Jean-Sebastien Giguere could be trade bait as NHL deadline looms

If the Avs fall seven or eight points back by next weekend, it’s almost too late to get in the postseason and that would probably force general manager Greg Sherman to parcel out some players and start looking to next season.

Most likely, the names mentioned will be guys who can become unrestricted free agents this summer (David Jones, Shane O’Brien, Jay McClement, Daniel Winnik and Cody McLeod), or, a defenseman or two who might interest teams (Kyle Quincey, Ryan O’Byrne, Ryan Wilson).

Then, there are the what-if scenarios involving players that once seemed untouchable. Paul Stastny is one. True, he’s making a ton of money ($6.6 million salary cap hit, with two years left on his deal), but there is always the chance a desperate team in need of offense might give up a lot for him at the last minute.

Here’s another scenario people probably haven’t thought much about: What about Jean-Sebastien Giguere to a team desperate for a goalie in the playoffs?

Fact is, Giguere has had a tremendous season for the Avs and has championship pedigree. He also has a small cap number ($1.25 million) and he’s signed through next year. Might not a contending team with some goaltending issues (Chicago, maybe San Jose) perhaps be attracted to having a guy like him around, and give up something nice in return — say a high draft choice?

If the Avs fall out of the race by next weekend, getting a good draft choice or two for an established player is how I see them going. Keep in mind, they don’t have a first-round pick in the draft because of the Semyon Varlamov trade.

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2 Responses to Jean-Sebastien Giguere could be trade bait as NHL deadline looms

  1. KingCanada says:

    The ONLY team so far that does not have their first rounder lol.  At least when the Leafs traded theirs they got a top line sniper.  Varlomov doesnt quite compare lol.  I knew that trade was a mistake from day one!

    Anyway… I hope that if the Leafs dont get Rick Nash that they dont decide to get a lil crazy and trade for Paul Stastny.. 

    To me its really Rick Nash or nothing (aside from minor tinkering with mid level picks).

    And lastly..funny how no one wanted Giguere last year and now hes potential trade bait lol.  I guess his salary really was that big of an issue…

  2. palindrom says:

    Giguere back to Toronto?

    He is doing well this year, he have stanley cup and Conn Smythe experience.

    and now he is on a cheap 1.500 000$ contract.

    What is not to like?

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