Job security casualty of Leafs train wreck

About all that’s certain regarding the Maple Leafs’ roster is that we know it will be different in September when training camp starts.

No teams, whether they’ve won the Stanley Cup or crashed and burned and missed the playoffs, stay the same one season to the next.

“You know changes will be made, regardless of what happened,” Leafs forward Matthew Lombardi said. “It’s always tough at the end of the year, saying goodbye to guys. But most hockey guys, everyone gets along pretty well and everyone can adapt. I have got to know that over the last couple of years.”

Though it’s hard to know who will stay and who will go, we’re going to take a look into the crystal ball. Remember that for now, it’s cloudy at best.

General manager Brian Burke’s plan involves building from the net out, so it makes sense that he will try to acquire a veteran goalie during the off-season. We figure James Reimer and Ben Scrivens will be back, and will battle for the No. 1 job with whoever Burke brings in. Jonas Gustavsson, an unrestricted free agent in July, has had ample opportunity to prove himself in Toronto.

On defence, captain Dion Phaneuf, Jake Gardiner, John-Michael Liles and Mike Komisarek probably are safe. Burke wouldn’t trade his captain, Gardiner is a cornerstone and Liles won’t be going anywhere after signing a four-year extension during the season. Komisarek’s no-movement clause ties him to the Leafs, but there are some who figure he could be a candidate to be bought out.

Luke Schenn could be gone if the Leafs re-visit a trade with the Philadelphia Flyers involving forward James van Riemsdyk. Some observers think the deal stands a good chance of happening. Carl Gunnarsson represents just a $1.325-million US cap hit, something that could make him attractive on the trade market. Cody Franson is a restricted free agent, and if he is back, you can imagine coach Randy Carlyle will do all he can to convince Franson to start throwing his 6-foot-5, 213-pound body around.

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  1. 93killer93 says:

    Exactly Nash's agent said if the list changes it might get smaller.  If Nash wants he could give them one team to make a deal, and I don't see how Columbus can keep him. 

  2. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Grossman just resigned with the flyers for 4 years.

    I think it is going to be much more to get Harding and Kulemin won't sign for under 3m though he doesn't deserve that much.

    The Philly trade seems pretty fair, but I think Philly would rather have Schenn > Franson.

    And I'm still not in favor of getting Rick Nash as much as I was but I would do that trade if we were drafting Grigorgenko/Galchenyuk.

    Interesting stat on the 60 point players btw, I do believe that both Colborne and Kadri will be atleast 50 point players but I don't think they will ever become top line guys.

  3. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Didn't read that about Grossman. Thanks. 

    Kulimen is still RFA and will have trouble bargaining. 
    Harding, you may be right. But I'm betting he wants to go to a team where he will get a shot at a number 1 position and we can give him that.
  4. TimTheBone says:

    I don't always get my points out there completely because i have so much running through my head… so ill try and clear this one big point i was trying to make

    Kipper would be fantastic for you for 2-3 years… But in two or three years, barring a cinderella run, Leafs don't win the cup… or even reach the conference finals… and then you need to renegotiate his contract hes over thirty five … eligible for bonuses, contract will be paid in full regardless of any cir*****stance…. and He begins the regressing end of his career… then your backl at square one…

    Lou on the other hand is nearly 3 years youngs… that means he gives you a good 5 years of decent playing and the better chance at winning the cup in talent and time i believe…. the contract becomes moot to me because its a lower cap hit… you want your goalie locked up long term when you have a gem…. and Toronto has the cash to pay him his actual money…

    Luongo gives the best chance at the Win…. and he makes it viable for you to not worry about the situatiion in nets….

    Now on the other hand,….. I think that all the garbage about Burkle and Gillis is exactly that … garbage,…. i don;t care what they say in front of cameras or microphones… Both GMs are very cerebral and will say damn near anything to confuse or set the media off on another topic…. whether or not they like eachother… when a smart hockey deal is offered to you, and it works for both sides… or you at least think it works for you…. you pull the trigger… egos aside… I think the Ego Garbage is a lot of BS to have media and fans hung up on it…

    The other points are more valid though… Lou's NMC would make it real Tough to make any deal involving him especially when you think about the point brought up about him wanting to go to a bottom feeding team from the Presidents trophy winning team two years running…

    It probably doesnt work in the end based on those simple but damning reasons…. but I Like Lou over kipper despite those reasons

  5. TimTheBone says:

    I agree with Lafleur that the trade doesnt work for Nash… but for different reasons…..

    I think it needs to be more draft picks… and better current roster players…

    Kadri, Colborne, MacArthur, Schenn/Gunner, 2013 1st, a 2nd, a4th/5th


    Kadri, Colborne, Bozak, MacArthur, Schenn/Gunner, a 2nd, (insert draft pick here)

    I honestly think any team trading for Nash is looking at giving up Four player at least plus picks….

    now it all depends on the quality of the players being traded to get a deal done…. thats where the negotiating will be….. but at least 4 names are going to CLB….

  6. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Kadri, Colborne, Connolly and Gunarrson is 4 players plus a 1st and a 3rd. Honestly don't see more value in what you suggested. As I mentioned to Lafleur, Nash holds the hammer on any deal and if his list is short with Toronto being at the top…what was offered is more than fair. All depends on Nash.

  7. leafmeister says:

    Having missed an entire year of growth/development, I don't see how Galchenyuk can play next year. We have to do whats best for the player. Just because he might be our best centre in training camp, does not mean that it is worth stunting his development. 

    Unless he absolutely blows away the competition, I think he should be back in Sarnia. 
  8. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    I don't disagree on doing what is best for the player. I do believe though, that if he is "the real deal" he should develop in the pros and learn to play at that speed. He has already shown he can be a top player in the juniors, not much left to learn, but if he can take it physically, he should be on the big team. If he can't, send him back.

  9. toronto77 says:

    The top 6 players in this years draft are guaranteed to be all-stars and once toronto selects one of those players, that player will automatically be our best prospect. 

    The top two forwards that stand out are Yakupov, Grigorenko, Forsberg, Galchenyuk
    The top two defenders that stand out are Murray and Dumba
    Worst case scenerio for toronto is that all 4 forwards are selected by the time the leafs pick, but at least they can select Murray who is predicted to be a niedermayer type defenceman, or Dumba who will be a great all round defender. OR the leafs trade down to select the best available forward which is Faksa.
    BUT I am quite confident that NYI will select a d-man which means that Toronto is GUARANTEED to get one of Grigorenko, Forsberg, or Galchenyuk.
    That is a HUGE boost.
    The good news for leafs fans is that we finally have our own first round pick in a draft where it's top 10 is stronger than it's been in the last 9-10 years.
    I would even strongly use the leafs first round pick in 2013 as trade bait, the reason for that is, if the leafs have another bad season, than Burke may not even be around for the 2013 draft, so what does he care?
    Maybe use the first round pick in 2013 to help us trade our second round pick up in this draft to another first round pick:
    Like 1st in 2013 and 35th overall in 2012 for the 15th overall.
    OR use the 35th overall pick and the first in 2013 for a goalie.

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