Jonathan Bernier might be available for the right price.


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15 Responses to Jonathan Bernier might be available for the right price.

  1. hockeyfan8 says:

    Christ everyone is available for the right price!

  2. leafs_wallace93 says:

    I’d want the Toskala package, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, they don’t all have to be in the same year.

  3. LN91 says:

    Nice trade between NYR-PHX for both squads.

    However, probably lowers the value of Phaneuf…Damn it.

  4. lafleur10 says:

    do you guys think their will be a lot of trades tomorrow? also do you guys think the leafs trade more guys/ if so who?

    i think the habs stand pat it wasn’t for the lack of trying i just think bergevin seen that the ufa crop wasn’t that good this year and doesn’t want to damage the progress we’ve made this year….and for it we’ll be even stronger and better next year with a deeper farm team and a deeper prospect pool

    • doorman says:

      I think your habs do something as there are lots of guys still available.

      The Leafs will try and make a few moves but not sure how many more as if they are trying hard to move Phaneuf it may take attention away from other deals, but that is what you have a management team for.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Hoping, getting jelly of all these 1st round picks thrown around. Nashville’s pick doesn’t look all that shiny anymore.

      This has been a great deadline though.

  5. hockeyfan8 says:

    I think Montreal will be quiet tomorrow….. I’m sure they would like to add some scoring help but there not gunna pay the asking prices……. Small chance the leafs trade Dion Phanuef….. If so they will have to retain 1.5 – 2 million…… Nobody will gamble on Lupul……

  6. LN91 says:

    Just like Buffalo, Florida, and Columbus…I really like the direction that Arizona is heading.

  7. leafy says:

    Bob McKenzie says there’s a small chance Phaneuf might go to Detroit. Makes sense. That’s where the Leafs send all their defencemen. Larry Murphy, Jamie Macoun, Bob Rouse…

  8. LN91 says:

    I would rather take on the Weiss contract then retain 2 mil for the next 6 years…

    Toronto needs roster players, and Weiss can be dealt later in a few seasons.

    • doorman says:

      Agreed and taking Weiss’s contract instead of retaining salary probably works out better long term for the Leafs and gets a better prospect back, IMO.

      • LN91 says:

        I agree…And th Leafs do need roster players moving forward.

        I am hearing Coloradis is pushing hard for Phaneuf.

        Too much suspense.

        Oh, I also thought the Lightning had a good morning…Petry deal is alright, but he’s a terrible player. MTL now needs a cheap forward.

        Detroit is looking like a major loser right now…They wanted Yandle and Petry, lost out on both and I think this is a thin squad.

        • doorman says:

          I am trying very hard not to get too excited at the thought of him moving( and not because I hate him like many others, just seems too good to be true.

          This is where that extra 4th this year and 2nd next year work well too. If we have to take a bad contract and add a pick that sweetens the pot to make trading him worth it then we lose nothing of ours, we lose extras.

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