JFJ done signing forwards..?

According to Spectator’s trade rumours it appears that John Ferguson Jr. is done stacking his forwards lineup . He said in quote “the team does not have to add anymore fowards” and that “We could go with what we have,”

But Michael Peca could be still in the running to become the leafs second line center, after early this afternoon “former” leaf Eric Lindros sign a deal with the Dallas Stars.

Also the leafs have been in serious negoiations with Jason Allison and it also appears that he will sign with the club, but he will be keeping his opitions open.

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  1. Francis10 says:

    Lindros is still a Free Agent…. too bad Dallas

  2. hockeymonster says:

    Lindros is not a free agent he was signed by Dallas this afternoon around 2 . He signed a $1.55 million dollar deal plus a player bonus.

    If you dont believe me go to Sportsnet.ca

  3. woodsco85 says:

    Actually, they have yet to finalize a deal. For a site that usually bashes Toronto media sources, Sportsnet being one of them you sure jumped on this. You can go to either TSN.ca, or the NHL’s player profile( http://www.nhl.com/players/8458515.html) and see he is still unsigned.

    Please note that this post was posted at 10:05pm eastern standard time on Sunday July 16th

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    he’s done!!!!!!!!!!

    he’s done nothing

  5. Rufusy says:

    just trying to tell players that there not needed as much as they think when he really does, its like when a nucks gm said that he trusts alud to do the job when he was shopping for a goalie, there just trying no to look to desperate

  6. BlueGrit says:

    First off, I dont believe this one bit. I know jfj wont be able to lure any big names our way at this point, but COME ON! All I have been waiting for this summer was to get either peca or carter, or both. I still feel one will be accomplished soon, but, am I the only leaf lover who thinks that carter would be a better addition to the blue and white than michael peca? I am also peeved at the supposed stance of jfj that he feels it is necessary to hold onto money in case he needs it for the mid season when a post season birth may be way out of contention. Not a good move Jr!

  7. Wisey says:

    He said we “could” go with this lineup, which is true. I wouldn’t mind if that happened, because the young guys would let lots of time. But, on draft day, on an interview with James Duthie JFJ was asked about his goal-tending situation. He said he was happy and that they “could” go with Aubin and Tellqvist. Around a half hour later, he traded for Raycroft.

  8. Wisey says:

    Carter is a one dimentional offensive guy, while Peca is one of the most complete players in the league. I’d much prefer Peca.

  9. DJTOKid says:

    If they sign Allison they better get him in some speed skating lessons. Don’t laugh at that cause I’m dead serious, but I will be very upset if they sign him.

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