JR Done With the Game?

Philly.com has reported a number of stories recently about Jeremy Roenick and his health including this one today from Ed Moran.


The Inquirer alluded to JR wanting to be paid because he claims to be injured from a concussion received in the playoffs. Apparently JR played hurt and signed the exit exam for the team. JR notes he thinks insurance will pay for him but that is unlikely to be how it is. If he signed off on being healthy and was able to play he likely created a loophole for himself not to get paid from insurance.

That opens the question as to if JR should be paid from the Flyers? I say no. JR is a warrior and a fan favorite without question but he made his own bed with playing hurt. He took a shot at the cup on a team good enough to win it but unfortunately too hurt to win a marathon playoff series. For the Flyers to have to pay him $7,000,000 this year to sit at home and play golf is hard to imagine.

The real issue is should JR retire? He plans to meet with Karen Johnston in Montreal (Lindros’ brain doc) to see if he is too badly hurt to ever play again. JR thinks this is the case. I believe he is likely right. JR has had a great career and is beloved in Philly. He is loaded with cash even to live in Paradise Valley thanks to his last few lucrative contracts. He has a family and should be concerned about being there for his kids.

It is important to note that Clarkie has historically been very good to his old players – giving them a roll in the organization. Dave Schultz, Bill Barber, Bob Kelly, Brian Propp, Ron Hextall and Paul Holmgren all come to mind. From today’s article, it seems like JR and Clarkie could work out some sort of deal that would make both sides happy (and if they could maybe they would talk to Bettman and Goodenow) which might include a small contract buy out, a roll with the team as a scout out west or something of that. JR would also likely find a roll on TV when the NHL returns. If he were to replace Barry Melrose there would surely be an increase to the ratings!

Lastly, a departure of JR means a lot of money off the payroll but not enough to make a $31,000,000 cap. LeClair and Amonte still are likely on the hit list as is Sean Burke. However that may make the Flyers able to sign Zhamnov?

What to you think?

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  1. cgolding says:

    JR was horrible as a color commentator, just keep him away from game telecasts and go from there. Probably would be good as a studio analyst, but since they scrapped that at ESPN not sure there is much of a market for those types in the US. i’m not really sure JR would be all that interested in doing scouting, unlike players of the past he’s made enough money to sit around and do jack…

    Keith Jones is the guy that deserves a shot at the big-time, he’s friggin great.

    JR is an enigma at that. if he’s so hurt why’s he been talking up this stuff with the yotes(a joke… yeah) and chicago more recently… i mean what is going on with him?

  2. hockeyhead says:

    chris, you beat me to it. Please jr, if you are going to get into broadcasting…..you are not doing it from the bench.

    “great save eschey!” “i hope the usa beats their canadian…………….butts”

    keith jones? didn’t he retire? who am i thinking of?

  3. UsedandAbused says:

    Ya… big loss for our team. I think he should retire if it is as bad as he said. I think he will get some money from the Flyers… I think he deserves it and they know it. Dam… Wanted to see a guy like JR get a cup before he retired. Oh well..

  4. Rico420 says:

    Sadly even though I don’t like JR he’d be missed for sure! He’s the flamboyent character the NHL needs!

  5. wingedim says:

    JR is a great player who (unlike Lindros) will use what brainmatter he has left and hang them up. I didn’t like him doing color during the world cup. Mind you there aren’t many guys in the ESPN booths that I like anyway as they all seem to talk to hear themselves speak most of the time…but I digress.

    JR will be missed as he was one of those guys who came to the rink to play on most nights. Yeah he was a mouth piece but you still had to respect him while he was on the ice.

  6. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    JR is the kind of character the league need. Unfortunately, JR’s brain might need time off.

    He still is a good producer and the Flyers can’t just put Stephan Ruzitka on the wing and expect 65 points.

    They also will have a hole at center. Anybody know Zhamnov’s agent’s number?


