Just my opinion but…….

Most of us hockey fans take what we have for granted. We dont realized the quality of our sport compared to others.As a hockey fan, I am just flat out thankful for hockey. The greatest game on earth. When you compare it to other sports, none even come close.

Baseball- Well don’t get me wrong its an american past time, and I am american but for me baseball is just to slow paced. And when you have many players taking performance enhancing drugs, players who set records, players who were all time greats. Contrary to D!ck Pounds assesment of hockey, in my opinion, fewer then 3% of the league takes performance enhancing drugs. And is it just me, or does any one else find it hilarious that some one who makes such stupid and incorrect accusations be named D ick?

Football- Well foot ball does have the hard hitting and grit of hockey, but its all overshadowed by stupid celebrations from players who make less then average plays. Also the stoppage inbetween EVERY play to me is way to annoying. O yeah, can any one say DRUG problems? How many times in a week during the football season do we hear of players or ex players – getting suspended for substance abuse or possesion of drug paraphenalia, ehem (Michael Irvin). Any brightlight in the NFL is overshadowed by MORONS like Terell Owens who in my opinion deserves a bat to the head. You signed the damn contract, now honour it.

Basketball- Umm, boring. To me is the most BORING sport of all. The refs never enforce the rules. I cant remember the last time a travel was called. And whats so exciting about a 6’10 player dunking a ball every 20 seconds? Nothing. Every one in the league thinks there a bad ass or a gangsta or whatever ridiculous terms these players come up with. You play the softest sport in the history of the world. Theres nothing tough about this game.

Hockey- The greatest sport of all time. We have EVERYTHING. Hard hitting, creative plays, grit, and at the end of the day, some of the most heartfelt players of them all. Correct me if im wrong, but is there a dress code in hockey? I dont think so, but the players wear suits and ties anyway. We dont have the huge drug problems other leagues have, or the enormous steriod problems. Players here, when they signt a contract, they damn well honour it even if they dont like it. There not selfish, they realize its only a game. And yes, there have been a few discrepencies here or there. The whole Mike Danton issue, and the Gretzky/Tocchet Gambling ring. But thats only two in how many years? More then that happens in 3 days in football or basket ball.

Maybe Im just a die hard hockey fan who thinks to highly of his sport. Maybe im wrong, but what does everyone think?