Jokinen done with the Flames

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  1. ZillyHoo says:

    Watch Burke sign him and claim our center problems are over

    • mojo19 says:

      If he could get him for a year or two it wouldn’t be bad. If he signs him for more than that it would be too much. Jokinen is still a top 30 centre in the league (top 25-35 range for sure).

      • albertateam says:

        Depends on which Jokinen shows up. Last years was great, three years ago brutal. Two years is the most I’d go, but it’s going to cost 5-5.5 million to get him.

        • mojo19 says:

          2 years $12 million, or 3 years $15 million. This is what I think he’ll get.

          • albertateam says:

            Probably pretty close, some team might go longer with term to reduce the cap hit even further, but I doubt he gets more than 4 years max.

            • mojo19 says:

              Well, he’s 33 and with the new CBA looming this could be the final chance for some sneaky GM’s to slip in another cap-buster.

              I could see Chicago (rumoured to be looking for a 2nd line C all last year, even rolled the dice on Morrison) Maybe going 6 years with Jokinen paying him something along the lines of 6-5-5-4-2-1 for a cap hit of $3.83 million. Something to that effect.

              • reinjosh says:

                He was actually damn good last year. Both offensively and even though his negative 12 says not defensively, he played pretty good on that side of the game too.

                Plus his lowest point total since the lockout has been 50 points. He’s still one of the more reliable second line centers in the league. And he’s gonna play the full 80 for you too.

                Chicago is a good call actually. That’d be a good fit.

  2. albertateam says:

    I still think the Flames should have started the rebuild this summer, however I really like what Feaster has done so far this offseason. Trading down to get Jankowski and Seiloff was a great move. Jankowski is going to take a longer time to develop but if he reaches his potential he could be a steal. IMO the gamble is worth it.

    The Wideman signing I really like. Calgary gave up a 5th round pick to sign the guy. Sure the term is a little long and the cap hit is a little high at 5.25, but he fills a glaring need on defense. Anybody who thinks he wouldn’t have got a similar contract on July 1 is kidding themselves. Given the weak UFA class he was one to the top 3 d men available (Suter, and Carle).

    Signing Sarich for 2 more years also fills the need for a physical dman. 2 million per isn’t a bad deal. The defense now has 8 NHL contracts so they might move one guy. I doubt its J-bo, more likely Babchuk.

    • reinjosh says:

      I liked the Wideman deal. Call it tentatively pleased.

      I don’t like the Stempniak, Sarich deals though. Same old, same old. I suppose it could be worse but it just feels like same old same old.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Marty Brodeur to Toronto (e3)

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      E3? Three sources… they were just speculating on the possibility of it on Hockey Central at Noon, so there is two sources and Eklund is the third.

      Brodeur would be greeted as a God in Toronto though.

    • 93killer93 says:

      On the fan 590 today they said he’s given New Jersey until Sunday to sign him or else he will start negotiating with other teams. Leafs should definitely be in on this.

    • reinjosh says:

      I’ve never been a big fan of Brodeur. Maybe it’s just cause I couldn’t stand the Devils and their damn trap system they always effectively played. Maybe I just associated that annoyance with him.

      But damnit, I’d love him on the Leafs. He proved he could steal games still and carry a team at times. He’d definitely make us a playoff team. And he couldn’t possibly be a super long term fit either so it would give us time to bring up Scrivens/Reimer slowly.

      Oh I would go a little nuts if this happened. Call me skeptical though.

  4. Schneidfeld says:

    It’d be a good fit, one year contract, great mentorship experience for Reimer, no crippling 10 year mega-contract…

    • mojo19 says:

      Marty Brodeur #30, Toronto Maple Leafs. Has a nice ring to it.

      • Shoelesshobo says:

        My entire childhood I waited for a chance to hear that said by an announcer. I never thought I would get the chance to and now it is finally in a realm of possibility. That being said I hear a rumor floating around that Brodeur begged his dad not to send him back to Allaire camp because he wanted to teach him the Butterfly style and Marty wanted no piece of it. Still looking into it but if it is true I doubt he comes here. Unless he is looking for a big payday to ensure he does not pay out the ass to his ex wife alimony. $500,000 a year till 2020.


        If Marty is just looking for a payday and we have cap space to play with I recommend something along the lines of 1 year 5.5 to 5.8 million. I only do it if we are that desperate.

        Not going to lie if this did happen I would be one of the first with a Brodeur Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey.

  5. nordiques100 says:

    Calgary has one shot and that’s this year.

    If they go into the tank, they better move Iginla at the deadline. If they let him walk for free, its a giant setback for the organization.

    If they are like in a dogfight for 8th, but out of the playoffs by the deadline, they better move him or else. Seriously, they cannot again try a run for 8th and believe to be the next LA Kings.

    Only if they’re in a playoff spot should they keep him. I think its foolish for them to not get 3-4 young assets for him to get a fresh start.

    I think then next, they could move Kiprusoff, possibly at the deadline, likely in the summer. And if the cba is more settled, then too Cammellari could be made available with teams having a better idea as to whether they can handle 6 mil for one season more.

    I think they could get around 8-10 assets for these 3 guys and quickly start a rebuild.

    As for Bouwmeester, I see him being shopped now. But with close to 7 mil in cap hit, tough call there. But, for sure, I think next summer he’ll be easy to move and possible for ok return.

    or maybe Giordano gets moved. And Tanguay, if he has a decent year again, isnt a bad contract at 3.5.

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