JFJ's Work Is Done For This Offseason

With the exception of signing Matt Stajan to a reported multi year deal, JFJ likely will not be tinkering with the Maple Leafs line-up any further this off-season.

Ferguson said unless a team “knocks his socks off” with a trade offer he is done acquiring any new players. JFJ seems very content with both his new look coaching staff, and roster.

JFJ is also excited about this years training camp because, for the first time in almost a decade there is going to be a handful of interesting battles for roster spots.

The 5th, 6th, and 7th defense positions are up-for-grabs, with the likes of Coliacovo, Belak, White, Harrison, Wozniewski, Kronwall, and Bell in the running. The 11th, 12th, and 13th forward positions also seem to be available for the likes of Ondrus, Pohl, Westrum, Suglobov, Williams, and possibly Robbie Earl. Look for some rookies to possibly take aim at a veterans spot in the line-up if the likes of Antropov, and Jeff O’Neill continue to under-achieve. The goaltending seems to be the closest to set as Raycroft is almost certain to be the #1 goalie. However, there could be an interesting battle for back-up between J.S Aubin, Mikeal Tellqvist, and J.F Racine.

The Line-Up May Look Like This:

Steen Sundin Ponikarovsky

Tucker Peca Kilger

Stajan Wellwood O’Neill

Antropov Pohl Ondrus

Extras: Suglobov, Westrum, ect.

Kaberle McCabe

Kubina Kronwall

Gill Coliacovo

Extras: Wozniewski, Bell, White, Belak, ect.