Justin Williams done for the season


TSN Reports:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Philadelphia Flyers forward Justin Williams will have reconstructive knee surgery that is expected to keep him out the rest of the season.

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  1. aafiv says:

    If Gagne is all the Pens would take for Kovalev, he won’t be coming to Philly.

  2. mikster says:

    I doubt the Pens would want Gagne though. He makes $2.1 and his contract expires with one more season. He is not easy to negotiate with, and the Pens would lose him in 3 or 4 years. Not worth it.

    They should get Brendl, a 1st or Somik, and possibly a young rugged stay at home d-man.

  3. Hockey_Fan says:

    I have a feeling the Leafs will get Kovalev. Just a hunch.

  4. Glen says:

    As dumb as this may sound, I think that right now, Clarke would be more willing to part with Gagne than Somik. The Somik, Handzus, Brashear line has been by far the most consistent line for the Flyers. Handzus and Somik have worked together well, and are apparently forming an interesting bond. Handzus acts as the interpreter between Brash and Radovan. They also have been working on the ice together after practices. I think a deal for Satan or Tanguay would be more realistic than Kovalev.

  5. titans says:

    Down goes another forward. And I betcha Clarke will do NOTHING about it!

    As for Kovalev…wake up!

  6. mikster says:

    Tanguay doesn’t fit the Flyers…

    Satan would most likely go to a Western team.

  7. RangerFan820 says:

    Hey Don’t feel so bad. The Flyers aren’t the only team to chike in the playoffs in Philly.

    Now the Eagles can keep them company

  8. Clarke says:

    If you are a Giant fan, then you should definitely kill yourself. The Jints blew a 24 point lead; what a horrible way to lose. Meanwhile the Jets, played like the JETS against Oakland and came back to earth as they got pummeled. Lets not talk about the Rangers either d&$khead; they blew a 2 goal lead on Sunday night against the Flyers.

  9. big_booty says:

    Not with Quinn calling the shots.

  10. big_booty says:

    First of all, since when is Gagne a “tough contract negotiator?”

    Agents negotiate contracts, not players.

    Gagne hasn’t staged any sort of holdout that would cause him to miss training camp, pre-season, or regular season action, unlike the likes of Alexei Yashin, Michael Peca, Eric Lindros, and Kyle McLaren.

    THOSE clowns are tough contract negotiators.

    The loss of Williams hurts somewhat, but not as much as some might think. The kid’s got a lot of energy and promise, but his skating still needs a ton of work.

    With Williams out, Kovalev becomes an intriguing possibility, and a deal could come to fruition. Someone mentioned a Primeau, McAllister, and a pick for Kovalev, but I doubt Pittsburgh goes for that. They need defense, and Primeau makes just as much as Lemieux.

  11. mikster says:

    That’s all you can do? Talk about other teams and not what he’s talking about?


  12. mikster says:

    Well, i didn’t directly mean it that way. I don’t know who his agent is, and i always blame agents for interfering players’ careers.

    Gagne’s agent (i forgot that you’re very picky), showed signs of not making things as easy to negotiate contracts. Gagne is already expensive now for the Penguins, would be more expensive later on in his career.

    Lindros held out because he didn’t want to play in Philly, that’s different than holding out for money.

    Who the heck wants McAllister? Primeau is too expensive for the Penguins. It’s hard to trade in the same division.

    Flyers would have to give up a puck moving d-man.

  13. big_booty says:

    The fact remains that Gagne hasn’t let his contract status ever become an issue. Let’s leave it at that.

    I agree that they would have to move a defender. Ragnarsson maybe? He’s been out for a while, but the team has played great without him.

    Primeau has actually turned it on big time over the past couple of weeks.

    Hard to say if Clarke wants to tinker with team chemistry right now – they’re playing just awesome hockey.

  14. mikster says:

    The only reason why i’d trade Primeau is because of his salary. But, i wouldn’t even trade the guy. His effort on the ice is outstanding. It obviously depends on who they get in return, but if Primeau is traded…i’d take that as a decrease in chances of winning the Cup.

  15. Glen says:

    Please define chike.

    Speaking for Philly fans, why do we even bother getting amped during playoff runs?? We certainly have some of the biggest choke artists ever. I hope someone else heard Vinnie the Crumb’s Sports Rant on 9.33 WMMR on Monday. He was hilarious. He absolutely ripped the birds apart.

  16. big_booty says:

    I love to laugh, and this guy always has me in stitches.

    I was at the game on Sunday (no, I did not pay for the tickets), and was in such a sour mood on Monday morning. Next thing I know, my sides are splitting and I was in tears from pure laughter.

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