Joseph odd man out……..Lindros to wear RED

It has been mentioned several times here in Michigan by Detroit writer and talkshow host Bob “Wojo” Wojanowski that the Wings best move would be to trade Curtis Joseph for De-funked Centerman Eric Lindros. Wojo on his radio show, suggested that Captain Steve Yzerman, would like his fellow Canadian Lindros. Down the radio dial, The Locker Room Show’s hockey coverage suggests that Curtis Joseph would rather be traded to St. Louis, where he is said to have close friends. Many nutty fans have been heard calling the local radio stations AM 1130 and AM 1270 that the Wings package some of their young farm prospects to Washington for Jagr. It was also spoke of on AM 1130 the FAN that Federov will likely sign with the Mighty Ducks. Here is what I think the Wings will do, just based I my many years of following the Wings: Look for a three way trade to get it done. Lindros to St. Louis, then Joseph to St. Louis for Lindros. I personally would love to see the Wings acquire both Lindros and Jagr, but the cost in all that does not seem logical. Another centerman the Wings could pick up at a lower cost, would be a well know centerman/freeagent from New Jersey. You think on that a while. Either way, with one of those listed above, adding Hatcher, the loss of Federov will be hardly noticed……count on it!!!

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  1. kremlin says:

    I’m hearing loads of rumors that Lindros would make the move to Detroit, which would be wicked. Clearly Detroit needs a good center to step in for Fedorov and I think Lindros would be the best man for the job – young, eager and potentially one of the best in the league. However, it seems like many of Detroit’s veterans will retire after the 2003/04 seasons, including Yzerman. Hence, Detroit should not only pick Lindros, but also another young 1st or 2nd liner to remain competitive in the future. Any suggestions who this could be?

  2. wingerxx says:

    With the Rangers’ offense potentially being kind of thin next year (Bure possibly leaving, Messier possibly retiring, all the rumors of Fedorov going somewhere in CA, etc.) it wouldn’t be smart of him to trade Lindros at this point. What does St. Louis have that would interest Sather? I can’t think of a thing. I think that trade rumor is one of those things that would be absolutely wonderful for Detroit, but from the standpoints of the other teams, I don’t see it working. If I were St. Louis, Joseph would not be a great step in the right direction. Well…and besides…Jagr in Detroit…I don’t exactly see that being a great fit. We all know how they adore guys like Jaromir there. A good man’s man city like Detroit…Jagr there…I just don’t see it working out.

  3. wingerxx says:

    kind of farfetched with the 3 way trade scenario. St. Louis would be better off keeping Lindros, then trading him for Cujo. And if I were Detroit, I wouldn’t want to trade any of the prized youth for Lindros, which is what Sather would want (and/or picks).

  4. kremlin says:

    I agree, Jagr in Detroit wouldn’t make sense. He’s a great player, but not for Detroit.

  5. mikster says:

    Sather said twice that he is not interested in changing the goaltending in NYC, and i doubt the owner, Jim Dolan, would let Slats get a goalie who costs a lot more when Dunham clearly rocked in NYC.

    Unless a 3 way deal may be worked, but Cujo should not be coming to NYC.

    And, what’s this? All the sudden fans like to see Eric go to the Wings?

  6. Rampage_Winger says:

    Gordie Howe comeback!

  7. Howie9 says:

    It has also been reported that the Rangers want to rid themselves of Lindros and his incentive laden contract (for #of games played). The Wings might be able to pick #88 off either the waiver wire or as a free agent later in the summer – no trade needed. I have also heard the CuJo to St. Louis rumor. What would the Wings want or get from St. Louis? How about Doug Weight who is a Michigan born native and would fit nicely into the center position?

  8. Rampage_Winger says:

    The Weight/Cujo deal is a possibility. But Osgood would be the odd man out in StL. Oh dear.

  9. Donovan says:

    Vaclav (not Vinny) Prospal?

  10. Sands says:

    This would be a nice deal…… 3 way deal

    Keith Tkachuk-to Rangers-Lindros-to Detriot-Cujo-to St.Louy….

    Rangers need Left Wingers….

    St.louy wants a “For sure thing” at Goalie and are trying to dump any salary plus Tkachuk is rumored a lot to be dealt.

    Detriot likes Lindros and needs to deal away Cujo.

    what holds the deal back is… The Rangers would still need a #1 Center and couldn’t do the deal unless Fedorov was a sure thing in and Bure a sure thing out.

    Also Osgood would have to be another backup at a high price…. not sure about that…. but he could go to Bosten and end this in a 4 way deal…. getting Sammy… wow that would be real nice for St. louy!(yeaaaaaah! riiiiiiiiiiighhhhht, that will happen lol)

    Now if all this were to happen… then.. HEY! why not lol.

    Too much NHL 2003… sorry.

