July 15, 2009 – NHL News and Rumors Roundup

Zubov’s career with Dallas Stars likely finished

Blackhawks president John McDonough admits recent contract bungle provided catalyst for firing Dale Tallon

Chiarelli says Kessel will be back with Bruins

Source: Shanahan to Sign With Devils or Rangers

Lang and Jagr can be reunited in the KHL
Zubov’s career with Dallas Stars likely finished

MIKE HEIKA / The Dallas Morning News

Sergei Zubov’s 12-season career with the Stars probably will come to a quiet end this summer, a natural progression of age and business in the NHL.

Zubov, the franchise’s all-time leading scorer among defensemen, is recovering from December hip surgery and that is enough to make the Stars cautious about offering him a new contract.

Zubov became an unrestricted free agent July 1 and his agent, Jay Grossman, has been shopping him around the NHL.

Grossman confirmed Tuesday that nine teams have shown interest in Zubov. Grossman believes Zubov, who will turn 39 on July 22, will sign with a new team sometime in the near future.

“We have made good progress in talks with several teams, and I believe we’ll get something done soon,” Grossman said. “I can’t say it’s going to be the end of the week or anything, but there is interest out there and we’re going to pursue that interest and look for the situation that is best for Sergei.”


Blackhawks president John McDonough admits recent contract bungle provided catalyst for firing Dale Tallon


There might have been other factors involved, but it was clear Tuesday that the recent snafu involving contract procedures with eight unrestricted free agents cost Dale Tallon his job as general manager of the Blackhawks.

In introducing Stan Bowman as the Hawks’ new GM, team president John McDonough was asked if the change in leadership would have been made had it not been for the fiasco last week.

”Probably not,” McDonough said. ”We should be better at doing our business. Ultimately, that’s on me. It’s my mistake. The time frame [for getting qualifying offers to the free agents] was June 15. We could have done a better job. … We’ve got to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

The Hawks filed late, raising the possibility of the eight players being declared unrestricted free agents. Tallon re-signed them all, but he might have overpaid in doing so. Winger Kris Versteeg and defenseman Cam Barker got three-year, $9.25 million contracts that they probably wouldn’t have received had the qualifying offers been processed correctly.

Bowman, who had been the Hawks’ assistant GM, also was involved in what McDonough characterized as ”an organizational error.” He also cited the need for front-office improvement.


Chiarelli says Kessel will be back with Bruins

Michael Hurley

It has been a rather busy offseason for Peter Chiarelli. Aside from signing Mark Recchi, David Krejci, Steve Begin and others, he’s had to manage the tricky Phil Kessel situation.

A restricted free agent, Kessel’s name has been thrown into trade rumors since the season ended. Chiarelli, appearing in an interview with NESN’s Kathryn Tappen, did not deny those rumors but said that he expects Kessel to be back with the Bruins next season.

“Yes, yes he will [be back],” Chiarelli said. “I don’t like to talk about negotiations, but he’s a player of impact. [He has] the speed, and he’s still a young player.


Source: Shanahan to Sign With Devils or Rangers


The Flyers won’t be signing Brendan Shanahan. But that doesn’t mean they won’t see him quite often next season.

A source close to the negotiations has told CSN’s John Boruk that Shanahan has decided not to sign with the Flyers, choosing instead to join either the Devils or Rangers.

The 40-year-old Shanahan spent last season with New Jersey, recording six goals and eight assists in 34 games, after playing for the Rangers the previous two years.


Lang and Jagr can be reunited in the KHL


30 Responses to July 15, 2009 – NHL News and Rumors Roundup

  1. muckies says:

    CBJ- Kaberle
    Tor –  John Moore, 2nd 2010.

    EDM – Ponikorovsky
    Tor – Brule

    SJ – Heatley, J. Smith, Cody Bass
    Ott – Marleau, Ryan Clowe

    ATL – Schubert
    Ott – 4th 2010

  2. bbruins37 says:

    if kessel is staying who's going? i couldnt take bergeron leaving, and it would be tough to see sturm leave but if it has to be someone i hope it's him.
    trade him for a pick chia, then resign axe, and hunwick along with kessel.




    best team in the league

  3. muckies says:

    Pitt and Washington, B's are a  good team, not the best team….

  4. bbruins37 says:

    i can see someone saying pit as they won the cup (even thought the b's had 17 more points…) but washington? they might need to find a goalie first. varlamov was solved pretty quickly: shoot gloveside. and that explosive offense wasnt as good as the bruins' last year.

