JFJ needs to sign some offence!

Free Agency began on July 1st and right when i saw the leafs had signed Pavel Kubina and Hal Gill i was thrilled. I thought that JFJ was actually working hard to improve the leafs. I kept checking hockey sites because i figured he would sign some offence, but i was wrong. All he has done is re signed low impact players for too much money.

I think the leafs should sign Mike Peca. I really think he could help out the team. Another smart signing would be Anson Carter. I thought he would already be on the team by now, but JFJ doesnt seem to be signing anyone now. Anson Carter would play very well at a centre position with steen and stajan on the wings.

If i was JFJ i would not resign Allison because he just does not give enough to the team, but i would resign Lindros if they are going to use him right. They need to put him on the wing with sundin. Imagine they had

Ponikarvsky Sundin Lindros

this line would dominate with their size.

I’m not sure what JFJ because he cant afford all of this, but im hopin he does somethin soon!


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  1. Aetherial says:

    Comments? Yeah I have some.

    First, tell us something we all didn’t know already.

    Second, Lindros only recently got clearance to play and we really have no idea what he is asking. I think he will sign here but other teams are interested also.

    Third it is entirely likely that we can’t afford Peca OR Carter.

    Fourth, Carter’s value is inflated because of one great year last year.

    Fifth, Peca’s value is HIGHLY inflated because of a strong playoffs. He had a HORRIBLE regular season.

    Finally… the reason the Leafs have not signed any offence is because they basically have to either go with a couple kids or take the pickings of what is left. The reason for THAT is …

    Because they paid so much for McCabe Kubina and Gill; you remember… those signings YOU were happy with.

    You can’t have it both ways.

  2. lukeleim says:

    Gill was a terrible signing and they’re paying for it already… if they had not signed gill for that 2 mil contract they probably would have been able to bring in a peca, carter or roberts. Too bad JFJ is an idiot and is without a doubt one of the worst GM in the NHL.

  3. Minky says:

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about singing forwards. Look at our team after we resign the rfa kids. We have basically the same team as last year at the end of the season (in terms of forwards)with a greatly improved defense and potentially much better goaltending.

  4. Farva says:

    Take it easy on him. I know that Gill was an unfortunate occurence, but Kubina was a solid signing. Our top three Dmen are amongst the best (offensive at least) in the league, and you cant discredit the signings until there is at least proof in the pudding

    As far as offence, you are right. Carter is way overrated, and IMO not suited for our team. However, I do beleive that Peca would be a great fit despite a poor season in EDM. All he needs is for someone to define his role and let him loose. As for Lindros, this is a no brainer. Pick him up on the cheap, put him besides Mats , and just watch them go.





    Extras: Suglabov, Williams, Westrum

    I dont see how that line up wont be competitive

  5. Leafsrulesensdrule says:

    Peca and Carter said they are both willing to sign for the leafs for cheaper then other teams. I agree with that there is no chance they will get both, but their is still a possibility if ferguson uses his money smartly(which i doubt). People are saying Gill is a poor signing and i somewhat agree but common would you rather have Gill or Belak. There isn’t too much of a problem of who JFJ is signing. The problem is he doesnt kno how to spend his frickin money! He always overpays. I wish he could have got players like Kubina and Gill for much cheaper then there wouldnt be so much problems. Also i know that Peca had a horrible season, but so have a lot of other players that played great this year. Teemu Selane played horrible the year before the lockout and he played great this year. Just because peca had a bad year doesnt mean he will have another one.

  6. Antertaining says:

    “I wouldn’t be too concerned about singing forwards.”

    I wouldn’t either…

    Unless you think Metallica can play good offense!?

