JFJ needs to sign some offence!

Free Agency began on July 1st and right when i saw the leafs had signed Pavel Kubina and Hal Gill i was thrilled. I thought that JFJ was actually working hard to improve the leafs. I kept checking hockey sites because i figured he would sign some offence, but i was wrong. All he has done is re signed low impact players for too much money.

I think the leafs should sign Mike Peca. I really think he could help out the team. Another smart signing would be Anson Carter. I thought he would already be on the team by now, but JFJ doesnt seem to be signing anyone now. Anson Carter would play very well at a centre position with steen and stajan on the wings.

If i was JFJ i would not resign Allison because he just does not give enough to the team, but i would resign Lindros if they are going to use him right. They need to put him on the wing with sundin. Imagine they had

Ponikarvsky Sundin Lindros

this line would dominate with their size.

I’m not sure what JFJ because he cant afford all of this, but im hopin he does somethin soon!