JFJ did GOOD???? this off season

Is there any way JFJ had a good offseason?? Well look at what he did do instead of what he didnt do.

He went out and got a 40 goal scorer which the leafs definitly needed in Jason Blake

He got a better goalie than Raycroft which the fans were begging for in Vesa Toskala

He also got a 3rd/4th liner which has had a couple of 20+ goal seansons in Mark Bell

He even got a replacment backup in Clemmensen which shows in Black and White that Raycroft will be dealt at deadline.

Now to evaluate his Signings.

He locked up Blake for 4/5 years (i cant remeber).

He will have a great goalie until Pogge gets up there, with Toskala’s extension.

JFJ got our minor league team a lot better with the signings of Ling and other possible call ups.

Kept future stars in Carlo Colaiacovo and Ian White.

Kept Sundin for another year. : (

Resigned a future top D-man in Kronwall.

Kept Antropov and Poni for alittle while longer.

Signed Kuleman.

Got Stralman on a entry level contract.

And kept Fan Favorite Darcy Tucker for a couple of years

Now that its all laid out, it does’nt look like JFJ did such a bad job. Sure it would be great if he could get the Cammaleries and Marleus but it probaly won’t happen at a resonable cost.

The true sign of a good off-season is when your team starts the season a better team than when they ended the last season. Which JFJ has definitly accomplished.