…Just when you thought the rumors were over.

According to ex-NHL referee and now radio analyst Ron Fournier, Todd Bertuzzi better hope his team goes far into the playoffs…

Here’s what his ”NHL source” told him today:The source Ron Fournier talked about in his radio talk show on thursday night was apparently sitting in the room while Todd Bertuzzi plead his case in front of Colin Campbell earlier that day.

Fournier asked him the following question about the Gary Bettman right to extend or not the suspension to Bertuzzi once the next season starts:

”Can you guarantee me that if, for example the Vancouver Canucks are eliminated in the first round of this year’s playoffs, Gary Bettman will considerably extend Todd Bertuzzi’s suspension into next season?”

”Yes, I can guarantee you that.”

apparently replied the source.

Even though I think Colin Campbell’s decision is fair enough (preventing him from playing into the playoffs is probably what hurts him the most), those who still think the suspension should’ve been longer might just see that happen next season…



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  1. mattf says:

    this shhit is really starting to infuriate me, so many people normally who don’t pay attention to hockey suddenly are. A new viewership of the nhl is coming in that will ultimately ruining the game.

    I think anything more to his suspension would be ludacris, especially how the nhl dealt with that flyers/ottawa brawl. they’re sending a clear message that suspensions generally only apply in situations where players get hurt.

    gary bettmen is doing an extremely poor job right now. he’s losing the nhl fan base, and promoting this *****ish ideology for the future of hockey.

  2. Expuffin says:

    I am a fan of Bertuzzi and I feel that the suspension is extremely fair. To think differently is bordering on moronic (no offence). If Vancouver is ousted in the first round then the league has to take a serious look at the start of next year. There has to be some kind of deterent.

  3. JNurk17 says:

    if the ‘nucks get knocked out in the first round, then doesnt that mean the suspension payed a difference? because they would probably have a better chance with Bertuzzi, and since he isnt playing, the canucks pay the penalty of losing. no need to extend it into next season

  4. Kyleton says:

    That’s the punishment for the Canucks yes. But if they get put out in the first round they will look at it as he did not miss as many games. If they go out in the first Bertuzzi will only miss a Max of 7 games plus what he misses for this regular season. But if they go to game 7 of the finals then he could be missing a max of 28 games. Early exit of the Canucks team is more punishment to the Canucks than to Bertuzzi. I think that is how the NHL is looking at it.

  5. Lint07 says:

    EXACTLY what I thought, thanks for bringing this up.

    However I guess you can’t say a team lost just because of one player missing so that may be why they think about extending it.

    Not to forget the fact that people will say ”Oh, he just missed 18 games, that’s not enough for what he did!” so Bettman will look good by adding some extra games to it.

    At the end of the day, it apparently all comes down to the # of games missed no matter what the cir¢umstances are…

  6. Furlong19 says:

    whatever. I think this season plus playoffs is the harshest suspension ever in the NHL in modern era.

    Dale Hunter – 21 games but all at the start of the regular season

    Matt Johnson – 10/11 games or whatever. That’s nothing

    Marty Mcsorley – one year but he was on a non-playoff team and was about to retire. No biggy.

    Claude Lemieux – 2 playoff games. This was the worst ruling in NHL history. 2 games. That’s a joke. His hit on Drapes was just as bad as Bertuzzi’s actions.

    In my opinion Bertuzzi’s suspension is fair or even more than enough. He misses the playoffs however long that is which players live to play for. So a minimum of 17 game suspension. More than enough.

  7. Furlong19 says:

    Let me ask this question. Does anybody know Bertuzzi’s status for the World Cup? Will he be elible to play even though he’s suspended from the NHL? He would without a doubt make Canada and I would love to see him on the team. I’m just surprised not on hockey reporter/analyst has brought this up. Anyone hear anything or know something?

  8. edmontonrules says:

    I’m guessing that they wouldn’t take him. Probably just out of “respect” to the NHL’s ruling. It would be nice to see him be able to still help out.

  9. PurpleHelmet says:

    I heard that they were going to bring back Bertuzzi for the playoffs, but make him wear a mexican wrestling mask and change his name to something else.

    This is exactly what they did in the WWF years ago when Andre the Giant got suspended for a year and he retured as the Giant Machine along with his tag team partner, the Super Machine.

  10. Lint07 says:

    Bob MacKenzie brought it up already.

    According to him, if Bertuzzi is chosen by Gretzky & co. they will need the agreement of Gary Bettman come World Cup time and if Bettman judges he is not allowed to play, a special right will be awarded to Team Canada to select someone else then.

  11. sens4cup says:


  12. nocuphere says:

    You’re right bro, it’s horseshit. I hear people speaking up about the incident that know jack shit about the game.

  13. nocuphere says:

    The punishment was just, but I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Moore had been given at a 1 game suspension or some kind of disciplinary action. I’m a leaf fan, but I love Bertuzzi. I’m going to miss him more than I will Steve Moore, as sick as that sounds.

  14. Devilsfan99 says:

    how about that Giggy?

    is he a 1 hit wonder?

    i think it rediculus what his 19 million dollar contract for lossing agaisnt the devils pfft…..

  15. mattf says:

    what the hell does this have to do with anything

  16. Hahliday says:

    “they’re sending a clear message that suspensions generally only apply in situations where players get hurt.”

    It’s not just because Moore got hurt. The major issue is premeditation, due to the amount of talking by Vancouver players after Naslund went down (Brad May, I’m looking in your direction). If they never would’ve started with the bounty this and retribution that, no one would have concrete proof of premeditation. Bertuzzi would still get suspended, but probably not as long, and the issue wouldn’t be as big of a deal.


