Jonas Frogren will be at Training Camp

The NHLPA has decided it will grieve the NHL’s decision to reject the Jonas Frogren contract, effectively allowing the Swedish defenseman to join the Maple Leafs for the upcoming season while the terms of the contract are settled in a protracted arbitration process that will likely extend well into the 08/09 campaign.

In the meantime, Frogren will play for the team under the terms of the disputed contract that will pay him a shade over 2 million spread out over the next two seasons. A reported $400 000 of the $700 000 bonus was used by Frogren to personally buyout his contract with Farjestad, per

An arbitrator will have to decide whether or not Frogren was an unrestricted free agent or a “defected” player when he signed the deal with the Maple Leafs. The CBA states in section 9’s subsections that all players 28 or older come September 15th in the year of the contract signing are not subject to entry level salary and bonus restrictions. Frogren turns 28 on August 28th. In 9.1(c), the CBA also states that players imported from Europe 28 years or older are not subject to the entry level system under any circumstances. It will be the arbitrator’s job to determine if these conditions override the “defected player” provision that was established in the expired bargaining agreement, which I am pretty sure will be the case.

Frogren, a search-and-destroy, bruising stay-at-home blue-liner, will be present and accounted for come the beginning of Leafs training camp in September.

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  1. leafy says:

    Why is it that the simplest thing is complicated for the Leafs?

    Either the fax machine gets jammed at the trade deadline, they sign the wrong player Finger instead of Sauer, or they spend 5 eons searching for a GM.

  2. ranger_fan says:

    TO NYR
    Jay Bowmeester

    To FLA
    Dan Girardi
    Peter Prucha
    Bobby Sanguinetti
    1st round pick

  3. Motherpucker says:

    The final cog.  Preparations should be under way shortly for the championship parade next summer.

  4. oilcountry88 says:

    to EDM:
    Jay Bouwmeester
    David Booth
    to FLA:
    Dustin Penner
    Rob Schremp
    Fernando Pisani
    1st round pick 2009
    3rd round pick 2009

  5. ranger_fan says:

    Schremp is horrible. He is only useful as a 4th liner and shootout specialist.

  6. oilcountry88 says:

    Prucha is horrible too??

    Shremp is not a 4th line guy.. if he cracked the lineup for Florida he would come in as an expierienced rookie from so much time in the AHL. Hes improved so much since his draft year. They yousto say that he never back checked.. he improved on that. The only bad thing about Schremp is that hes kind of *****y on the ice. But he has tremendous skill and potential. He would make edmontons roster but the only spot for him would be the 4th line and Pouliot and Brule are also going to fight for that spot. Edmonton just has to full of a roster for Schremp so he would play great in Florida.

    I think most Panther fans would take the edmontons offer rather than yours.( i wouldnt mind taking Booth off that if they didnt want to lose him)
    Does NY even have the cap to spend the money for J-BO? Didnt think so.. they only have 1 million in cap right now.Bouwmeester is also from edmonton andhis family lives here. I wouldnt be suprised if he took a tiny dicount off of his contract. Bouwmeester fits better in edmonton..

  7. ranger_fan says:

    I think that a couple of the goons they signed for a 1 million a piece will be in the minors. They have enough forwards to let those guys Voros and Rismiller to play in Hartford. That'd clear 2 million – add Girardi we are up to 3.6 Prucha 5.2 and there is room.

  8. oilcountry88 says:

    i still think Florida would rather take my offer rather thann yours..

  9. ranger_fan says:

    defense is more coveted than offense… plus i  may increase my offer if it came to that.

  10. oilcountry88 says:

    im pretty sure Florida needs offence especially after Jokinen trade. If they wanted a defence too i would switch the 3rd rounder into Smid

  11. Hoondog2 says:

    i've heard from various Avalanch fans that Finger is twice the player Sauer is…..i guess we'll see.

  12. leafy says:

    Hope you're right.

  13. Steve362 says:

    ok from what i hear Frogren is a very solid player did well in the world championships could be compared to a Scott Hannan, he was specifically brought in to be paired with stralman… McCabe is going to be delt probably for a 2nd round draft pick and maybe a 2nd line player… i would take a guess that they'll ship him out of conference.. Phoenix will take him as Wayne is very pro McCabe *see olympics… as well as they have a couple of top 6 spots to fill since the jokinen trade

    To Pho: Bryan Mccabe

    To Toronto: Daniel Carcillo , Niko Kapanen , and a 2nd round pick 09

    Hagman -Steen- Kapanen
    Blake – Antropov – ponikarovsky
    Tlusty – Stajan – Grabovski
    Bell – Carcillo – Mayers
    Earle – moore – williams
    kulemin- Deveraux -hollweg

    Kaberle- Kubina
    Finger – Coliaccovo
    Stralman – Frogren
    White – Kronwall


  14. rojoke says:

    Niko signed with Ak Bars earlier this week.  I doubt he has much trade value now.  That and he was UFA on July 1.

  15. habs_punk says:

    Heh, we have an HTR bidding war for the hypothetical services of Jay Bouwmeester. Good luck to both of you on that.

  16. habs_punk says:

    Good luck on getting McCabe to waive his NMC to go to Phoenix of all places.

    And seriously? That's what your first line looks like without Sundin? (minus Kapanen) You guys might actually be in the running for Tavares. How disgusting would that be? The Leafs picking the next superstar with their number one overall pick IN Montreal in their centennial year. I miss the Pat Quinn days. That number one pick would have been traded years ago for a 38 year old former star and a shot at making the second round. JFJ would have just traded it for another team's backup in case Toskala has a bad year.

  17. mojo19 says:

    Kaberle – Kubina
    Frogren – Stralman
    Finger – Colaiacovo

    McCabe/White/Kronvall are out, or White becomes number 7 I guess

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