Jokinen to Ottawa? is reporting that the Ottawa Senators

are interested in acquiring the services of the Florida Panthers’ center, Olli Jokinen ($2,500,000).

The Ottawa Senators have also been rumored to

be interested in Doug Weight ($5,700,000). Jokinen

is the better player and is cheaper, but lacks veteran leadership. Ottawa still has about 3 million

dollars in cap space and Mike Fisher ($1,500,000)

is a name that has been appearing in trade rumors.

The problem with the St. Louis Blues is that in the

event that a team has a fire sale they look for prospects and Ottawa doesn’t have many kids other

than Patrick Eaves and Andrej Mezaros. We all know that no team would give up any of those two

guys, so Ottawa definetly won’t. The Doug Weight

deal is less likely to happen than the Olli Jokinen deal because it would be easier than on the Sens’ cap than the Weight deal. Before any of these trades happen the Senators should wait until they see how Mike Fisher plays before the Olympic break. Here is what those trades might look like:

Possible Trade to St.Louis:

To St.Louis:

Mike Fisher

3rd round pick


Andrej Mezaros

To Ottawa:

Doug Weight

4th round pick


T.J Oshie

Possible Trade to Florida:

To Florida:

Mike Fisher

4th round pick

To Ottawa:

Olli Jokinen

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  1. Senatorsfan78 says:

    If I were John MUckler the only move I would make would be is to out and get Garry Roberts here is the possible trade.

    To:Ottawa Senators

    Garry Roberts

    To:Florida Panthers

    5th round pick 2006

  2. jacksheit says:


    Gary Roberts is HURT

    plus hes a good role model for the kids in kitty land

  3. dcz28 says:

    I think Roberts also has another year on his contract which would take cap space and money away that should be used for Chara, Redden, Spezza and Havlat for next season…if the Sens deal for someone i think it will be an impending UFA that way they don’t tie up money in a player that they only want for the cup run

  4. SensfanVone says:



  5. V3n0m says:

    Agreed on Eaves play, but I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to break up the top line. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I mean, let’s suppose it actually improves the 1st line, how many more goals do you really think he would add? Maybe one more per game at best? Not really worth upsetting the chemistry that’s already there, imo.

    I’d also disagree in sending him back down when Havlat returns. I’d rather see them sit Varada or Vermette (preferably Varada so he can rest a little more for the playoffs). Since the playoffs would be just around the corner, though, once they start, I’d sit McGrattan (no need for a goon in the playoffs when players will be minding their P’s & Q’s) and have Varada play again. When Weight arrives, sit Eaves as a reserve, since you know one of Ottawa’s forwards will get hurt at some point.

  6. Realistic says:

    Hell, you can Allison is you send of Fisher — I hate that he plays in Ottawa!

    I want the Leafs to get Jokinen as a UFA…maybe we can trade Allison for him although I doubt Keenan would take to a guy like Allison…if he would though, i’d even offer to eat salary if we could make the numbers work. Jokinen is great…often he is written off because he is a Finn, but he is tough and talented…in general, I like Finns actually…

  7. Realistic says:

    Dude, he’d be stupid not to want to go Calgary or Ottawa to try to win a cup…whether it has been said or not, you know he’d want to go for that reason and that reason alone!

  8. nyrhockey094 says:


  9. Realistic says:

    Not going to happen my man…first off, what makes you think Florida wants Smolinski? Second of all, GRobs is out at least a month with a knee injury. Thirdly, Keenan loves Roberts and he has clicked with Gratton and more importantly, Hortan who he can mentor. Fourthly, some other team would make a WAY better offer than that!

  10. Realistic says:

    Keenan will not trade Roberts for a 5th round pick as he is of more use as a mentor, goalscorer than anything they could draft in the 5th round! They signed Niewendyk and Roberts to 2 year deals for a reason, not to sell them for crap at the deadline.

    Ottawa fans, you’ll never get Roberts, stop dreaming!

  11. Realistic says:

    Quick, call Muckler and tell him to stop taking offers for Fisher….he wouldn’t want to ‘PO’ SFV1!

  12. SensfanVone says:


    Thats Right!!!


  13. cementhead says:

    I agree 100%. I just never saw anyone able to quote Weight as actually saying this as opposed to sources and our own reasoning. It would be HUGE news if Weight went to the local media and made a statement about it. Then you know its a fact. For now its just speculation – like everything else – even if I agree with it. (and just because we agree doesn’t make it fact either)

  14. cementhead says:

    LMAO. I think your boys are safe – but I can still hope!!

  15. ZeroX93 says:

    hmm you missed some interesting facts…

    “Weight makes his linemates better players, Jokinen hasn’t done that yet.”

    This season (which currently MATTERS)

    Jokinen +4

    Weight -11

    Please do not tell me that its because he’s playing for the blues because the Panther aren’t exactly too far behind, AND the Panther are if not the lowest, one of the lowest scoring teams in the league. So save that one.

    “Weight is a gamer, Jokinen is still seen as inconsistent.”

    Jokinen GWG 6 (3 in ot if i’m not mistaken)

    Weight GWG 1

    You’re telling me you’d rather depend on Weight over Jokinen!?

    “Alright genius, you’re right. we always choke in the playoffs because we didn’t have olli jokinen. got it. As of today, I’ll still take rent-a-Weight over rent-a-Olli 10 times out of 10. Here’s one glaring reason why:

    Playoff stats:

    Games G A Pts

    Weight – 68 20 35 55

    Jokinen – 0 0 0 0″

    Playoff stats you failed to mention about weight… doug weight has never won a cup in other words hes never been there. So his playoff experience is as valuable as Donald Brashear’s 48 games.

    Always a MINUS RATING in the playoffs with the exception of the 91-92 rangers season which lasted only two rounds. So yeah I’m sure he compliments his linemates.

    My conclusion, Doug Weight is a perfect fit in Ottawa. With him being the experienced choker, he’ll step in and bring that sort of failed leadership and he’ll help the Sens go as close as possible only to choke AGAIN this year.

  16. Neely4Life says:

    All i know for sure this far is, that Alfi in the MVP of the league thus far.

  17. Gretzkin says:

    I don’t need to look at any side of any story to call you stupid.

    You’re consistantly stupid.

  18. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    see you cant even look at the facts. Yes i am stupid but mostly due to looking at your posts, brought down my iq quite a bit.

  19. criptman says:

    what the hell are you talking about? weigth is 34 and jokkinen is 23 with speed and finnest…weigth is done in a few years,any smart team will go for jokkinen instead of weigth…you can rebuilt around jokkinen not weigth….please

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