Jets GM Cheveldayoff won’t be pressured into making changes

Is Cheveldayoff frustrated with where the Jets are at?

“I’m like everybody, you want the result to be on the positive side of the ledger,” he said. “There have been some positives. You look for more positives. It’s easy to point out the negatives.”

Cheveldayoff has heard the many calls for change — whether it be making a trade or removing the head coach — but he isn’t going to be pressured into making a rash decision.

“In any situation, you’re always looking to improve,” said Cheveldayoff. “If you’re able to find a way to improve, you try to act on it but change doesn’t always equate to improvement. Change can placate the different venues out there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the proper direction to go.

“Again, on this side of it, you make calls, you take calls, you’re always talking to different people in the game as far as mangers, your scouts, to see if there are areas we can maybe make a change. But in this salary-cap world and this contract world, there’s different things that come into play. There’s multiple different avenues that seem like they’re the way to go but there are 30 teams in this league are doing the same thing and trying to effectuate that ultimate move or change and that is to win the Stanley Cup. We can’t get caught in the highs or the lows. You have to look at things for what they are.”

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