Just crazy enough to work

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of serious trade talks so far this year and this may be because most teams don’t have compatible trade partners. But there are two teams out there that both have glaring needs and both have what the others would want, I’m talking about Pittsburgh and Columbus. Here are two teams that should be talking because they have what each other wants. In Columbus their needs are obvious, a number one center and a PP quarterback. Pittsburgh on the other hand is in desperate need of a scoring winger to help out Crosby on the top line. They also happen to be over stocked with number one centers and PP quarterbacks. With Crosby, Malkin and Stall all playing for this team it is painfully obvious that somebody has to be moved and the only logical choice is Stall. Sure he plays a solid checking role but he is destined for so much more and from what we’ve seen so far he isn’t a very good winger. Because of this, he will never find a role on the top two lines not to mention he is in line for a nice raise this summer. Pittsburgh also has four offensive defensemen roaming their back end when Gonchar comes back. Both Letang and Goligoski have shown that they have the tools to be contributors not only in the future but in the present as well. Now don’t get me wrong Whitney is an excellent D-man but the Pens have shown that in his absence they can still be a good team.

On the other hand Columbus’s PP stinks and Umberger has proven to not be the answer to their number one center problem. Also they have a nice young core of wingers coming up the ranks and this makes Rick Nash expendable. Now I know he is the face of the franchise and their only superstar but he isn’t going to help their PP (he only has 8 PP points so far!) or help out in the face off circle.

So here is the trade I think both teams would greatly benefit from: Ryan Whitney and Jordan Stall for Rick Nash and a first round pick. Of course I am no GM so maybe the first round pick is a little high, in that case the Pens can either throw in a proven role player such as Tyler Kennedy or Matt Cooke, or throw in a lower draft pick of their own. It’s not like the Blue Jackets have been on fire with their first round picks anyway.

Columbus might miss Nash at first but I think Stall in a number one center position can be just as effective if not more then Nash has been. And Whitney will help solve some of their PP woes. I can just see a number one line of Stall/Filatov/Voracek burning up the league in a year or two, and Nash with Crosby and who ever else is scary. The salaries work out and both teams should better. I just think this trade makes too much sense for it not to happen, but hey I’m just a fan not a GM.

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  1. cam7777 says:

    That trade is massively in favor of Columbus seeing as Nash hits the free market in a year and a half and Pittsburgh won't be able to retain him (among other things).  And really, Columbus is just fixing one problem with another.  They want to find a center, it's true, but they want a center to play with Nash.  They also want to make the playoffs this year, badly, so look for them to trade picks and prospects for a big time player.

    I agree that Pittsburgh will move Staal, despite all their talk otherwise.  He may sign a one or two year extension, but I just don't see it happening.  That's just prolonging the inevitable, and every year it will grow more and more ridiculous having him center a 3rd line, or struggle on Malkin's wing.  That said, they won't move him until after the playoffs, because from what they've seen of him so far, he's a playoff warrior. 

  2. prospectiv says:

    On one hand, I do believe that Pittsburgh is ready to trade Staal.  Even though he's the perfect checking line center for them right now, the need for a top winger is definitly more urgent. Dupuis, Talbot an Kennedy can make a very sound 3rd line anyway.  The 1st round could end up being Tavares so I'm not sure Colombus is ready to let it go.

    On the other hand, if you take a look at Colombus extra's, it has become clear that Leclaire is the odd man out…  Though injury prone, such a young and talented goalie would fetch a nice return.  On that point, I think Spezza is their main target.

    Leclaire and Brassard for Spezza, Gerber and a 1st should get the deal done.  The only point that diminishes that trade is the lack of offensive D in return (compensated by the 1st) pointed by Chichaelll. 

    Which partner is better for Colombus?  Pittsburgh or Ottawa?

  3. leafy says:

    Where is BruMagnus?  4 losses in a row at home for the Pens.  Not good.  I think Boston, Washington, or Philly would beat them right now in a playoff series.

    Maybe a coaching change is needed.  Maybe they need a major shake up like that proposed Nash deal.  But I think it's pretty clear this is nowhere near the same team that made the finals last year.

  4. intelligentscorpio says:

    You are right, that trade is massively in favor of Columbus. I can see Pens trading Stall at some point, but not for a rent a player. Nash would have to be signed for a longer term contract at reasonable dollars, i.e., Stall type money(more or less), and then trade him to Pittsburgh. The chances of something like that happening are next to nil. At some point Whitney may become dispensible, due mainly to Letang, Goligoski, but Gonchar's contract is done at the end of next year.
    So, Whitney cannot be traded, as he will become the new Gonchar and Letang and Goligoski would be the other two offensive defenseman.

  5. intelligentscorpio says:

    A trade with Pittsburgh does not make sense, as it does not solve their winger problems.

  6. intelligentscorpio says:

    Mike Yeo has to go. Micheal Therrien may have lived his usefulness in a Pens coaching position. I said maybe, not sure yet.
    I agree that Pens are soft, need toughness on the wings. the loss of Malone, Hall, Ruutuu, Roberts and Laraque is formidable, and Cooke cannot replace all that by himself. Stall has stalled and cannot score even in open net situations, and Crosby has dried up in the scoring department. He is too predictable to the opposing team, as a set up guy. That's why he is ineffective. When Gonchar, Kennedy, Zigomanis are back and when Talbot and Staal can compete at the same level as last year, the team may be able to beat the B's,P's and W's.