  7. justin_6 says:

    excusese me but gil is a strong defernce home stay man which he is amazine which he tooks places of aki berg yes :!:!!!!!! & they even said we have the best defence and peca is coming if u watch the news he coming for 1.25. and lindros is coming for 750 so i dont know wut ur talking bout but jfj have prove his gm skills and if he dunt make it to the layoffs he fire !!!!!!!!!!!! so i think he would want to win

  8. leaf_20 says:

    ok, check this out. The leafs finished 9th in goals for last year. they finished ahead of the west champs edmonton and teams like Calgary, Anaheim, NY Rangers and New jersey. thats pretty good considering we didnt make the play offs. My point is our problem was out offense it was our 21st ranked defence thats not so good. JFJ isnt an idiot the leafs are the richest franchise in the nhl hockey city there not gunna hire a retard for a gm. sure he might have over paid a little but our defensive core is close to the best in the league(arguably). jfj saw the wholes and went and got an NHL ready goalie, and two big strong defence men. we dont need n e offencive defence men McCabe and Kabrely were the #2 defencive pair last year for scoreing and minuts second only to Lindstrom and schnieder. we needed size and good defensive zone coverage. Hal Gill is a big solid defensive defence men. i mean the guy is 6 foot 7 hes one of the biggest guys in the nhl hes gunna be good in our own end. that said i dont think the leafs need to sign much offence at all

  9. PaulK123 says:

    We all now this stuff! Jeez, what a horrible article, I mean I have posted some stinkers in

    my day but thank god othing half as bad as yours!

    Leafs cant afford to sign Carter and Peca, they can maybe get one of the two, but both is impossible.

    By the way, are u retarded? Sundin, Lindros, and

    Ponikarovsky would dominate because of their size?

    The new NHL is about speed, last year the Leafs had plenty of size, we didn’t make the playoffs, they need speed, and lots of it!

  10. Minky says:

    hahah, whoops

    you know what i mean

  11. Leafsrulesensdrule says:

    It was my first article!lol i’ll get better. I agree with you that the leafs cannot sign both carter and peca. I never said they could sign both i was just saying they should sign at least one of them.

    And the Ponikarvsky Sundin Lindros line was just and idea, i’m not saying it would work but nothing seemed to work last year so they need to try things. Size can still dominate just look what Thorton did in San Jose.

  12. Farva says:

    I hope you are joking. JFJ is by far the worst GM in the league. He never should have been hired, it should have been Steve Tambellini. I just hope that He isnt extended beyond this year because there has put us in trouble. Let someone else come in and do some damage control and turn us around. …. and dont believe everything you see on tv.

  13. PaulK123 says:

    Size can dominate, hello Thornton was with Cheechoo who is 6’1, 195 and Marleau who is 6’2,

    and 220. Thornton is big in size, but he had two

    speedy wingers at his side who he could set up in

    front of the net. If you think size is the answer

    lets put Belak, Antropov and Ponikarovsky on a line! By your standards that line should dominate the NHL!

  14. Eh-Oh says:

    If speed is the key to this new nhl, then I’m thinking sign Radek Dvorak for less than a million and line him up with Sundin and Steen. Dvorak underachieved in Edmonton last season, maybe if he was more of a focal point on offense he’d bring his stats back up and score some goals along side Sundin’s playmaking abilities.

    If I’m JFJ I have to be looking at cheap signs because I am close to the cap, a guy like Dvorak is interesting, Richard Park, Val Bure, Jan Bulis, Thomas Surovy, Dean McAmmond, Geoff Sanderson are all intersting players in my eye as well and should come rather cheaply.

  15. ECOLASTIC says:

    First off i think JFJ should bring back Lindros & Allison think about it Lindros had an alright season til he got hurt & what the hell is this s**t about Allison not giving enough to the team alot of people forget he did have 17 goals, 43 assists for 60 points in 66 games and he was 2nd only to Chad Kilger in shooting percentage with 15.3 percent (only guys with over 100 shots) Lindros shot 18.6 with only 59 shots = 11 goals 11 assists for 22 points in 33 games. Leave Peca we already have enough defence in Maurice Sign Anson Carter who has excellent chemistry with Allison from back in their Boston days throw these lines together & tell me what you think about it.

    O’Neill Sundin Steen

    Tucker Allison Carter

    Ponikarovsky Antropov Lindros

    Stajan Wellwood Kilger

    McCabe Kaberle

    Kubina Gill

    White Colliacovo



  16. JU2912 says:

    Sure Jason Allison had 60 points. But the stat that jumps out at me is that in spite of having 60 points, he still had a plus/minus of -18. I don’t care how many points a player puts up. Those points mean nothing if the opponents are putting up an even better offensive output while that player is on the ice. And that is why I think Jason Allison isn’t worth bringing back. I think much of the horrible +/- can be traced to the fact that Allison has become very slow which is obviously a problem in the new NHL.

