Kaberle deadline may ramp up Savard talk

Ever since the 2009 NHL entry draft, when the Bruins and Maple Leafs reportedly had a deal fall apart at the last minute that would’ve sent Leafs defenseman Tomas Kaberle and draft picks to Boston for Phil Kessel and draft picks, the Bruins and Kaberle have been linked in trade rumors. Kessel ended up going to Toronto in a later deal that saw the Bruins get Toronto’s first- and second-round picks in 2010 — which turned into Tyler Seguin with the No. 2 overall pick and Jared Knight in the second round — as well as Toronto’s 2011 first round pick. Kaberle remained a Leaf.

But now with Kaberle’s no-trade clause set to kick back in Aug. 15, the window to trade the puck-moving blueliner is closing and rumors of Kaberle heading to Boston will once again start to run rampant.

ESPN.com’s Scott Burnside tweeted Monday that the number of teams interested in Kaberle is “in double-digits”. Sources tell ESPNBoston.com that indeed the Bruins are one of those teams interested in Kaberle.

One name to watch from the Bruins’ end is Marc Savard, who has been the center of trade rumors all summer. At the draft this past June, reports surfaced that Savard had actually waived his no-trade clause, enabling the Bruins to deal him to the Ottawa Senators or the Maple Leafs. But a source close to Savard told ESPNBoston.com recently that “never happened”. And Leafs GM Brian Burke was on the record in late June saying he was not interested in trading for Savard.

But while Savard may not have given the green light to a trade then, another source said the Bruins’ leading scorer in three of the last four seasons might be willing to do so now because of the constant trade rumors. According to this source, Savard has purposely laid low, but is not happy that’s he’s been a part of trade talk after signing what many consider a “cap friendly” seven-year extension in December that has an annual cap-hit of $4 million. According to this source, while Savard wants to stay in Boston and “loves being a Bruin”, he “probably would” accept a deal to either the Leafs or Senators now.

Another factor that could come into play is the fact that the league is now investigating Savard’s new deal in the wake of an arbitrator voiding Ilya Kovalchuck’s 17-year, $102 million contract.

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has remained mum on his interest in Kaberle and won’t comment on the Savard speculation only to say last month that “Savard wants to be a Bruin and is working hard to prepare for next season”. But with the Bruins in excess of $3 million over the $59.4 million NHL salary cap — not including the plan to put Marco Sturm on long-term injury reserve — and the logjam at the center position, the Savard rumors will continue until he’s either dealt or the team says it won’t trade him.


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  1. albertateams says:

    Yeah Cogs is on his way out I would be really surprised if he wasn't traded before the season started.

    I don't see Thomas as a guy thats going to change where the Oilers finish. Taking on Thomas makes sense if they could get a prospect like Colbourne. Thomas is a straight cap dump to get an asset back. I think Tambellini will pull off a deal to get prospects back in exchange for salary, he's probably targeting a young dman first but a big center would probably be his second choice. I don't think there is any doubt the Oilers are shooting for another high draft pick, if they could land Larson next draft it would be fantastic.

    Souray will be gone by the trade deadline for sure, the Oilers are going to have to take some salary back to move him though.

  2. cam7777 says:

    That doesn't take into account any cir*****stances involved though.  It's nice, and wonderful for Neuwyndyk to want to take that attitude with a good young player like James Neal.  However, the team is already over their allotted salary commitment for the year, and still have to resign Neal, Niskanen and Grossman, which could cost anywhere between 6 and 9 million dollars.  Without a new owner to step in and actually pay the bills, signing Neal isn't really realistic, no matter the hockey sense behind it.

    The problem is that the only contract they want to move is Ribeiro, and no one wants Ribeiro.  And why should they, given the situation Dallas is in?  This is a guy who was no showing meetings and practices, and giving a half assed effort on the ice last year.  Now they expect to move a guy who was outperformed by Matt Stajan last year, and costs 1.5 million dollars more, AND they expect to get back an elite puck moving defensemen that costs less?  Excuse me, but I think you might be the one who has to step back from the crazy pills.  Maybe if Dallas wants to include Glennie, and a high pick, it's something to talk about, but as is, this would be an absurdly bad trade for the Maple Leafs.

