…Just when you thought the rumors were over.

According to ex-NHL referee and now radio analyst Ron Fournier, Todd Bertuzzi better hope his team goes far into the playoffs…

Here’s what his ”NHL source” told him today:The source Ron Fournier talked about in his radio talk show on thursday night was apparently sitting in the room while Todd Bertuzzi plead his case in front of Colin Campbell earlier that day.

Fournier asked him the following question about the Gary Bettman right to extend or not the suspension to Bertuzzi once the next season starts:

”Can you guarantee me that if, for example the Vancouver Canucks are eliminated in the first round of this year’s playoffs, Gary Bettman will considerably extend Todd Bertuzzi’s suspension into next season?”

”Yes, I can guarantee you that.”

apparently replied the source.

Even though I think Colin Campbell’s decision is fair enough (preventing him from playing into the playoffs is probably what hurts him the most), those who still think the suspension should’ve been longer might just see that happen next season…