I have a very VERY hard time accepting the fact that Toronto (possible the hockey mecca of the world) has honestly one of the WORST GMs in recent history. Lets look at some transactions he has done lately that have boggled a few heads…

Lets start with contracts and JFJ’s poor negotiation skills..

Bryan McCabe: signed a fan favorite for 5.75 (cap hit) a season. This defenceman was more suited for the OLD NHL with his can-opener move. He is incapable of playing defense and runs into his own net with nobody around him. Granted he has an offensive touch but he is a one trick Pony.

Pavel Kubina: seriously? 5 million a season? just because he won a cup?!? are u out ur mind. The answer is yes, yes he is.. OK realistically i am being a little biased because i dont like Kubs, he was scoring roughly 35 points a season before Toronto but IMO thats a 3-4 million dollar defenseman, NOT 5!

Jason Blake: 4 million dollars for 5 years for a player who only ONCE scored 40 goals, before that he was a 20+ scorer a year. A second liner being paid sniper money..ridiculous. NOT TO MENTION the guy is 33 years old, how do u sign a above average player who is getting old to a 5 year deal, its like he WANTS to screw the leafs over the next few years.

Vesa Toskala: Before the guy even plays a game for the leafs, he TRIPLES his salary. Last i checked you have to PROVE your a starter before you make starter money. This is still TBD if it was a good move or not. IMO huge gamble.

Darcy Tucker: I might get yelled at for this one but IMO hes overrated. He is a gritty player *cough* sorry i meant USED to be a gritty player, is he getting old or something cose he seems to have lost his fire. Anyways i dont have any problems with how much he makes, just how long the contract is for. Its too long for an aging fan favorite. The reason he kept getting so many goals was becose he was on the PP with Sundin (one trick pony at the side of the net) which brings me to wonder WHY DO YOU SIGN A SIMILAR PLAYER LIKE BLAKE when you already have Darcy Tucker. I just dont understand JFJ’s logic.

Now lets talk TRADES

Tellqvist for NOBODY: yes i understand he had to be moved but wat the hell is a nobody (tyson nash) and a low round pick going to do for us, nothing, might as well of kept him.

Brian Leetch for Immonen, Kondratiev, 1st, 2nd: This guy SUUURE was great and all but he played a quarter of a season for us and then got injured if i recall during the playoffs? (correct me if im wrong). JFJ failed to resign the guy and i cant blame Leetch for leaving, hes ALWAYS played in the states and for the NYR, why would he suddenly want to be a Leaf, way to waste 2 prospects and 2 picks JFJ.

Raycroft for Rask: OMG my FAVORITE, jeez wat a stupid move that was and we all know it. Its like the man has no patience, at the time we had two of the best goaltending prospects out there who were going to BATTLE for the starting job in a few years (god that would have been entertaining) but instead he trades (arguably the better one) for a washed up goaltender. Boston didnt even want the guy and they managed to wrestle our top goalie prospect who we picked in the first round. Wow JFJ, wow..

So overall JFJ has sacrificed tons of youth, screwed the leafs over long term with all these huge contracts, and what does he have to show for it? nothing we are a marginal team, and a streaky one at that. It was rumored this past summer that Scotty Bowman was being approached by the leafs for a position but he would ONLY accept a big job. Hopefully JFJ gets fired sometime soon. If we as leaf fans are lucky enough, Bowman will manage this team and build a contender. He has roughly 10 cups as coach or GM, that kind of experience doesnt just fall out of the sky.

Im TIRED of seeing my favorite team being mismanaged time and time again, its becoming REALLY hard to remain a leaf fan (i will always bleed blue and white but jeeeez). This is my opinion, take it for wat it is.

Problem = JFJ
Solution = Scotty Bowman (legend)

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  1. leafy says:

    What was also interesting was seeing McGiveaway…I mean, McCabe praising Raycroft during the post-game interview on Leafs TV.  He described Raycroft as "awesome tonight".  Think he was trying to suck up to his goalie after 'scoring' the winner into his own net?

