JFJ did GOOD???? this off season

Is there any way JFJ had a good offseason?? Well look at what he did do instead of what he didnt do.

He went out and got a 40 goal scorer which the leafs definitly needed in Jason Blake

He got a better goalie than Raycroft which the fans were begging for in Vesa Toskala

He also got a 3rd/4th liner which has had a couple of 20+ goal seansons in Mark Bell

He even got a replacment backup in Clemmensen which shows in Black and White that Raycroft will be dealt at deadline.

Now to evaluate his Signings.

He locked up Blake for 4/5 years (i cant remeber).

He will have a great goalie until Pogge gets up there, with Toskala’s extension.

JFJ got our minor league team a lot better with the signings of Ling and other possible call ups.

Kept future stars in Carlo Colaiacovo and Ian White.

Kept Sundin for another year. : (

Resigned a future top D-man in Kronwall.

Kept Antropov and Poni for alittle while longer.

Signed Kuleman.

Got Stralman on a entry level contract.

And kept Fan Favorite Darcy Tucker for a couple of years

Now that its all laid out, it does’nt look like JFJ did such a bad job. Sure it would be great if he could get the Cammaleries and Marleus but it probaly won’t happen at a resonable cost.

The true sign of a good off-season is when your team starts the season a better team than when they ended the last season. Which JFJ has definitly accomplished.

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  1. riseagainst says:

    thats wishful thinking, I'm not entirely sure this teams improved.  Blake was kind of like NYIs Tucker last year, if Blake scores 40 goals again, Tucker will probably score next to nothing.  Its more likely that they both score around 20 goals.  Bell is a 2 mil 4th liner and untradable so having Bell on the team will likely hurt the leafs more then help.  Tosk is still questionable and could easily become a similar goaltender as Raycroft.  All the minor league signing are likely not to make a great difference.  Anyone who expects Stralman, Harrison, Kronwall among many others to become big time leaf dman are dreaming.  First of all they are all late round draft picks so they are more considered hit or miss prospects, also the leafs d is crowded which can hurt the developement of the players.  All in all the leafs are likely to be a similar team to last year, they haven't really improved imo. 

  2. m4gician says:

    Everyone is mad at him for not signing oh I don't know… EVERYONE! Leave the man be, let his team hit hte ice for 20 games, and then we'll see.      

  3. leaflova says:

    What’s wrong with late round picks?Do you know were Kaberle was picked? He was picked in the 8th round, 204th overal.

  4. brianc689 says:

    First of all, even if Blake only scores 20 or 25 goals, that is still another 20 goal man to improve the offense, so that is an upgrade, as well as his experience and penalty killing. Toskala is coming off a couple solid seasons in a platoon situation in San Jose, and now he is coming into another platoon situation here in Toronto, so there is no reason to think that he can't put up similar numbers, even if they dip a bit because he had a better all around team with the Sharks. And Bell, right now is an overpaid fourth liner, but he will get a chance to prove that he is still the player he once was with the Hawks. If he can not regain his form, he will bring grit to the team, and 2 mil a year does not make him untradeable. Out of the three guys, this guy is the only risk IMO. Finally, the fact that you are saying that the D-men will not develop because they are late round picks, why don't you take a look at this list:

    Kimmo Timmonen- 10th Round, 250th Overall
    Tomas Kaberle- 8th Round, 204th Overall
    Dan Boyle- Undrafted
    Lubomir Visnovsky- 4th Round, 108th Overall
    Brian Rafalski- Undrafted
    Andre Markov- 6th Round, 162nd Overall
    John-Michael Liles- 5th Round, 159th Overall

    All of these guys are top pairing D-men that I would take on my team any day and if any of the Leafs late round picks turn out like these guys, I will be 100% happy about it.

  5. torontofan says:

    Sorry to tell you this man. But the sharks are my all time fav. team and i wish the sharks had not traded Toskala to the leafs but s**t happens. this guy is going to do so much for the Leafs. And coming over from the western conference no one in the east really knows a lot about his style of play which is going to be a bonus. But back to the topic last year when Nabakov want down with injury Toskala had stepped up to the plate and did pretty dam good for the Sharks as if he was the #1 goalie for this team. So to say this guy is like Razor i guess you really haven,t seen this guy play net. And if your a true hockey fan you should know that there had been a lot of great hockey players that had been late draft pick,s so to me that,s nothing but crap. I,m not saying your right or wrong but that we will have to wait and see. {Go Leafs and Go SHARKS Go}

  6. JuicemaN says:

    No offense, but that's about as pessimistic as it gets.

  7. JuicemaN says:

    Thank you for taking the time to get that info so I didn't have to….so much easier that way.

