Jesse Boulerice Suspended!

The NHL has handed down it’s largest suspension in history; Jesse Boulerice was suspended for 25 games earlier today (Chris Simon also received a 25-game ban last year).

Reactions to this suspension? Too little, too much, or just right?

TSN article available here

4 Responses to Jesse Boulerice Suspended!

  1. habsrock99 says:

    I find it reasonable but would like to see Boulerice get suspended from the AHL, where he'll likely end up. Had Kesler been injured, I believe he should hvae gotten at least 40 games.

  2. Rico71 says:

    About frigging time. Colin Campbell found himself a pair of cajones to uphold the rules it seems.

    25 games is fair. If he ends up in the AHL, he should get suspended there also. They suspended Downie for a month.

    Good riddance to both.

  3. leafy says:

    In hockey, the object of the game is to try to put a little rubber object (the puck) into a 4' by 6' opening partitioned by red metal posts (the net).  The rules do not require players to crush the jaw of an opponent using wooden sticks.

    Seems like proper justice. 

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

     25 games is not enough, Simon got 25 games for an act that was not premeditated and possibly happened because he was slightly concussed. While Boulerice on the other hand attacked Kesler knowing full well what he was doing, he should have gotten 41 games atleast.
     The reason I think that he did not get more was because Kesler was not seriously hurt which seems to be the rule in the NHL. If a player gets hurt the suspension is worse than if he is not. I think that the action should be punished not the result.

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