    By the way, where is Bru Magnus when we need him to defend the Pens?

  7. TradeMaster66 says:

    A better partner is Ottawa

    Ottawa gets: LeClaire, Husaluies(cant spell his name), Umberger, Filatov

    Columbus gets: Spezza, Gerber, Vermette

  8. Plekanec says:

     The Pens should trade Stall so they could get a couple good wingers, As of right now i believe the Pens have the weakest wingers in all of NHL!

     As for ottawa they should also trade one of the big 3! Maybe get a goalie.

     Here are some players that might be move before the deadline Kaberle, Boowmeester, Kovalchuck, Gaborik, Havlat, Leclaire, Halak, Higgins, Khabibulin,  Roloson, Fernandez,Cheechoo ect…

     I think we will have a busy trade deadline this year.

  9. K-Mill says:

    What about an Atlanta and Pittsburgh trade?

    Pens get – Kovalchuck

    Thrashers get – Staal and a draft pick

  10. Bure96 says:

    What the hell? That's an awful deal for Columbus. They get almost nothing for almost their whole team and top prospect.

  11. intelligentscorpio says:

    Kowalchuk would be perfect, but the only thing is cap space. Pens already have 2 franchise player salaries. The cap does not allow for another. In any case, Kow is a free agent next summer, so Pens can use him for two cup runs, and try to sign on to a long term deal.

    I would prefer a different solution than 1 for 1. Ray Shero needs to find a team that has two good quality wingers to trade for help in the centre, i.e. Staal. That would solve both teams forward problems. Staal deserves to be a top six player, just not going to happen in Pittsburgh.

  12. Classic says:

    Whats with people not knowing how to spell Staal.

  13. pezzz says:

    add 3 1rst rounders going to Colombus and then maybe Howson will listen.

  14. pezzz says:

    Halak have 0 value right now, the goalie market could not be more dry than this.

    Bryzgalov went on waivers…so imagine Halak.

    Higgins is having an awful season and is injury prone, so he will not fetch much either.

    Chicago will hold to Khabibulin and let him walk as a UFA.

    Leclaire has not much value right now. And Colombus will keep him in case Mason chokes come playoff time.

    Roloson is deadwood.

    Fernandez is the most likely canditate to be moved, but Boston may keep him if they're serious for the cup. 2 great goalies isn't too much.

    Havlat has not much value, he's playing on the 3rd line and still making 6 millions….

    Cheechoo, since he's returned from injury, is playing great. If he can go on playing like he was when he scored 50 goals, then he's a bargain at 3 millions, so the Sharks will keep him (especially with Clowe looking for a HUGE raise in the off-season).

  15. cam7777 says:

    all very good points, i couldn't agree more…
    interesting situation with Clowe.  What do you think San Jose will do with him?

  16. cam7777 says:

    nevermind, I just checked out San Jose's cap situation…looks like they won't have a problem resigning anyone next year.  their cap management is realy stellar.  Even if Clowe shoots up to 4-5 million bucks in salary, they can probably still afford to resign or replace Blake, and keep the bottom half of their forward group solid. 

  17. TradeMaster66 says:

    Add Christian Ehrhoff to that list, his play of late is horrible and San Jose could throw in a 2nd and get Ponik from toronto and have the cap space to call up McLaren!

  18. TradeMaster66 says:

    Add Christian Ehrhoff to that list, his play of late is horrible and San Jose could throw in a 2nd and get Ponik from toronto and have the cap space to call up McLaren!

  19. pezzz says:

    well…they should be ok for next year, but in the summer of 2010…aouch.

    Nabokov, Marleau, Pavelski and Setoguchi. These 4 players only will cost about 20 millions. Add Boyle, Thornton, Michalek, Cheechoo, Erhoff, Vlasic, Murray and perhaps Clowe.

    It will be around 52 millions for 11 players….so there will be 4 millions remaining (if the cap stays the same, which is likely to happen) for 10 players…aouch.

    The core of the team will be very solid for years to come, but they could have problems filling the bottom lines and having solid depth players.

  20. pezzz says:

    That's why they'll have to trade Cheechoo or let Clowe walk as RFA (if he signs an offer sheet around 4 millions though, the picks will be very good).

  21. pezzz says:

    Give him time. He's still young and has plenty of potential. He had a heck of a season start, but is just struggling a bit more lately. He's a gritty player with a boom shot, signed at a great price, so you should keep him.

  22. TheStryker says:

    The whole point of Columbus looking for a true #1 center is that so he can play with Nash. So trade Nash for Staal, that's great, but who's is Staal going to pass the puck to ??? I take it you are a Pens fan, but here is a more realistic trade for Columbus

    To Columbus for

  23. pezzz says:

    Washington is keeping Laich for sure, so switch him for a 1rst rounder maybe, but your overall idea is great, nice job.

  24. pezzz says:

    oh, and switch Johnson for Theodore (cap purposes $$$)

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