José Théodore allegedly received death threats

In the Habs community, we have just learned that 2002 Hart and Vezina trophy winner, Jose Theodore has allegedly received death threats that seems to be linked to the loan shark operations members of his family were involved in. Although this is just speculation, the department of “gangster activity” are currently in charge of investigating these threats. Theo was informed of these threats, who were passed through the organization, after game #3 in the Montreal-Tampa Bay series.

Now if these threats affected his game or not is irrelevant at this point. What is, is how he will react in the future and wether or not his play will suffer from it. At the beginning of the season, right after the loan shark mess was made public, most people were convinced that it would throw him off his game and yet it didn’t. He posted solid numbers throughout the season, faltering on very few occasions. In the playoffs, he got the Habs back on track against Boston, practically stealing games 5 and 7. In this case, it is not just about his family, it is really about him. Death threats are never taken lightly no matter how mentally sound you may be. Perhaps this could force management to make a deal which would be beneficial for the team and Theodore himself. In a market like Montreal where team finances play a huge factor in decision making for long term goals, these kind of risks are preferably avoided.

There is no doubt in my mind that Theo is a top-notch starter but I would find it hard to believe if someone told me that he will remain unnaffected by these threats. I would hate to seem him go but if it is for his own well being and piece of mind then I say go right ahead, deal him. He could certainly help any club in need of a good starter (I personally see him with Philly) and post great numbers. He is long-term franchise goalie material and if it can’t be with Montreal because of obvious mental adversity, then let it be with a team who really needs a good goalie and a fresh start could do nothing but good to him.

Regardless I wish him best of luck in whatever situation he finds himself in.


Information from RDS.CA

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