  11. Howie9 says:

    Osgood could then be shipped off to Boston or Colorado or Vancouver. Or.. maybe Milbury can get him again on the Waiver Draft (Yea Right). But seriously I do think the St. Louis move makes some sense for both St. Louis and Detroit (even with the division rivalry). I think that the fact that CuJo played in St. Louis, and was loved there, would make it easier for him to cancel his no-trade option. Detroit would then be able to pluck somebody off the St. Louis roster (Tkachuk or Weight) that would allow them to save a little money because I’m sure the Wings would be forced to eat some of Joseph’s salary.

  12. Sands says:

    4 way deal…

    Sammy to the Rangers-Lindros to Detriot-Cujo to St.Louy-Osgood to Boston- and round and round we goooooooooo, ahhhhh what a game… when is EA Sports 2004 NHL coming out….. hummmmmm lol lol kidding…

  13. gr8haluschak says:

    Why would St Louis want to trade for Lindros because he will be, if not is already going to be on waivers soon anyways, so Pleau should pick him up, then deal him to the Wings. As well no to pop any bubble Wings fans have Weight is not going there, Why would the Blues trade their top playoff performer.

  14. Sane04 says:

    Sathers did say that he wasn’t going for Joseph. He has confidence in Dunham. Also, St Louis has Osgood, don’t they???

  15. big_booty says:

    “Detroit needs a good center to step in for Fedorov and I think Lindros would be the best man for the job – young, eager and potentially one of the best in the league.”

    That describes Eric Lindros to the letter….IN 1997!

    Come on. Lindros is a shadow of his former self. He’s not going to make Detroit any better and pales in comparison to a player like Federov.

  16. Pokecheck89 says:

    If Slather wanted to get rid of Lindros he would have placed him on waiver wire on Tuesday, but Slats said he has faith in Big E, however he would still like to restructure his deal.

    “Wojo on his radio show, suggested that Captain Steve Yzerman, would like his fellow Canadian Lindros.”

    So what if Yzerman wants Lindros, he also wanted Eddie instead of Cujo, the Wings didnt listen, however maybe the Wings might listen now, as they should have last year.

    Im also hearing rumors that the Wings might send Cujo to St. Louis for Doug Weight.

  17. kremlin says:

    I tend to disagree. I believe Lindros still has got what it takes. Many people are saying he’s sh!t, just because he had an awful season with the Rangers. Eventhough he had 50+ points, he didn’t look like a 1st or a 2nd liner last year – I agree. But Bure & Kovalev looked like sh!te as well, so imo I don’t think these three players have lost their momentum, I think the Rangers is just not the right team for them.

  18. LetsGoPanthers says:

    Lindros is done plain and simple. One more bop to the head and the guy is a dead man. Why would the Red Wings waste a trade on Lindros? What the Wings should do if they trade Joseph is trade him for draft picks or prospects. Then they should try to sign either Prospal or Niewuwendyk. Or both.

  19. bugreaper says:

    Or the Wings could just pick Lindros up themselves off waivers and not have to worry about giving a division rival a decent goalie.

  20. bugreaper says:

    As I’ve heard 1130 the fan, Lindros is 1 hit away from diapers. This may be true but we still have to rid ourselves of Cujo and his 2 yr/16 mill, I say take Lindros and if he ends up getting hurt then waive him or let him retire. Either way were out from under Joseph’s salary.

  21. kremlin says:

    Could be an option, although there might be better alternatives. I’m not sure if Prospal just had his one season of fame. Could very well be that he’s a dissapointment next year. Maybe someone like Alex Tanguay, but I doubt the Avs will let him go. It might be better for him though, because I expect he will have less time on the ice now that Selanne & Kariya have touched down in Colorado.

    There must be other names though, however I can’t seem to come up with any at this moment.

  22. kremlin says:

    Where will Bure go? I haven’t heard much about him lately? Given his record, he should cost a whole lot of $$$, despite his last season in NYC. Really curious what will happen to Pavel.

  23. kremlin says:

    Yzerman’s bargaining position is pretty strong this year, now that Fedorov has taken off, so they better listen to the future Hall of Famer.

  24. kremlin says:

    It’s WIN-WIN

  25. Freeze says:

    Looking at the stats, Lindros 19-34-53 +5 would be an adaquate replacement for 3rd line center Igor Larionov 10-33-43 -7, but no way could he fill the void created by the departure of Fedorov 36-47-83 +15. Besides, Lindros is one hit away from permanent retirement, and Bonnie Lindros would be a pain in the ass for Dave Lewis. Lindros is more of a risk and more trouble than he’s worth.

    There are very few players in the NHL that can do what Fedorov does at both ends of the ice. Eric Lindros isn’t one of them.