  7. cgolding says:

    yeah he’s retired.

    he works locally for comcast sports net and is on the 610 WIP morning show a fair amount… and is very good in both capacities. won some kind of local award for the radio gig, others may know more about this. he’s also involved with TSN broadcasts regarding the NHL pretty regularly. just really good at talking hockey and very funny to boot.

  8. chevykurt says:

    Being a Leaf fan, I suppose this could be taken as good news, even though I admire JR’s determination on the ice and the number of feet he seems to step on when he opens his mouth. However, I think they should boot out good old Bettman and bring in JR as commish.

    Just my 2 cents. =)

  9. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    When you look at talent like JR, Lindros, Allison and Deadmarsh, Gary Bettman should be spending his time to FIX THE GAME.

    THE ICE IS TOO SMALL. In the 1980’s little players could thrive. Big guys (think Kjell Samusen) were human tripods. Today they are destroyers like Chara and Pronger. St. Louis is an expection but to make it in today’s game you need to be BIG and SKILLED. And even with that you can get your bell rung and be done for your carreer.

    BUT THERE IS A FIX and Gary Bettman could be working on it if he wanted.

    While arenas are empty – make provisions for a larger ice rink in every building possible. Maybe some of the old buildings will not be able to fully comply but Baseball has different sized playing fields and they thrive. So does Nascar. As should the NHL.

    This would be a HUGE PR advantage to the owners and possibly could be used as a way of showing good faith to the players that they are really concerned for the game and the player’s well being.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    yeah, i thought you meant jones was a young prospect to replace jr and i am like…he retired.

    i understand what you mean now.

  11. chevykurt says:

    what i MEANT to say was.. i admire his determination on the ice but he does seem to step on a number of feet when he opens his mouth. lol

    Then again, like someone else said, JR is a warrior, he will be back.

  12. hockeyhead says:

    those are good ideas but you would lose seats.

    what they need to do is wear mouth pieces. they are known to prevent concusions. the snapping of the jaw causes concusions. then they can’t communicate as well but what are you going to do.

  13. Enigma says:

    It definitaly would’ve been great to see Jeremy get his hands on the cup. I think he’ll be back though for one last shot at it. Who knows, maybe the league shutting down for a season will do him some good.

  14. scuba_steve says:

    yah he should retire even though he is one of my favorite players in the league, hey does anyone else realy like the new htr thing on the top of the screen??

  15. chevykurt says:

    It’s pretty cool, but why Naslund? Why not Sakic, Iggy, Marty St Louis or maybe someone else?

  16. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I don’t think he will be back but I wouldn’t start planning a parade route yet. The Leafs are a team loaded with overpriced players at the end of their carreers. Even the Ranger$ reloaded. The Flyers have a crop of young players like Gagne, Pitkanen and Esche who make up a younger and better core than TO. The Flyers also have a better farm system than TO which if we ever get back to playing in a new CBA will REALLY matter. Teams like Philly, Detroit, NJ and the AVs should still be considered at the top of the league because of their superior scouting and player development.

  17. tmeyers says:

    Doesnt matter. Under US law (Drafted by the late great US Pres. FDR) employers are REQUIRED to give compensation to its employees under the “Workmans Compensation” law. In fact, if the Doctor finds that the injury: 1) happens at and during work 2) Will have a permanent debilitating negative effect, he could be inline to receive very much more.

  18. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Simply charge more for the remaining seats. Who cares? If you had Flyers tickets like my family does that took you from 1974 – 1982 to get you’ll just take the $$$ abuse. Hell, we don’t even live in Philly and we still keep out seats.

    As for the mouthguards – an interesting idea if it works. They don’t help get more scoring however.


  19. rojoke says:

    The story that I heard was the even though he sustained a concussion in the playoffs, Roenick passed his end-of-season physical. Both the pre-season and post-season physical are supposed to contain neurological tests for signs of concussions or other injuries. So this poses two questions. If he had a concussion, how did he pass his physical? And if he was diagnosed with a concussion, what person failed to indicate that on the report, and by who’s authority? The Flyers have had a recent history questioning their training staff.