    As for Lindros, when healthy he was a good player for the Leafs last year. Of course, the question always is whether he is going to stay healthy. I say the Leafs bring him back. But if, AND ONLY IF, it is for a very cheap price. And if the opportunity to sign another good player(whether it be Peca, Carter, or another player) leads to the Leafs being unable to sign Lindros, so be it.

    Which brings me to Peca and Carter. If Mike Peca wants to sign cheap, I say why not. At a discounted price, the Leafs DO have the cap space to sign him. As for Anson Carter, it would have been nice, but it definitely looks like its not happening. To be honest, I think I’d like to see the Leafs pass up on Peca and Carter in favour of a couple speedy yet under-rated players. Richard Park and Radek Dvorak definitely ring a bell.

    When it comes to signings that the Leafs have already made, I think Pavel Kubina is definitely a good pick up. If they overpayed to get him, so be it. The truth is that the market value for strong defencemen is way up. This could be due to the fact that forward are basically a dime a dozen these days. Some people don’t like the Hal Gill signing, but the Leafs really needed a major prescence in the defensive end, and he could bring that to the team. Andrew Raycroft is a gamble. If he regains his 2004 form, then its a sweet deal for the amount the paid. If he plays like last year, they will have to go in another direction. But it still wouldn’t be that bad of a move considering they went with the cheapest option. The signings of the young guys are obvious good moves, and the jury is out on Antropov. I guess a million bucks is a bargain for a hockey player these days. Here’s hoping he can follow in the footsteps of Ponikarovsky.

    I’m open to comments or rebuttals on my post, so lets here it.

  17. leaf_20 says:

    throton didnt play with marleau… marleau was the second line center get ur facts staight before you start chewin someone up about there article

  18. Aetherial says:

    I would rather have Gill than Belak.

    Sadly, we have both.

  19. Aetherial says:

    Looks like Roberts won’t be coming to Toronto.

    Keenan is saying that they just can’t work out a deal.

    In this instance, I am sided with JFK. He is either asking Keenan to take back some salary (Belak or Tellqvist) or he won’t give up a 2nd or 3rd rounder… may be offering a 6th or something.

    The fact is, this is a smart move by him. If he can squeeze Roberts under the cap for a year, it is a good pickup. If he can’t dump some salary back on Florida or he has to give up draft picks, it is a bad move.

    The fact is Keenan signed the bad contract in the first place … if he can’t dump it and come out looking good, then too bad.

    There are other alternatives still available and there will still be some good alternatives available in September.

  20. the_word says:

    I agree with most of what you’ve said, but the Leafs should sign Lindros regardless of his asking price. It’s not going to be an unreasonable sum, he’d sign at 1.5 million tops and that estimation is generous. The Leafs aren’t gonna be a contender this year, they should at the very least sign Lindros to give me something interesting to watch, even if its only 30 games.

  21. the_word says:

    FJF isn’t the worst GM in the league nor is he the best he’s is just an average guy in a big cynical market (oh the joy to work for the Leafs), the demands of being a contender year in year out isn’t realistic, it’s hard to build a solid team under that pressure (i.e. he’ll be fired next year) enter a new GM to continue the cycle and feed the machine.

  22. 92-93 says:

    1) the leafs SHOULD NOT be signing any more free agent guys … that includes Peca. the only exception should be Lindros at below 1 million

    2) the leafs need to leave a significant amount of cap space for flexibility

    3) Mike Peca – taking ice time away from the leafs young centres – and becoming the new 2nd-line centre is a joke. a very cruel joke.

    4) the leafs need to give their young forwards – guys like Williams, Pohl, Suglobov, and Steen, Wellwood, Stajan a larger role with the team. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with the continual, non-stop, lets-get-vets-to-fill-the-important-lines-on-this-club. no more.

