Just Give It Up

Recently I noticed something Leaf and Rangers fans are always arguing about which team is better. However, I think it’s pointless because both teams stink, something several of us can agree with. Rangers: Haven’t made the playoffs in 6 seasons. They are living proof that you can’t buy sucsess. Every year we get are hopes up and just get let down. We all talk about who we just got and what we have on paper but it means nothing. We get a new coach woo hoo we are gonna win now OOPS sorry nope.

Toronto: Haven’t won a cup in god knows how long. At least they make the playoffs. Even when they do they dissapoint there fans by not doing anything during the playoffs. Then every year the trade deadline comes along and TO fans get excited about the rumors but most of the time nothing happens.

If thats not enough proof then your all in denile. Im not saying dont back up your team I will no matter how many years they miss the playoffs. Im saying how about we stop beating around the bush and all admit that are teams let us down game in game out and year in year out.

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