  20. CupBoundFlyers says:

    I think JR will be back for another season as well, I also think that the time off should help him recover maybe a little bit more and he will be ok to go when this thing starts again.

    The thing that has been pissing me off for a while now is that Recchi is gone, ppl want LeClair and Amonte bought out, and now maybe JR leaves as well…….. so we replace them with Carter, Richards and Ruzitka (not sure about the spelling?) & maybe sign Zhamnov and expect that to be enough?

    I mean think about it….. seriously, if those players are all gone there are some big friken holes to fill on this team.

    This is also a reason why I think a hard cap in the NHL is rediculous and will never work, there are just too many teams that would be decimated if they had to lower their team salary by that much.

  21. CupBoundFlyers says:

    The Flyers training and medical staff are like the 8th wonder of the world with the way they run things…….. we may never know what goes on or why things happen they way they do with those people.

  22. IceyCup says:


    those ppl would clear Stephen Hawking to play


    Good luck JR…

  23. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I can not say I’ll miss him. As president of the NHLFA I have to inform you all that he is another money grabbing bastard. He is now in a fight with the Flyers over getting 7 million dollars next year, lock out or no, because he claims he suffered his last concussion (10 total) in game 4 of the Flyers series with Tampa Bay.

    My answer to this is, he already is rich enough to last a life time. One million dollars in the bank is aproximatley 80 000 dollars interest from the bank every year. Then there is the fact that who really can spend 7 million dollars and not be with a hooker every night.

    Also I have to inform you I did a search on google and there already an NHLFA since 1998, but they suck and have done nothing so far. So we can keep the name and make our demands.

  24. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Wait thats in the article, he is still a greedy bastard.

  25. TheCoach says:

    You are the president of the NHLFA?

    Bud, there already is a NHLFA. Go to NHLFA.com. They already have over 20, 000 members. It was started by 2 Ottawa guys, and if you think you can influence anyone in the league more than them, you are strongly mistaken.

    Until you have the money to maintain a viable website, have an office and actually know how to run something like that, I suggest you just go and sign up at their site.

    The fact is that the NHL and NHLPA really don’t care about what the fans think. If you weren’t paying attention, the NHLFA sent letters to both parties and engaged in phone conversations with the commissioner.

    So honestly, don’t pretend that you will make any demands. I doubt you even know how to get in contact with Bettman and/or Goodenow.

    Just go sign up at NHLFA.com. The more members they have, the more pull they will get. Don’t try to start your own thing.

  26. Flyer_Fan says:

    It will come down to what the neurologist says re: JR’s $$$

    As far as the Flyers go (i.e. Recchi, Amonte, and LeClair leaving),

    I say “don’t worry Flyers fans”!

    Hitchpenileimplant knows what he is doing, and if it meant that JR would help the Flyers, he (and Clarke) will keep him.

    The former mentioned Flyers are going downhill, and the farm system will soon be producing a few stars.

    trust me!

  27. Flyer_Fan says:

    i really hate you, seriously.

    you are such a FLAMER!!!!!

  28. SabresAreCool says:

    isn’t that the point of a cap? to even out the playing field so teams like pittsburgh can have players as good as philly…..but i agree that 31 mil is way too low….without amonte leclair and jr, the flyers would be like every otbher nhl team who has to start and depend on their young players

  29. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Wow,speaking of overpriced players: Primeau,Amonte,LeClair,Roenick,Dejardins..need I go on?.

    A better farm system? You may want to look at hockeysfuture.com,the Flyers are ranked BELOW the Leafs.

  30. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ya if you look at my comment a little closer, I said there already is an NHLFA but they don’t do much so screw them. Me and 19Yzerman talked about a fans association in another article.

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