  17. SwiftLEAF says:

    That is considerably stupid. Missing the chance to compete for the stanley cup is a big enough punishment and it shouldn’t depend on how far the Canucks go in the playoffs

  18. PurpleHelmet says:




  19. FlyGuys10 says:

    he probably took a hit from Bert

  20. Hahliday says:

    I think he meant to post this in the Over/Underrated players thread.


  21. goodfela26 says:

    Moore’s career could be over if his neck doesn’t properly heal. You think it’s a big punishment now, but I guarantee you people would be calling for his head had he done that to a star player, i.e. Forsberg.

    Not playing for a Stanley Cup should have absolutely NOTHING to do with the length of a sentence. The league is waiting to see the extent of the damage and what kind of effect it will have on Moore’s chance to play again. That’s the way it should be.

  22. Petr89 says:

    A surprisingly lucid comment from our friend Purple.

  23. Petr89 says:

    If anyone wants to get themselves upset about hockey “non-fans” and their reaction to the Bertuzzi incident, go check out ESPN.com’s Page 2 Writer’s Bloc feature. The Writer’s Bloc is essentially a debate forum for professional sportswriters, all of whom openly admit to not knowing a damn thing about the game or the incident and then proceed to giving their irrelevant opinions. Good stuff.

  24. 24cups says:

    I don’t remember Claude Lemieux suspension but it pretty much sounds like the Kyle McClaren(sp?) suspension when he destroyed Zednik with a vicious elbow in the head. I think he was suspended for all the playoffs but the Bruins got eliminated the next game. McClaren missed only one game and Zednik missed the reminder of the playoffs!!! I mean Come on, share the pie equally!!! There should be rules about suspension like the rule for high sticking : if the guy is bleeding= 4 min, and if he’s not = 2 min. You know what I mean??? As soon as a suspendable hit is done, we should know what will be the lenght of the suspension without arguing!!! Equality for everyone : big name or no name!

  25. 24cups says:

    It is certainly ridiculous if “THE NEWS IN TORONTO HAD IT AS THE MAJOR STORY PRIOR TO THE 200 PEOPLE DEAD IN MADRID AND THE HAITI ISSUE” but this is a hockey site not a world wide news site. This is what is happening right now and a lot of people are concerned about this suspension because :

    1- Bertz is one of the best player in the league

    2- He plays for the Canucks (canadian team) who are going into the playoffs in a couple of weeks!!!

    3- The other teams doesn’t see the Canucks as the same team when going into the playoffs.

    so maybe that’s why it’s not that easy to give it a rest.

  26. Madman9 says:

    People who don’t know jack shit about the sport can comment all they want, because what Bertuzzi did wasn’t hockey, it was physical assault.

  27. nocuphere says:

    I know dude, but do you want to hear about it from people that don’t know the game? They get a chance to gossip about anything at all. Noone is condoning what Bert did, but it’s horseshit the way people that don’t take the time to actually sit down and watch a game spew off about a subject they know nothing about. It’s just an opinion man, nothing more.

  28. ZaphodBeeblebrox says:

    I understand what you are saying.

    I have seen clips of The View talking about the situation and Kelly and Regis.

    I don’t watch those shows, don’t care about their opinions or any of that.

    But Betteman HAS to care about what they have to say.

    Betteman’s job is to “sell” the NHL to new viewers. The NHL has to market to new demographics to grow. The NHL, as it is a business, needs to expand or it will fail. Stagnant business’ will always eventually fold.

    As for your comment of not wanting to hear what non-fans have to say about this incident…Don’t listen. Turn off the program.

    The US media will always find a hot topic and every single “news” program will need to “weigh in” on the situation. Just because they broadcast it, doesn’t mean that you have to pay attention.

  29. ZaphodBeeblebrox says:

    I would say, as a PR move there is no way that Hockey Canada would try and get Bertuzzi to play for them.

    Canada has a wealth of players to choose from, not of Bertuzzi’s calibre, but it would be a bad idea.

  30. OldNord says:

    Seriously, I’m stunned.

  31. oglethorpe says:

    And here I thought the Canucks were British.

  32. nocuphere says:

    It’s hard to switch the station. I wouldn’t have anything to watch as it seems to be everywhere. haha.

  33. gobruins08 says:

    The thing is that if you see how long McSoeley was suspended for, the suspension for the succer punch seems WAY worse. If his victem hadnt lost his balence, and had his helmet done up, the suspension would not have been anything as bad.

  34. rojoke says:

    I think he’ll end up missing about 40 games when all is said and done. He’ll miss the rest of this season, and the balance of the playoffs, which could be anywhere from 6 to 28 games. If they make it to the finals, he’ll probably get a 5- or 10-game suspension for the start of next season. McSorley, don’t forget, got a full year, but he used his stick. And I think he can kiss the World Cup goodbye as well, although there could be a fight over that. Because it’s an NHL-run tourney, does what happened warrant him missing this tourney? Or does in-league conduct stay in-league? And what would the IIHF say about him playing, if he’s still suspended, officially or unofficially?

  35. rojoke says:

    First of all, McSorley got suspended for a year. Unless Bertuzzi gets banned for life, his suspension is not worse. As it stand now, there’s no date for his return. I personally think he’ll sit out around 40 games, regular season and playoff. He’ll probably miss 5 or 10 at the start of next season, whenever that may be.

    Second, if Bertuzzi hadn’t hit him at all, Moore wouldn’t have “lost his balance.” If Bertuzzi wanted to inflict a little payback on Moore, then follow him up the ice and try to get him to drop the gloves. Shove him in the back a few times to get his attention, give a light tap on the pants or the legs, but get him FACE TO FACE. That was a chicken-shit thing to do, and Bertuzzi isn’t what I’d call a chicken-shit player by any means.

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