I believe it was Weight when he was in St. Louis.

    He is looking like a physical defenseman but you are right it is too soon to give him that title so early in his NHL career.

  24. bleedingblu says:

    Congrats Oilers!

    I had my money on Edmonton in this series!

    Edmonton is the only Canadian team I’m going for because Kevin Lowe did an amazing job putting this team together. He put the final pieces of the puzzle acquiring Samsonov, Roloson, and Spacek.

    And Pronger has been amazing! Worth every penny.

    JFJ should take some lessons from Kevin.

  25. goalieman32 says:

    they are not going to get a top quality goalie in free agency. the most that they should hope for is a decent prospect or a goalie who is on a slump. goaltenders are not going to be plentiful on the free agent market because this year has shown how each team needs two quality goaltenders. there were an astronomical amount of injuries to goalies this year and teams missed the playoffs because of it. look at atlanta and vancover. the only thing that will be able to be adressed by free agency is the backup. quality goalies are harder to come by and also make great trade deals further in the season when injuries and bad goaltending begin to take their toll on other teams. next time mention names, because there are no big free agents that shouldn’t be signed by their current teams by free agency. legacy is the only possibility, but he is a career backup and has shown it in the playoffs. so why don’t you learn a bit about hockey and realize that teams with good goaltending want to keep their goaltender, and only backups will be available in free agency.

  26. Aetherial says:

    I truly hope the Leafs do not do this … at this stage of the organization’s re-building, getting a St. Louois at that price isn’t a great idea.

    I think Tampa is stuck with the guy.

  27. Aetherial says:

    I would have been more excited had they showed something resembling HEART in the playoffs.

    After that embarassment against New Jersey, I don’t see the core of that team going anywhere.

    I am not convinced New Jersey is nearly as good as the Rangers made them look.

  28. Aetherial says:

    Abeschier and Perezhogin for Richards ….

    AHahahahahAHAHahAHAHahah 🙂

  29. nyrules11 says:

    Any Tampa fans here like to give some input on how youd feel about this?…..

    A deal sending Richards to the Rangers and Montoya to Tampa.

    Obviously something else would have to go with the unproven Montoya. Not sure exactly how much but thats what im looking to see.

    Maybe send Giroux, Dubinsky, or Callahan. I would love to send Jessiman but I doubt theyd want him.

    Tampa fans, or anyone else that has a strong knowledge on either team, can you see something like that happening?

  30. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Thanks… I think… lol…

  31. Kraftster says:

    So disappointed to see JS haters….especially Penguins fans. He got slapped in the face so many times by the Pittsburgh organization, and was never a terrible guy back there. I hope for nothing but success for him.

  32. Kraftster says:

    What about the 10 teams before NY?

  33. thatleafsguy says:

    if a deal like that were to happen it would be more like Richards for Montoya, Immonen, and Korpikoski or Dawes. Brad Richards is the second coming of Steve Yzerman after all.

  34. SabresFan220 says:

    Don’t be so quick to bash me, there have been far worse deals made my both teams in the past than Abby and Perezhogin for Richards. If you really want to split hairs maybe you add a 2nd rounder to that trade, or sign Huet and put him instead of Abbs. Tampa will be looking to unload his high salary without picking up as much salary in return, that’s the whole point of the trade, otherwise they’d keep him.

  35. jonnygf40 says:

    I’ve said all year…

    To T.Bay: Morrison and a draft pick (probably 2nd round)

    To Van: Richards

    Makes sense to both clubs. Van needs a legitimate number one center to play with Nazzy, and T. Bay needs an affordable number 2 center. (Morrison has 2 years left on his contract at $3.2 a year) And Bertuzzi is going to either Long Island or Florida for a young player and a pick. Either Hunter and a first rounder or Hornton and a first rounder.

  36. rene says:

    believe it or not that is a possibility. but i dont see the habs trading aeby right away because we dont know if huets season was just a fluke. and stlouis just had one good year and montreal can get a much bigger and better player i would prefer richards. now if lecavalier is involved go for it but he is a franchise player and dont see him going anywhere.

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