JR Done With the Game?

Philly.com has reported a number of stories recently about Jeremy Roenick and his health including this one today from Ed Moran.


The Inquirer alluded to JR wanting to be paid because he claims to be injured from a concussion received in the playoffs. Apparently JR played hurt and signed the exit exam for the team. JR notes he thinks insurance will pay for him but that is unlikely to be how it is. If he signed off on being healthy and was able to play he likely created a loophole for himself not to get paid from insurance.

That opens the question as to if JR should be paid from the Flyers? I say no. JR is a warrior and a fan favorite without question but he made his own bed with playing hurt. He took a shot at the cup on a team good enough to win it but unfortunately too hurt to win a marathon playoff series. For the Flyers to have to pay him $7,000,000 this year to sit at home and play golf is hard to imagine.

The real issue is should JR retire? He plans to meet with Karen Johnston in Montreal (Lindros’ brain doc) to see if he is too badly hurt to ever play again. JR thinks this is the case. I believe he is likely right. JR has had a great career and is beloved in Philly. He is loaded with cash even to live in Paradise Valley thanks to his last few lucrative contracts. He has a family and should be concerned about being there for his kids.

It is important to note that Clarkie has historically been very good to his old players – giving them a roll in the organization. Dave Schultz, Bill Barber, Bob Kelly, Brian Propp, Ron Hextall and Paul Holmgren all come to mind. From today’s article, it seems like JR and Clarkie could work out some sort of deal that would make both sides happy (and if they could maybe they would talk to Bettman and Goodenow) which might include a small contract buy out, a roll with the team as a scout out west or something of that. JR would also likely find a roll on TV when the NHL returns. If he were to replace Barry Melrose there would surely be an increase to the ratings!

Lastly, a departure of JR means a lot of money off the payroll but not enough to make a $31,000,000 cap. LeClair and Amonte still are likely on the hit list as is Sean Burke. However that may make the Flyers able to sign Zhamnov?

What to you think?