    5) signing Mike Peca will not vault the leafs into the playoffs, and will not make the leafs a better playoff team – and yes, i did watch the playoffs this year

  23. 92-93 says:

    oh, and hate to tell all you guys who loved the Kubina and Gill signings (7.1 million combined!!!) and were happy with the leafs not making a run at more effective defencemen (Mitchell, Markov, McKee) …

    i told you so.

  24. 92-93 says:

    elaboration: if the leafs went after ONE of these guys or even 2 (i.e. McKee and Markov) it would have been cheaper – despite McKee’s 4 million – and much more effective.

    i have been calling for these guys to be signed for a long time … instead we end up with a very slow and expensive Gill who IMMEDITAELY gets grouped into the ‘trim-the-fat’ category for next year – along with the remainder of Domi and Belfour’s buyouts, Belak, and now Gill (although i have to admit JFJ did a good job of letting go the necessary players – richardson, khavanov, berg – retired, and buying out the right guys).

    and we get a THIRD offensive defencemen in Kubina. can you have too many offensive defencemen in the new nhl? YES YOU CAN! he’s too expensive, signed for too long, and now we got 3 offensive defencemen, along with 3 up-and-coming offensive defencemen in colicovo, white, and bell.

    wonderful foresight here.

  25. 92-93 says:

    an update from the sun today:

    coliacovo is not feeling any ill effects from the concussion in january which is good news.

    i am hoping he has an amazing rookie year or at least a solid one.

  26. Leafsrulesensdrule says:

    I agree with you that speed can dominate in the nhl. You’re making it sound like the Pokikarvsky Sundin Lindros line is extremely slow. I agree that Lindros and Sundin are slow, but you can’t say Ponkarsky is. Players dont get so many shorthanded breakways if they are slow. Did you see how many Ponikarvsky got??? He has speed. and if speed dominates how did Sundin produce so much offence after the olympic break. He scored 4 goals against the flordia panthers, not with speed but skill. When Lindros is healthy you can tell he is a dominating player. Thats why many teams want to take a risk and sign him because they know he can be a good player.

  27. Leafsrulesensdrule says:

    i was really hoping the leafs would sign mckee. He is a great shot blocker and he would do well in toronto.

  28. Leafsrulesensdrule says:

    does anyobody kno the situation of Aki Berg?? I heard he might retire and i hope it is true because bad stuff always happened when he was on

  29. Leafsrulesensdrule says:

    I’m glad they are not trading for Roberts. He is to old now and he is payed to much.The only way we should have traded for him is trade some crap players to get some cap space, but i guess Keenan didnt want that.We would have haded to trade away draft picks so im glad we didnt. Smart move by JFJ.

  30. AntoinePortilick says:

    I totally agree with you. Does anyone remember what the buds did at the end of the year with all of our youngsters flying around at high speeds? I mean, it was the best hockey they played all year long. My hopes are that we don’t bring anyone else in except for Lindros at around 750 000 and keep the rest of the cap space for a deadline deal when we are trying to make a push. I truly believe that this year can be a break out year for the Big E. Last year he missed so many games because somebody made a medical mistake. Had he had the operation right away, he would have been around at end of the season. Let’s remember how long it has been sine Eric has had a concussion. The longer you go, the less likely it is to receive one unless you really get clobbered, just like anyone else. He needs to trim down a bit and suck it up and play the wing with Mats. Leave the remaining centre positions for the speedy youngsters. I would also give O’Neil another shot at playing on the wing with Mats. See if he can turn things around. Wow, I just blabbered a bit. But, those are my thoughts.


  31. Scottman75 says:

    I agree with most of your comments too.

    The only thing I disagree with is the Allison bashing. He is slow but an excellent pair of hands behind the offensive zone net. His +/- is bad because of his speed but more importantly the Leafs did not have the defence to cover off such weaknesses in the line up.

    Pavel Kubina might appear to be overpriced but remember that he has not entered the prime of his career. If he develops into a true number 1 defenceman I think the price will turn out to be accurate.

    If Carter is willing to take a pay cut to play in Toronto, then I would take him over Peca. However your comment on Dvorak and Park is interesting and well put. I agree with you there.

  32. 92-93 says:


    whats done is done but now its time to do things smart.

