Jets GM won't pull trigger on trade

Kevin Cheveldayoff might be a first-year NHL general manager but that doesn’t mean he’s itching to pull the trigger on a trade to shake things up.

So while the Winnipeg Jets are off to a 4-6-1 start and working their way out of the basement in the Southeast Division, the general manager isn’t really looking to change things up at this time.

“Each and every team in this league is trying to get stronger in their own mind,” said Cheveldayoff. “But at the end of the day, you spend more time worrying about yourself and worrying about your own individual team and them getting better. That’s the formula for success, rather than trying to say we need this or we need that.”

So don’t look for Cheveldayoff to complete a blockbuster deal anytime soon.

“Trades only happen when there are two willing parties but at the same time, trades are something that have to be done for a purpose. I’m definitely not a believer in trading just for the sake of trading. If there’s something there that is going to help this franchise in the short term and the long term, then it’s something we’ll look at.

“This shouldn’t be a group of guys that should have to pick up the paper every day and see the general manager is looking for this or the general manager is looking for that. They should just go and play the game, enjoy the opportunity to play at the NHL level. It’s important they understand that management and coaching is willing to do whatever it takes for the long-term success of this franchise and we would love each and every player that’s around here to be part of that long-term success.”