Johnson Unclaimed ???

With Brent Johnson going unclaimed on waivers, I cannot help but wonder why the Hawks have not laid their hands on him, especially considering the unimpressive play of Thibault’s replacements. I know he has not been incredible over the past two seasons, but let’s keep in mind that he is still young and did have a 34-20-4 record two years ago. Plus, we can all agree that a change of scenery would do him good and Chicago is pretty close to his hometown of Farmington, Michigan, making it one of the better places he can end up.

There is very little financial consequence in making this move, considering that half of his 1.1 million dollar salary is accounted for and he is a restricted free agent at season’s end.

If he plays well, they can re-sign him and obtain a competent netminder capable of splitting the workload. In past years, one of Thibault’s problems was fatigue down the stretch, so having a quality partner could only be beneficial. Besides, with both vying for playing time, a little competition would be created, which could only be good for Thibault, who has been relatively undisputed in his role as number 1 in the Windy City.

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  1. distance7 says:

    You answered why they didn’t take him by saying “1.1 million dollar salary.” They have the cheapest owner in all of sports, well..not cheapest, let’s just call him the worst owner. I can’t say cheapest, if you’ve seen my posts before or you know me, I’m in Nashville. Chicago isn’t looking to pick up ANY players no matter what. They’re about to start with the salary dumps of people like Zhamnov, I don’t know the situation on Daze if he ever gets healthy, any word on if they’re trying to dump him as well?

  2. TribalPhoenix says:

    I think that waiver claims are being made predominantly by the teams with the deep pockets at this point.

    A team like Chicago is completely out of the playoff race, and is therefore not looking to take on a penny more salary than they absolutely have to. They may be interested in Johnson, but it doesn’t seem like a viable option to add another million dollars in salary for another backup goalie… especially with the CBA uncertainty for the future.

    If Chicago does in fact bring Johnson on board, it will involve a trade of active players so they can offset the salary concerns. St Louis is looking for defence, so I could see someone like Stephane Robidas or Deron Quint going to the Blues.

  3. rojoke says:

    I don’t think anyone is completely out of the playoff race yet. Well, okay Pittsburgh, Columbus and maybe Washington. But it’s apparent that the front office doesn’t think they can make the playoffs, or else they would have claimed him. And if that’s what the players think that management thinks, then it’s self-fulfilling.

  4. TribalPhoenix says:

    When the Hawks lost Thibault long term, their playoff chances went out the window. They’re listening to offers for their only established players (Zhamnov, Sullivan), and Tuomo Ruutu has hardly shined like everyone expected him to. Michael Leighton may be a decent goalie one day, but it isn’t today. Chicago is out of the playoff hunt, plain and simple. Washington as well.

  5. SCHLCommish says:

    Thibault’s replacements have played badly ’cause the team sucks. Get used to seeing Leighton between the pipes as it’ll be him next year, not Thibault, that’s the starter.

  6. TribalPhoenix says:

    I can’t believe that… Leighton is in no way the same calibre of goaltender that Thibault is. Thibault has been this teams MVP for the past 2 seasons, regardless of injury, and he’s the only thing that gives them a chance to win on any given night. With little scoring and only 3 decent defencemen (Berard, Robidas, Dempsey), Thibault is their only strong point. The lineup isn’t vastly different from when Jocelyn was healthy… the only thing that has really changed has been the score. And that was before they got Berard.

  7. Leaf_Expert_hater says:

    While they have a crappy owner, the worst owner in sports is Bill Bidwill….

    ….just a thought

  8. mattf says:

    well you could also say its the owners simply twiddling their thumbs until a salary cap is in place…they know as well as everyone else on the planet that a cup run is out of the picture, even a playoff spot would be a godsend for them.

    ive always like due time they’ll turn things around

  9. ManillaKilla says:

    I am going with wirtz. He ran a good original six franchise into the ground. You cant even watch hawks’ games on tv. The cardinals have always sucked and have a pathetic fan base.

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