JFJ = ME! :)

John Ferguson Jr. in 2003-2004 aquired Owen Nolan(Later Signed with the Coyotes), and Brian Leetch(Later Signed with the Bruins) by trading Draft Picks, Prospects and Future Considerations. In 2005-2006 aquired Alexander Suglobov(Later Put on Waivers), and Luke Richardson(Later Signed with the Lightning), also he fired Pat Quinn,and Rick Lee. WOW!

If I were John Ferguson Junior I would make the next moves: First I would Re-sign Tucker to a 5-Year No-Trade Clause Contract for 3.5Mil a Year. Then, standing in 9th Place in the Eastern Conference I would trade a 3rd Round Draft Pick for Gary Roberts as a Rental Player for a playoff run. And trade Hal Gill, a 4th Round Draft Pick, and a Conditional 5th Round Draft Pick in 2008 for Chris Phillips and a 5th Round Draft Pick before the Feb. 27 Trade Deadline. In July I would then sign Chris Kelly to a 3-Year Contract re-sign Mats Sundin and Jeff O’ Neill. I would let go of Mike Peca and J.S. Aubin, and Gary Roberts would either re-sign with the Panthers or retire.. In August I would trade Pavel Kubina and Future Considerations for Frank Kaberle and Future Considerations. If this^^^ was confusing for you here is what the 2007-2008 Leafs Roster would look like:

Tucker Sundin Wellwood

Poni Kelly Antropov

Steen Stajan O’ Neill

Batagllia Pohl Devereaux
Extras: Tlusty, Newbury, Westrum

T. Kaberle F. Kaberle

McCabe Phillips

Coliacovo White
Extras: Stralman, Bell, Belak


Extras: Racine

What do you think? 🙂

4 Responses to JFJ = ME! :)

  1. PaulK123 says:

     Your a retard, the Leafs need to re-build, not sign players to long term contracts and get old players. Also it was Pat Quinn who brought in Nolan, not JFJ.

  2. 42wellwood42 says:

    DUMBASS!!!!!!!! We r going to have like 20million in room and dumping Kubina's salary!! WOW  we would have alot of money to spend and y only sign kelly when we can sign Nagy, Doan, u get my point….

  3. leebrien21 says:

    just want to make the comment that A) there is no possible concieveable way the senators would trade chris phillips at all . . let alone to the leafs . .none . .you are stupid for even thinking it. and B) they would be lucky to get $50 and a case of broken beer bottles for hal gill. i have to say last night i predicted hal gill would be on for all of the penguins goals . .and i was wrong  . . .the penguins scored 6 goals . . .our buddy Hal was only on for FIVE . . .he only missed the overtime winner!!! now why would anyone want that kind of offensive tallent in someone who is supposed to prevent the opposition from scoring? so in conclusion hal gill = HEALTHY SCRATCH for the rest of 2006-2007 and find a way to rid our team of him in the off season, he may be a big chunk of our cap (way to go the johnny boy . . .good call on the big contract) but it’s addition by subtraction

  4. mojo19 says:

    Its nice that you want to improve the leafs, but Phillips isn't going anywhere unless Ottawa decides they can't resign him and deal him, but it won't be to Toronto.

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