  8. m4gician says:

    Toskala, Nabokov, both equally good goalies. One or the other.     

  9. the_next_agent says:

    many people say that we havt really changed since last year, well let me ask you all this, where on our roster last year did we have a 40 goal man, where on our roster did we have the deadliest one two puch at goalie, the answers is nowhere.  we have improved, even with Mark Bell we have improved.  Yet i can still see one more deal going down before the season starts.  The Leafs are still looking for that checking line center and a guy to help them in the shootout and add some secondary scoring.  The team that can offer the Leafs both are the Dallas Stars.  They have Jeff halpern and Jussi Jokinen.  I believe that the Leafs can get a package together to get them both here and here is what the deal may look like

    To Dallas: Matt Stajan, Ian White, John Pohl

    To Toronto: Jussi Jokinen, Jeff halpern

    This trade would help both teams.  Dallas would get young players for there aging roster and the Leafs would get a lot of help in the special teams play

  10. Unholy_Goalie says:

    Did you plagiarize this one too?

    A few days ago you posted a blog on this site called "Leaf's Practicle Rumors"

    I wonder where you got that from? I can tell you. Right here.


  11. riseagainst says:

    okay maybe my post didn't come off the way I intended it to.  I'm not saying late round picks can't become great players you've guys have already proveed that not that it was a big secret.  Teams are lucky to find one or two good late round players so what makes people think that the leafs have found all these awesome finds in the late round.  Sure its possible but I like the chances of Kane becoming a prominent nhler then the chance of Dale Mitchel.  I think a more successful off season for JFJ would have been to stick with there 1st rounder and grab Cherpnov or Esposito get Blake and bring in a goalie that could push for a starter position like Auld or Norraen(SP, old Buffalo/Vancouver goalie playing in europe).   

  12. riseagainst says:

    Tucker could have been a 30-40 goal scorer had he not have been injured. Is Bell a better player then say Kilger, Pohl, Bates, and/or dev? If last season is any indication then no yet he makes 2 mil and the leafs are stuck with him anyone one who trades for him will want a similar deal as the samsanov deal so basically the leafs will have to give something up just to get rid of this salary. Or Bell becomes a good second line player and becomes comeback player of the year, we’ll see.

  13. brianc689 says:

    I agree that the Leafs have a lot of depth players and right now Bell is just one of those guys like Kilger, Pohl, Bates, etc. The only reason we got Bell is because he was the key to the Toskala deal. I'm sure many teams called San Jose about him and made similar offers as the Leafs did. The willingness to take Bell's contract was the reason we got Toskala. The Leafs really don't need this guy, but if he is the difference of having Toskala or not having Toskala, I would take him any day.

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    PM the admin, show him

  15. FarFromFreedom says:

    haha is this the same guy who plagerized the other articleee?? .. none the less thats still pretty damn pathetic and pretty damn sad. If your gonna post articles come up with your own shit .. not someone elses.

  16. Unholy_Goalie says:

    Don't know who that is nor do I know how to do it.

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    username lint07 is an admin

  18. the_next_agent says:

    JFJ did a good job this off-season getting Mark Bell, Vesa Toskala and Jason Blake.  In order to say JFJ had a great off-season he has to make this trade happen

    To Tampa: Kubina, Raycroft. Stajan

    To Leafs: St. Louis

    This could happen because Tampa has said that there are looking for a #1 defencman and a #1 goalie, which Kubina and Raycroft are, aswell Stajan would get them that seconday scoring that they most certainly need. While the Leafs get some more scoring to play beside Sundin.  i understand that he has a no trade clause but once a teams asked you to lift it, you know your not wanted so why stay.  If this trade does happen we could sign CUJO.  If the Leafs get St. Louis, there is not a team in the NHL that is better than the Leafs.  The only reason why we wouldnt be cup contenders is because we are the Leafs

    GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. KingCanada says:

    Ive said it before and ill say it again, Staffan Kronwall is not THAT good, everyone who thinks or has heard hes amasing are mixing him up with his brother who plays in detroit.  Just becose his brother is good doesnt mean HE is.

    Look at these brother pairings, one is a superstar and the other is relatively a nobody

    -Sergei/Fedor Federov
    -Paul/Yan Stastny
    -Saku/Mikko Koivu (Miko is finally starting to pan out tho)
    -Marian/Marcel Hossa (marcel is a NHL player but nowere near his brothers caliber)
    -Pavel/Valeri Bure

    Lastly not to mention Carlo Colaiacovo has a identical TWIN brother who played goalie but was never good enough to even be drafted.

    Stop getting brothers mixed up, just cose one is good DOES NOT mean the other is also.

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