Jones: Lightning should trade Lecavalier

The rumor typically begins up north, usually in Montreal, then makes its way to Toronto.

Someone floats the idea in a newspaper. Then a radio show picks it up, and pretty soon it’s all over the Internet. The rumor always includes these three words:

“Vinny” and “Lecavalier” and “trade.”

When the Lightning stumbles or Lecavalier struggles, it isn’t long before someone at least wonders if Lecavalier should be traded.

Today I’ll play the part of “someone.”

I’ll even go a step further.

It’s not only time to think about trading Lecavalier.

It’s time to do it.

Shop him around, find interested takers, ask for the world, swallow hard and pull the trigger on the best deal you can get.

4 Responses to Jones: Lightning should trade Lecavalier

  1. mojo19 says:

    Lecavalier turns 33 next month, his cap hit is $7.7 million for the next 7 seasons beyond this one, but he’s owed $10 million in actual salary for each of the next 3 seasons. That number goes down to $8.5 million the following year when he’ll be 37, then finally tails off to $4 million and a couple of million dollar seasons at the end to make the average work.

    • blaze says:

      Wow Jesus what an awful contract. However who is this guy and what makes him think anyone would want that deal? Why would you want to ditch him anyways?

      Lecavalier is more valuable to Tampa than anyone else. Forgetting about money Vinny is a fantastic second line center. The captain popular in the area and an tie to the old championship team. Fills a large leadership role and still provides offense and defensively responsibilities.

      Cut back on salary elsewhere when needed and bite the bullet on that contract until he retires a Lightning lifer.

  2. Steven_Leafs0 says:

    funny thing is because of his contract there are only a couple teams that can afford him, that number gets smaller once you subtract the teams who already have a 1st line center.

    If Tampa was to shop him (I doubt they will knowing the return they would get) the Leafs should offer Grabo & Liles for Vinny (and the Leafs should offer to eat half of Liles’ salary).

    This saves Tampa a few million in cash (which is something they need to do), they get a replacement 2nd line center and add a puck moving D-man on much shorter contracts.

    The Leafs get the number one center they need while having 2 young talented Canadian boys playing 2nd and 3rd line center.

    So never going to happen. lol.

    • mojo19 says:

      I think you both hit the nail on the head. The only type of deal the Lightning could get for Vinny would be a Grabo/Liles for Vinny type deal or something. Which obviously makes no sense for Tampa.

      Like Blaze said, the value Vinny brings to Tampa far exceeds his trade value. Money aside, it still makes more sense to keep him. The only reason they should trade him is if ownership is breathing down Yzerman’s neck about the $10 million seasons coming up.

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