Jovo's return

Ed Jovanoski will play his old team for the first time as a Coyotes, or for any team. This will be a great night in Canuck’s history, but I hope the Yote’s blowout the Canucks. The Canuck’s are so dumb for not signing him, they honestly messed up there team by not signing him. Let’s be honest, Willie Mitchell is not worth 3.5 million a year.

One, he doesn’t score, or start plays (well he can, but he’s not known for it). Two, Jovo can be a number one d man on most teams, but Mitchell at the best could be a top 4, not top 2. Three, Mitchell has been good defensivly, but has made bad plays, and has done nothing this year (besides being position, which is good). Four, Mitchell doesn’t drop the gloves to get his team going (not saying you need it that much, but it’s useful, especially because the Canuck’s lack on toughness). Five, Jovo said he would come back for 4.5 million according to the Team 1040, which would be a total bargain, but the Nuck’s didn’t even offer him a contract. He was an NHL All-Star three times in Vancouver and helped Canada win the gold medal in the Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002. Quite a legacy. But it ended when the Canucks basically told Jovanovski they likely could not afford to keep him after last season, because there were a lot of contracts to deal with and only so much money under their salary cap (the money wasn’t a problem, because they got Mitchell for a million less then what Jovo got).

I hope Jovo the best in Phoenix, and i guarantee he will bring a Stanley Cup to Phoenix in the next 4 or 5 years.

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  1. canucks_fan2 says:

    would u leave the *****in guy alone man yeah we didnt sign jovo ur still cryin over it GET OVER IT BUDDIE mitchell is good and hes doin good so leave him alone.***** i hate all u banwagon jumpers when ever the canucks arent doin as good as YOU want them u diss them liek theres no tomorrow but when they win ohh its we are the greatest team like ***** off man.this is for all u banwagon jumpers ***** OFF

  2. PhanufRoxs says:

    didn't say that im crying, about, and when they are winning I still think they suck, and same with most people, dumbass. Mitchell is not an allstar d man, and thats what people want. How does that make me a banwagon jumper?

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