  33. 92-93 says:

    yeah, it would have re-writed the wrong of letting jason smith go. but, this is the leafs we are talking about.

  34. Farva says:

    Aki is gone home to Finland. Too bad, so sad. You dont like us? Well we dont like you. Ha!

  35. Scottman75 says:

    I believe he signed in Europe.

    Their gain. 😉

  36. Scottman75 says:


    No matter what JFJ does, this board is a prime example of how the fans react!

    B*tch B*itch B*tch!

    The poor guy has yet to present a team that has his stamp on it. This coming season with his coach and his players will be the first time he will have had the opportunity to do that.

    I am willing to bet that this year’s team will make the playoffs! That is a start, and that is what GM’s a paid to do. Improve the team (their team) year over year.

  37. Eh-Oh says:

    done and done!

  38. Eh-Oh says:

    Just in case you have not noticed, its an offense focused league now….look at Ottawa’s defense, talk about average offensive defenseman, the Sens have 5 of them.

  39. AntoinePortilick says:

    That’s good to hear.

  40. JU2912 says:

    Thanks for the back up on my comments. Maybe I am a little hard on Allison. If he did return, the improved defence could cover up the fact that he is slow to get back. Its true that Lindros is going to be cheap, so he could be good to sign, but reports are starting to make it sound more unlikely. I agree the that this team is not gonna be a major contender this year, and I think that a lot of people need to remember this. I think a lot of people are expecting the Leafs to fill every hole in their team right away, but thats not gonna happen. Its a rebuilding process and I think they are on the right track.

  41. Alozo07 says:

    the leafs only have enuff money for peca (if willing to take pay cut) and Lindros, these are the 2 guys JFJ should be worried about he needs good scoring players. Peca can do it sum wut but his defensive presence is a big treasure for the leafs. And lindros, injured but was pretty good wen he wasnt hurt 33 games 22 points. Also JFJ mite b interested in trading tellqvist for ryan malone from pittsburgh now that his dad quit the organization.

  42. Francis10 says:

    In my honest opinion, Raycroft isn’t an NHL ready goalie, if he was, he wouldn’t have lost his job to “Tim Thomas” a 30+ year old player who couldn’t make the team any toher way except as “last resort”

  43. Torleafy says:

    First of all… Hal Gill was a very good signing by JFJ @ 2 mil. Jay McKee on Buffalo was one of the best defensive D-men in the league last season (although he did lead the league in blocked shots) but here are his numbers playing on the top seeded Sabres last season.

    Year Team GP G A Pts +/- PIM Shots Sh%

    2005-06 Buffalo 75 5 11 16 0 57 50 10.00

    2003-04 Buffalo 43 2 3 5 +6 41 29 6.90

    2002-03 Buffalo 59 0 5 5 -16 49 44 0.00

    2001-02 Buffalo 81 2 11 13 +18 43 50 4.00

    2000-01 Buffalo 74 1 10 11 +9 76 62 1.61

    Now compare Hal Gill’s numbers to Mckee’s, if I were to switch them around, you wouldn’t be able to tell me the difference! And you have to consider the team Gill was playing on last year!

    Year Team GP G A Pts +/- PIM Shots Sh%

    2005-06 Boston 80 1 9 10 -4 124 68 1.47

    2003-04 Boston 82 2 7 9 +16 99 104 1.92

    2002-03 Boston 76 4 13 17 +21 56 114 3.51

    2001-02 Boston 79 4 18 22 +16 77 137 2.92

    2000-01 Boston 80 1 10 11 -2 71 79 1.27

    With Kaberle, McCabe anchoring the PP, we needed a solid defensemen to clear the front of the net and win some battles in our own corners this year – Gill is that guy! This will enable our youth to get more icetime out of their own zone… How many times did we see Wellwood, Steen and Stajan having to win the battles in their own zone, and when they finally did get it out, they were too tired to create any offense. I’ve always believed that a good offense begins with great defense! Good job JFJ, I really feel that our youth are going to shine this season because of the moves JFJ has made so far.

  44. justin_6 says:

    ur wrong ccause we sighn peca and leafs are talking to carter right now for 1.5 so u how much u know bout the leafs

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