Jeremy Roenick Not offically retired

According to F Jeremy Roenick is not offically retired. Roenick’s agent has said his client has not yet made a formal decision on his retirement. However Roenick will not be respondig to any interviews due to the death of his father-in-law. Last season during free agencey Jeremy Roenick made it clear that he would like to play for a Canadain franchise at least once in his career.

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  1. Rabid_Badger says:

    The only good thing about this is that no one will have to listen to him as a commentator, since it's rumored he'll be in the press box next year.  That was painful to listen to his diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain when he commentated (is that a word?) for ESPN during the last World Cup.  But, I guess it would be better for him to embarass himself with his mouth than his play on the ice.
    Roenick's legacy is passing up playing for the US team that won the World Cup in '96 because of his NHL contract, trashing hotel rooms in Nagano and disgracing USA Hockey, falling flat on his face with a "guaranteed win" in the playoffs, and stating the fans were jealous idiots during the lockout when spoiled jackasses like he and Guerin thought it would be better to disolve the league than accept a salary cap.  The sport would be better off without him in it in any capacity.

  2. Lint07 says:

    he actually couldn't do worse than Brett Hull as a commentator.
    God was he awful.

  3. Pony says:

    Anyone remember in the playoffs I believe after the game or maybe during intermission Hull and Cherry? Painful.

  4. Rabid_Badger says:

    I agree.  AND you'll notice they were teamates during the Nagano debacle.

  5. KingOKings says:

    Poor J.R.! it's sad that one of the great American players has faded the way he has and he hasn't helped himself much with his comments. He made a jackass out of himself on the Best Damn Sports Show as his Kings season was ending, claiming he was dominant the prior 15 games. yep! But I hope he plays one more year and hopefully can mildly redeem himself with some veteran role playing capacity and hit the 500 mark.Good Luck J.R.!!!

  6. gronk says:

    jeremy roenick attempts to get more attention by saying overly bold and stupid things and he really just makes himself look like an idiot.  i personally don't care if he plays another year.  but he should stop dragging his feet and make up his mind.  it's not like teams are lining up to get him anyway.

  7. rlhockey46 says:

    y the hell would he want to play in canada

  8. CaptainAvery says:

    I wish J.R. would come to Montreal. HAHAHA NOT! I remember awhile back when Roenick was his *****y self during a Hawks/Habs playoff series when he announced Patrick Roy left his jock strap in the rafters. Roy's response, "I can't hear what Jeremy is saying, my two rings are plugging my ears!" HAHAHAHAHA, and to this day Patrick the Great stands firm, Roenick is a sucky wah wah with no Cup ever, good riddance J.R. maybe you'll get on a soap opera or something, a whiny wah wah character, haha.

  9. pikerr says:

    I always found J.R. to be a great interview and an entertaining player. He always told you what he was thinking and what you thought should be said, instead of the typical player interview loaded with all the cliches'.  As a Leaf fan I wouldn't mind seeing him play a year in Toronto, it's not like they are going to win a cup anytime soon. We may as well be entertained by J.R. I can think of one name on the roster he can replace, BELAK(why is this guy still in the NHL?).

  10. HotDogAllDressed says:

    wasn`t that a Hawks/Avs series

  11. tacitus says:

    hes better then pierre maguire any day

  12. tacitus says:

    if Roenick did win a cup i doubt he would put them in his ears like Roy did.

    Who puts stanley cup rings in their ears anyways?????

    Ironically Roy is actually a bigger whiner then Roenick

  13. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    yea pierre just comes off as bitter, annoying and *****es alot.

  14. quick_stick says:

    Because hockey is the centre of the universe in Canada.  It's not second to any sport in any city or town.  That's why.

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