Just in Case of a Lockout…

If the lockout does occur, how will we satisfy the craving of watching a good ol professional hockey game? We could either:

Play ESPN NHL Hockey, or for those of us with just a PC, NHL 2005

We could watch AHL, OHL, WHL… or college games

Turn the TV to ESPN Classic

or the WHA. Part one of the draft occurred today with the nonprospects being taken.
Now, I am not too interested in the WHA, I might watch it from time to time I guess, but I was surprised at the order in which many players were taken.

Taken from the WHA site:

1st Round

Team Selection

1. Quebec Simon Gagne

2. Halifax Travis Green

3. Detroit Dany Heatley

4. Hamilton Michael Ryder

5. Toronto Joe Thornton

6. Todd Bertuzzi

7. Dallas Eric Lindros

8. Florida Brad Richards

2nd Round

9. Florida Steve Shields

10. Dallas Scott Gomez

11. Corey Schwab

12. Toronto Ilya Kovalchuk

13. Hamilton Felix Potvin

14. Detroit Drake Berehowsky

15. Halifax Craig MacDonald

16. Québec Yannick Perreault

3rd Round

17. Québec Maxime Ouellet

18. Halifax Chris Tamer

19. Detroit Michael Zigomanis

20. Hamilton Theoren Fleury

21. Toronto Aaron Gavey

22. Lyle Odelein

23. Dallas Kip Miller

24. Florida Zac Bierk

To see all 30 rounds with info on each player visit


Anyways, I was shocked with Green going #2, Theo Fleury, being selected not to mention, Doug Gilmour, Stephane Richer and Kirk Muller bring selected. Also where there is a blank for the team, that means Founder’s franchise, which I don’t quite get.

Supposedly there was a pre draft, where each team got one player. I haven’t seen that anywhere so if someone knows fill me in.

Anyways I thought someone might like to see that, and discuss some strange picks. I personally don’t see the WHA being anything like it was in the 1970s. I think that CBCs presentation of curling will attract more viewers but, we will see in October, I guess that is when it starts, what happens.