    The fact of the matter is the Wings CAN’T replace Fedorov if he leaves. There is no free agent available the calibre of Fedorov, and trading Cujo for Lindros or Doug Weight in a 3-way deal isn’t going to replace Fedorov either. Fedorov is as rare as his $650,000 Fararri.

  26. nskerr says:

    I would love this trade. It would weaken the Red Wings by dealing with a crybaby at center with a father/agent who never shuts up and it would in my opion weaken the Rangers goaltending while increasing their ridiculous salary structure making next year’s CBA number very difficult to cut down to.

    Please, please, please let this go through. Oh Detroit, if Lindros plays something like 72 games next year, his contract incentives pay him something like 9 million. Enjoy a 15 goal scoring 9 million dollar player who is afraid to lay out the body without having a goon by his side.

  27. MIHOCKEYFAN says:

    Joseph probably won’t go to NY or St. Louis. They already have goaltending. Even though Osgood isn’t that great, the Blues always have subpar goaltending and most teams want to save money instead of gaining talent. Dooug Weight would still be a good fit if the Blues want to upgrade goaltending. Lindros’s value has gone down and if the Wings wanted to, they could probably get him for next to nothing and hopes he rejuvanates his carrer in Detroit. Boston seems to be the only team that could use Joseph, but they are usually too cheap to take on a contract like that. If the Bruins did want Joseph, they would probably send Rolston, a Michigan native, to Detroit.

  28. DIDDLEY says:


  29. LetsGoPanthers says:

    Does anyone know how to spell?

  30. Freeze says:

    It shows you how many FERRARIs I own. HTR needs spell checking software.

  31. bruinfan37 says:

    Well, Cujo has been my favourite goalie for quite a while, so I would go insane if he would come to Boston. But, If I want to be realistic to myself, it is not going to happen. For the most part, Detroit is going to trade Cujo to where he wants to go, unless that team doesn’t have any trade bait. Cujo wants to go to a contender, and I don’t think Boston is a team that he would consider one. Besides, Boston wouldn’t shell out the money

  32. bruinfan37 says:

    wait a minute…. I really hope that I’m misunderstanding this. You think that Dunham is better than Cujo?

  33. nskerr says:

    CUJO sucks. He chokes in the big situations and for the money he is making, I would take Dunham in a heartbeat. And that’s coming from an Islander fan. If Cujo was so good, Boston would go after him instead of having this proposed Samsanov for Dunham deal on the table.

  34. bruinfan37 says:

    You don’t think Boston would like him?? They’re too cheap to pick him up. They wouldn’t pay Roy that much. Besides, the only reason they wouldn’t want him, is because he wouldn’t want to be there

  35. nathan says:

    I think Cujo will head east. No way DET would send Cujo to the Avs. And not like the Avs want to offer their player to DET.

    Sending him to the Blues is as likely as sending him to the Avs. After all, the Blues are division rivals with DET.

  36. SkilledCenter9 says:

    I say send him back to Toronto!!!!

    Him and Belfour could drink themselves into retirement!!!! lol

    but on a serious note,

    I really think that our Red Wings need to trade Joseph for a solid defenseman and a good young prospect. Someone who they can bring in now and develop. possibly a young power forward who could watch the likes of Shanahan play so that when he retires he’ll be a protege of Shanny.

    But seriously people we have to love the situation we are in, we have the worlds greatest goalie coming back, we just picked up a tower of power in Hatcher and our team will have a “renewed” hunger this season after being embarrased by Anaheim. LETS GO REDWINGSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. WheeledWing says:

    Don’t forget,,,the rangers have also expressed interest in Fedorov, but not likely to happen (he is seeking warm climate team). Sather would most likely be interested in anyone but Lindros….since Lindros would not agree to a pay cut, he has been on Glen’s bad list. The Rangers could acquire Doug Waite or one of St. Louis’s talented wingers. Hell, the Rangers could pick up recently, three year signed, Chris Osgood to help the Rangers in net. However, the two reasons that I mention a three-way deal is: Cujo has been said here to have ties in St. Louis, Secondly, Wings GM Holland has said here (you can also read his quote on Espn/nhl) that he likes Lindros.

  38. WheeledWing says:

    Hey …..Hostile Louie fan……….you still mad about Stevie’s triple overtime goal?? anyway, the Wings are not asking for another team to eat Cujo’s salary, they have said openly they (the Wings) will eat a chunk of his salary….As far as developing talent, you might of heard of, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Fisher, Fedorov, Yzerman, Lidstrom, Holstrom, Mccarty, Legace, Dandenault, Wallin,recently signed prospects, Hudler, Gregrinko…..and former Wings that came from the farm: Kozlov, Primeau, Konstantinov, Osgood, Pushor, Ward…Thats a hell of a track record for Farming…….Why St. Louis trade Doug or Keith? We ask every year, why did St. Louis do that??????????????/

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