  5. pezzz123 says:

    B's are better (on paper) than Pitt and Wash, but I'd take Detroit, Chicago and San Jose before Boston (on paper also). And maybe Philly, but not yet.

  6. muckies says:

    I'd say Boston is still the best team in the northeast division, but other teams have improved in that division notably Toronto should be better and Ottawa should be better, so Boston wont have an easy a time at getting points as they did last year when all the teams were in a state of disarray and they walked all over Montreal.

    Boston has as many or more holes than Washington and Pitt. If Emery is solid which he will be I'd say Philly will be a scary team and as good or better than Boston.
    Doesnt matter anymore what Boston does in the regualr season, they need playoff success now to prove they are anything but a good regular season team.

  7. bodangles87 says:

    Penguins Vs Chicago

    Pens win in six
    Hossa requests trade out, doesnt get it, signs in the KHL

  8. bbruins37 says:

    SJ doesnt have that second line center. otherwise they look awesome on paper. the hawks look great on paper as well but the goalie situation is questionable. same goes for detroit. the bruins have the vezina winner

  9. bbruins37 says:

    lol what holes do the bruins have?

    philly, chicago, detroit, and SJ have great teams on paper, along with the B's. however, the first three dont have great goalies.

    bruins and sharks have the best teams, with the edge to the bruins

  10. bbruins37 says:

    also the sens are in even more disarray with the healey situation, MTL got smaller, and the leafs dmen look good, but this is the team with about the worst d in the league last year

  11. pezzz123 says:

    Joe Pavelski : perfect second line center.

    agreed on the goaltender situation in Chicago.

    Detroit don't have to care about their goaltender.

  12. Kramer says:

    There should be a new 24 hour channel showing hockey fights.

  13. hockey_lover says:

    I rarely agree with muckies but his last line is 100% dead on.

    Boston dominated all year and couldnt get it done in the playoffs against a team much less skilled than they are. Yes yes .. the refs screwed them and the 'canes cheated and the sun was in Thomas' eye. Wah wah.

    At the end of the day, it was one playoff that they 'choked.' The year before, they were expected to get blown out and they took it to 7 before losing. So I give them a pass on that one. They WERE supposed to beat the Canes but couldnt.

    They definitely are one of the best teams in the conference but we will see what happens this year. If they pull another first or second round loss, I will throw them in with the Sharks … awesome regular season team, playoff losers.

  14. muckies says:

    Detroit and Pitt made the SCF the last 2 seasons and you wont even mention them as the best?

    Well see how good the B's are, money, trades, losing guys like Axelsson and some of their young talent could hurt the team. Every year is different, and the B's have a ton to prove this year, a lot of teams will be gunning for them early and that always makes the seaosn tougher when teams are aiming at you from game 1.

  15. nordiques100 says:

    no to all 4 of these ones.

    the leafs can get much more for kaberle. if it is the jackets, perhaps voracek and cody golubef, two good, young, under 25 players, one of them being a top 6 forward.

    if the leafs get brule, he would be worth no more than stajan. brule hasnt shown a whole lot since being drafted. granted, doug maclean ruined his career forcing him into teh NHL at age 18.

    heatley for marleau is probably even. no way they get clowe. the contract, the head case, its not worth it.

    and why would the thrash want schubert?

  16. muckies says:

    well see what you guys get for Kaberle, i think you guys are overvaluing him way to much considering what Ive seen here for trade proposals.

  17. Bure96 says:

    I think Christobal Huet is underrated though.

    In 41 games last yera he had a respectable .909 SV%. Not terrific, and not worth 5.5 million, but that's besides the point. He has Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, and Versteeg upfront, and Keith, Seabrook, Campbell, and Barker on the backend. They'll be top 5 in goals for and have a good defense. He doesn't have to be great.

    Even if he's overpaid, he's stil la decent netminder. It's going to matter next year when they need to make the most of their cap space, and they have an okay goalie make big bucks.

    Remember how good he was with Washington last year too. He was the best goalie in the league after the trade deadline.

  18. reinjosh says:

    The bruins defence is kinda thin. Thats their biggest weakness.
    Philly will be a better team on ice and is on paper.
    They arguablly have the deepest depth at center of any team with Carter, Briere (hes good no matter what people think, even if he is overpaid), Richards and Lapierrie (great 4th line center).
    While they may be a little weaker on the wings, they still have mad scoring potential with Giroux, Hartnell and Gagne and Van Riemsdyk likely to get the chance and its incredibly tough as well. They can keep pace with Boston's forwards and probably beat them into submission.

