June 28, 2009 – NHL Rumor and News Roundup

Fletcher’s first deal: Wild lands Brodziak

Wild after Lecavialer?

Atlanta to deal a goalie?


Fletcher’s first deal: Wild lands Brodziak


Three years ago in Wilkes-Barre, the Edmonton Oilers shared the Pittsburgh Penguins’ minor league club.

Todd Richards, now the Wild’s coach but then the Baby Pens’ coach, was ambushed with almost too many bodies, so in training

camp, Richards barely noticed a kid named Kyle Brodziak.

But after starting the season as a healthy scratch, Brodziak slowly earned the trust of Richards to the point he was

ultimately voted Wilkes-Barre’s 2006-07 team MVP after a 56-point, 62-game season.

Saturday, in Chuck Fletcher’s first player trade as the Wild’s GM, Brodziak went from being a St. Paul, Alberta, native to a

St. Paul., Minn., resident. The 25-year-old versatile Edmonton Oilers forward was dealt along with a sixth-round pick to the

Wild for a fourth- and fifth-round pick.

“At the AHL level, I used him in every situation,” Richards said by phone. “I think the biggest compliment you can give to a

player is that he’s trustworthy. Any situation, I felt very, very comfortable putting him out on the ice.

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Wild after Lecavialer?

Bob McKenzie of tsn.ca twitters that

New Wild GM Chuck Fletcher is being very aggressive in trying to land Lecavalier before his no-trade clause kicks-in on July



Atlanta to deal a goalie?

CHRIS VIVLAMORE – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

However, Waddell still needs to improve the roster to convince star Ilya Kovalchuk to re-sign. Kovalchuk told the

Journal-Constitution at the end of the season that he needs to see that the Thrashers moving in the right direction before he

will re-sign.

The NHL free agency period begins July 1. However, Waddell said the Thrashers are more likely to improve via trade. The

Thrashers have depth at goaltender with Kari Lehtonen and Johan Hedberg on the roster and top prospect Ondrej Pavelec being

NHL ready. Waddell said it is likely that either Lehtonen or Pavelec will be traded. He fielded several phones call on each

at last year’s trade deadline.




The qualifier means the Rangers will retain his rights should Zherdev opt to play in Russia, but it also means Ottawa is less inclined to accept him in a deal for Dany Heatley. The Post has been told Ottawa general manager Bryan Murray has scoffed at Sather’s offer of Zherdev and Michal Rozsival.

Sather meanwhile categorized the contract demands from impending unrestricted free agent Nik Antropov, whom the Blueshirts acquired from Toronto at the deadline for a second-round pick, as “ridiculous.”

“Based on the first volley from [agent] Mark Gandler, there is a slim chance [of Antropov returning],” the general manager said following the fifth round of the Entry Draft. “There’s a snowball’s chance in hell that’s going to happen. It’s ridiculous. I hate to criticize an agent, but let’s have a little bit of reality here.”

Antropov, who scored seven goals in 18 regular-season games for the Blueshirts but was barely a factor in the first-round defeat by Washington, earned $2.05 million last year. He’s believed seeking a long-term deal for at least $5 million per. Good luck to him.


3 Responses to June 28, 2009 – NHL Rumor and News Roundup

  1. Kyleton says:

    I'm still a little a little unsure about how i feel about the Wild's draft so far, mind you Fletcher was not GM very long before it.  However the guys they did draft are projects but could become something.

    I like the trade for Kyle Brodziak. He's not more than a 3rd liner but he's defensively responsible and has a small amount of offensive ability.  He's a good idea to have if your starting a run and gun style.

    As for getting Vinny. As much as I like the guy and would love to have him I think we'd have to give way too much. 

    It's my personal opinion that we should concentrate on incorporating more youth into the club. Not a rebuild per say but rather just play out the next few seasons without sending the youth away for a star and see where we end up.  The Wild are kind of stuck in the middle I guess. They have potential to make the playoffs however they also have the potential to be a bottom team next year if things don't go according to plan.  I am expecting the Wild to miss the playoffs again next season. And end up about where the leafs have finished last two years.  This changes slightly if Gaborik chooses to stay. Which makes him a very dangerous player if they go run and gun style.

  2. muckies says:

    Sather wont give Annedropoff a player who is getting better as he gets older to a contract but Redden who was on serious delcine on a  game to game basis gets 6 years at 6.5 million. Stooge.

    Apparently Clouston asked Dany 'Milkbag' Heatley for his "A" back to give it to Volchy, Fish, Smith, Kelly or Spezz.  Milkbag was pissed and that is what triggered the snowball that led to Milkbags trade request.

    Milkbag is looking like he will not get any kind of decent return for his value. Milkbag's trade demands and new labelling as uncoachable, out of shape and only concerened about scoring and not winning make him very unattractive to almost every team.

    This could be the best wakeup call of Milkbags career. His Team Canada spot is in jeoperdy, non-playoff teams do not want him,  and  if they cannot trade him by Tuesday, he will have to come back and play for a coach who is all about team and winning, and who will own his ass all season, and he is not a very nice guy if you arent a team player or a commited to be a winner

    Most Sens fans I talk to would welcome Milkbag back, hoping he comes in to play Cloustons style and realize he isnt bigger then the team or the coach. Milkbag wants his own line, be the guy the puck goes through. If the Sens could somehow sign a decent forward to help get Milkbag the puck, it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise that they can't trade him. They'll have 2 lines that can score and Milkbag will be playing a completly different type of game under Clouston. Winnign is the bottom line, and hopefully come Game 1, the Sens will have a winning team.

  3. cwthrash says:

    I'd say it's about 85% that Atlanta trades a goalie, most likely it will be Pavelec.  Have a feeling that the offer would have to be just awesome to pry Lehtonen away.  Look for a Pavelec deal more.

    The Thrashers have said multiple times what they are looking for; a top six winger and a top 4 defensive defenseman.  They're going try to get one via trade and the other via free agency.  The whole process is kinda hindered by their internal cap, which they state will be around $46M.  If they can get the right deals, I have little doubt they'll they'd spend an extra million or so more.

    This is likely what Kovalchuk is waiting for; if Atlanta gets these players, it's definitely a step in the right direction.  And the past couple drafts have been good, this draft looked awesome.  Kane is likely a year away, but then again he was one of the youngest in this draft; when it puts on some muscle, he will be a force.  Klingberg and Morin in the second round were great picks.  Their prospect pool is growing in strength, and they definitely addressed a weak area this year (wingers).

    Waddell said contract talks were going very well for a long term deal, though Kovalchuk will wait until after he sees what moves are made.  Personally, I think a two year extension is more likely.  Gives him an out in a few years if he wants it.  But then again, the cap is very likely to stay near the same level this year and go down next year, so he might want to cash in now.  Tough to say.  But I'd put down a 20 spot that he stays; he went on a tear after being named captain, seems to love being "the man" on the team and would love nothing more than to take this team from the bottom to the very top.

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