  2. leafy says:

    The sad part is that both of these two defencemen were once excellent blueliners.

    I was recently watching an old tape of a 2001 playoff game, Leafs vs. Senators, when the Leafs swept Ottawa in 4 games.  McCabe was a completely different player.  What happened? 

    Thus, here is my ranking of some of the biggest mysteries in history:

    Loch Ness
    The Bermuda Triangle
    Who shot John F Kennedy
    And now….what happened to McCabe?

  3. nordiques100 says:

    new rules. simply cannot adjust without cheating which is how he defended for years. he was a clutch and grab guy, still is in fact but now its illegal. the canopener too slowed players down who now easily pass him without any resistence.

    new coach. under quinn he could freelance and do whatever he wanted. playing 32 minutes a night helped him too. now he isnt always used for the top situations and plays much less now. confidence is shot to hell under maurice.

    guy's gripping his stick like grim death. he needs to relax. if he wasnt so tense, maybe he's take a second to gather the puck instead of firing it in any direction such as his own net.

    some players need the playing for a contract incentive. mccabe is one. now that he is locked up for life, he has really nothing to play for.

    really we can do nothing except hope he works his way out of this slump.
    there is nothing the team can do except play him regularly and hope he turns it around.

  4. RealisticLeaf says:

    Ya really…it is a real mystery as to how they can dump him unless he waives his no trade clause. They can't send him to the monors…like what the hell can they do…i think benching him would do best. But that kills what little confidence he has. i am at a loss for once with what to do with this guy…lol

    Kubina…should be on waivers…man he does not even know how to play D anymore. He looks lost out there right now.

  5. leafy says:

    Looks like you pretty much nailed it.  Certainly he doesn't look like he'll be competing for the Norris trophy this year.

  6. 92-93 says:

    well, i'll give an inch to your position on raycroft as well … which i've never really totally supported.

    tonight, he made some solid saves and actually kept the team in the game, but he couldnt save a shot from his own defenceman that no one saw coming or could predict, go figure.

    but yeah, certainly the netminding is not as stong as it once was – but now that toskala and raycroft are literally being VICTIMIZED by their teammates – and not just the opposition – surely there is a major problem from an overall team perspective.

    at this point, their D and forwards are so terrible at keeping the puck out of the net (and their goaltending is so inconsistent), that the leafs have no choice but to play the trap.

    however, one must also realize that they have been taking on teams with huge, high powered offenses: Buffalo, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Carolina. the problem is, those teams are not going anywhere and the leafs take them on many times this year.

    firing JFJ or Maurice is not really the answer because the contracts signed or virtually untradeable (although not entirely) and MLSE is so dysfunctional anyways.

    maybe play the boring trap hockey? maybe dive like all the other teams? i dunno. i would hate to see that, but this kind of hockey in their own end (especially on home ice) is ABSOLUTELY SICKENING to watch. some would call it exciting … fine. but i think its brutal and i hate it.

  7. Radio says:

    At least you Leafy's didn't get mad Mike.

    JFJ will lose his job after the Leafs fail to make the playoffs again. Don Cherry will then pretend he never called the Leafs for 8th spot.

  8. Radio says:

    I hereby resign from life under the condition Mats Sundin is traded to Ottawa at the deadline this season and hoists the cup with his native Daniel Alfredsson.

    Too funny.

  9. Hoondog2 says:

    I guess the question is do you want a competetive all around team, or do you want a team with a great 1st line, and a bunch of subpar players like Tampa?

    If i were overvalueing our prospects i would have added Earl, Aubin, Orceckic (i'm not sure of the spelling), Reimer, both Mitchels, Williams……I named the players that i think are sure shots to make the Leafs one day.  I was right about Wellwood, Antropov, Steen, Poni, Stajan……You can tell talent from possible talent!

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