    With a top 6 of Timonen, Progner, Parent, Carle, Coburn, and Jones they have one of the top 5 defences in the league and one that is eons better than the Bruins.

    In Emery, the team has a very talented Goalie who just has to keep his temper in line and with this team having many problems with (and fixing them) it shouldnt be a problem.

    Philly beats Boston any day.

  19. muckies says:

    I agree, I’d say Boston is a team who has to relly on Lucic, Wheeler and Kessel to make them better, I cant see Chara, Savard or Thomas being as dominat this year as last year, so I think they’ll hit a plateau.

    Philly has a lot to prove and Emery I think will do well for them, I’d say the Flyers could have gotten a better back-up especially considering Emery is still a huge question mark. Boucher – come on he sucks. They coulda done better than that, but the Flyers always gamble on goalies and this one is their biggest gamble yet.

  20. paulieplatypus says:

    Great idea I agree completely.  Have it on the NHL network while nothing is going on this summer.

  21. paulieplatypus says:

    I don't see the Rangers signing Shanahan.  Maybe if at the start of free agency this year he approached Slats and said that he'd like to be the Rangers enforcer/protector, the Rangers might have signed him instead of Brashier.  But I think Shanahan still believes he could be a top nine forward for some NHL team and he very well might be right. 

  22. mojo19 says:

    Ponikarovsky scored 61 pts last season. He's consistantly at or near the top in +/- on the team since before the lockout.

    Gilbert Brule is a prospect who is now getting up there in years (in terms of prospects) and he hasn't made any noise yet.

    No thank you. (no comment on the Kaberle trade since I'm convinced you just keep posting weird Kaberle trades to try to get a couple Leaf fans upset).

  23. mojo19 says:

    No last year he told New Jersey at midseason that he would like to come in at any capacity, even as a 4th line checker. So why now, would he only take a role as a top 9?

  24. bbruins37 says:

    you say they are thin on defense. you realize you are talking about the team that gave up BY FAR the fewest goals in the NHL last season? i agree philly looks good, except for goaltending. thats what separates the bruins from them; vezina winner vs. a guy that wasnt even in the NHL last year.

    bruins center depth: savard, krecji, bergeron,begin. pretty comparable

  25. bbruins37 says:

    even with the calls, walker punch,etc., yes it was a choke. however, that was before i knew about krejci and kessel being injured. you have to admit that that is huge. you have to think that it never would have gotten to game seven OT had they been healthy. that and ference, and hunwick being out. sturm out for the season. teams have injuries and i understand they have to play through them, but that is a bit much to deal with

  26. paulieplatypus says:

    There's a big difference between being a fourth line checker and a fourth line enforcer.  I'm sure Shanahan would be great at both, but I'm not so sure Shany is ready to accept the role of "enforcer" quite yet.  If ever maybe?   

  27. alpalstewart says:

    the oilers should forget about heatley now and make a deal for kessel.   i think he fits the edmonton mold perfectly.

  28. hockey_lover says:

    Yes it was a lot to deal with. But thats the game. I wasnt making any excuses when Gonchar missed 60 games this year along with Whitney who missed 40. But thats the game. The year before when Pittsburgh had Crosby out for 25 games (and then played the playoffs on a broken foot), Fleury was out for 27 games, Talbot missing 15 games, etc, etc … In fact, Pittsburgh led the NHL in man games missed out of injury in 08. Yet they made it to the finals. Luck? Maybe. Skill? Maybe. Determination? Maybe.

    Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game. Boston didnt get it done. Again, it was really the first year in quite a few years that they were in a position of dominance. Maybe the players werent used to it. Not used to the limelight. Whatever the case is, I'll give them a mulligan. If they implode next year though, they are a nothing team to me. All the regular season success means nothing if you can win in the playoffs.

  29. mojo19 says:

    Of course he would never take a role as an 'enforcer'. Thats ridiculous. It's Brendan Shanahan, he's tough but don't be stupid.

  30. trueblue says:

    I dont see them signing Shanny either….if they wanted him so bad he would have played for the team last season…i just remember him sucking wind at the end of his last season with us…dont expect him back just so they could sit someone like Lisin to play Shanny…not going to happen…same stuff happened to Prucha…besides they dont have cap for that kind of stuff… the only way i see it is if they dump Vorros and he plays on the 4th line left wing spot splitting time with Byers…that the only way i see it and he would have to come dirt cheap…that i would take but Vorros has to go bye bye first!

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