Johnson: Forget a Feaster fire sale

Don’t expect anything Monday except maybe minor cosmetic surgery.

“I don’t think the group in there,’’ said Feaster, glancing over at the dressing-room double doors, “is saying, ‘Boy, if we don’t get a big trade on Monday, we’re in trouble.’ I don’t think that’s the case.

“In a lot of ways, I agree with Burkie, (Leafs GM) Brian Burke, about the trade deadline when he says that other than July 1st, it’s when most of us make our biggest mistakes.’’

What is becoming increasingly clear is Jay Feaster’s patience level, for all Friday’s backtracking, is wearing thin. Good for him. The odd trumpet blast never hurt anyone.

“If we beat Phoenix in regulation, if we close out the deal, we’re a team that’s nipping at their heels and we’re talking about trying to catch the team in seventh,’’ he lamented. “Clearly, we have not demonstrated as a group that we’re serious about bursting through and taking that next step.

“And that’s why I guess I got everybody excited last night. I expressed my frustration because we still believe the answers are inside that room. But as we’ve talked about before, we have to be intellectually honest about it, too.

“This team has demonstrated, not just this season, but if you go back to last year, we get to a level — we were as high as fifth in the Western Conference at one point — and then we stumble, we falter.

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