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What do leafs need after gettin Raycroft…

If you look at the free agent market.. theres number of players tht are available which leafs can pick up..

On defence.. players tht can help the leafs:

Jay McKee of Buffalo… He already indicated that he wud love to play for Toronto.. y not sign him… he will come in for cheap

Frantisek Karberle.. imagine both Karberle bothers playin together.. tht wud be something.. both r steady defensemen.. fingers crossed.. Tomas wanted to play with his brother n now lets c if thtz possible

Tom Poti of Rangers… Poti has struggled in Rangers.. but he wud be a nice fit in leafs D.. 4-5 D men..

It would be amazing if they leafs can Add either Chara or Pronger…

As for Offense.. They need a player like Elias.. Petr Sykora..Jamie Langenbrunner..

Yet alone.. if the leafs get Karberle.. and Pronger + Langenbrunner and a 20+ goal scorer.. we are talkin Business!

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  1. Marky2Fresh says:

    If they get Pronger for Kabs, they shouldn’t sign McCabe.

    F.Kaberle, McKee, Jovo, Redden and Blake are all options the Leafs should consider.

    Pipe dream moment, but imagine a 1-2 punch of Pronger and Redden.

  2. leafsfreak1 says:

    “Jay McKee of Buffalo… He already indicated that he wud love to play for Toronto.. y not sign him… he will come in for cheap”

    Actually McKee never said that he would love to play for Toronto, it was family and friends that said they wanted him to go to T.O. to be closer to them. Also McKee will be looking for a pretty good sized raise and he could demand 3.5 to 4.0 mil per season.

    “They need a player like Elias.. Petr Sykora..Jamie Langenbrunner”

    Elias is out of the question. Petr Sykora is decent but inconsistent offensively. Langenbrunner would be a pretty good pickup but is also inconsistant but he is better then what the leafs have now.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    they need to make sure rask is the last prospect they trade away. I say build a talented marlies club, then put lots of youthful players on the leafs, and add a few solid vets

  4. mapleleafs4cup says:

    i think Frantisek Karberle,Mckee and Pothier would look good on the leafs blue line and modin and Sykora would look nice up front

  5. FlyersfanKyle says:

    why not build a telented leafs club plug the marlies with c prospects

  6. hockeyman17 says:

    rask was traded away yesterday..

  7. scout says:

    After getting Raycroft we need a NHL goaltender.

    Telquist, Aubin, and Raycroft would be great for the Marlies. Unfortuneatly the Leafs still have questions in goal

    why do you think Poti would play better in Toronto?

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