Johnson Unclaimed ???

With Brent Johnson going unclaimed on waivers, I cannot help but wonder why the Hawks have not laid their hands on him, especially considering the unimpressive play of Thibault’s replacements. I know he has not been incredible over the past two seasons, but let’s keep in mind that he is still young and did have a 34-20-4 record two years ago. Plus, we can all agree that a change of scenery would do him good and Chicago is pretty close to his hometown of Farmington, Michigan, making it one of the better places he can end up.

There is very little financial consequence in making this move, considering that half of his 1.1 million dollar salary is accounted for and he is a restricted free agent at season’s end.

If he plays well, they can re-sign him and obtain a competent netminder capable of splitting the workload. In past years, one of Thibault’s problems was fatigue down the stretch, so having a quality partner could only be beneficial. Besides, with both vying for playing time, a little competition would be created, which could only be good for Thibault, who has been relatively undisputed in his role as number 1 in the Windy City.