    If you haven't noticed, expensive, mid-aged forwards on the decline get traded away for nothing.  See Simon Gagne for a recent example.  If Dallas ends up moving Ribeiro, don't expect a bigger return than what Philly got for Gagne.  There have been talks about a Ribeiro for Souray trade, just to put into perspective how absurd a Ribeiro for Kaberle trade is.  Anyone who thinks that's a realistic trade either isn't familiar with Ribeiro, and hence, overvalues him, or completely disregards Kaberle's enormously rare skill set, and assumes he is worth much less than he actually is.

    How do people not realize by now that Burke is serious – he will keep Tomas if the offers aren't strong enough.  Having Kaberle would be ten times more effective than having Ribeiro.  It might be a moot point anyways, as there's a rumor that San Jose has Clowe and a 1st on the table, which so far is the trump card.  Burke is obviously trying to force Lombardi to offer up Schenn, and Neuwyndyk to offer up Neal.  Do the Kings, Stars or Ducks want to watch Boyle feeding Thornton and Heatley sick passes, only to have Kaberle jump over the board and start sending Pavelski, Marleau and Setoguchi on ridiculous, non-stop rushes?  I sincerely doubt it.

  3. albertateams says:

    While I agree that the Ribeiro trade is nuts. I don't see Dallas offering up Neal to get Kaberle, the value is close but Dallas is a bottom five team in the west Kaberle minus Neal doesn't put them in the playoffs. Dallas is clearly rebuilding and is looking to dump veterans and contracts for young players. James Neal at 22 fits well in there rebuild, Kaberle not so much, he's older and is an impending free agent which Dallas probably can't afford to sign, assuming Kaberle  would consider signing there which is doubtful. Neal will probably cost less than 3 million for 2-3 years and would still be an RFA after that contract.

    I think they are stuck with Ribeiro unless they want to take a bad contract back. The guys they should be moving is Brad Richards or Brendon Morrow, they could get a lot back for them and I doubt unless ownership issues are resolved they won't be resigning Richards anyway. Move out 7.8 million for some young players and prospects makes more sense to me. They have financial issues in Dallas right now but I really doubt they move out any of there 25 under forwards for veterans it would be pretty foolish given there position.

    San Jose makes sense they are a cup favorite and Kaberle could be the missing ingredient, Kaberle in Dallas not so much. The Kings I could see they are on the verge, but it probably makes more sense to get a veteran shut down guy short term. Anhiem makes sense but not for Bobby Ryan.

    In the west the Sharks are far and away the most probable given their position and needs. I think if its not San Jose then Kaberle stays in the East.

  4. cam7777 says:

    With Joe Neuwyndyk there, I think Kaberle is actually very likely to resign in Dallas.  Whether they could afford him or not would be the issue. 

    I agree though, that they should be moving the other guys though.  I think though, that the market for Richards would be shockingly thin.  Everyone assumes it wouldn't be, but at his price, just look at what he got the last time he was traded.  Will he get a great deal more now, when he is almost sure to test the market?

    I would do Kaberle for Morrow – that's the closest veteran for veteran trade I can think of.  Dallas gets to stay young, but also gets their puck mover.  They lose a captain, but maybe they should pull all the bandaids off at once – Turco, Modano, Morrow.

  5. cam7777 says:

    Dallas makes two huge moves:

    To TOR: Kaberle, 2nd in 2011
    To DAL: Morrow, 4th in 2011

    To NYR: Ribeiro, Glennie, Niskanen
    To DAL: M.Staal, White, 3rd in 2011

    -resign James Neal, 2 years, 6.5 million
    -resign Nicklas Grossman, 2 years, 2.6 million

    James Neal – Brad Richards – Loui Eriksson
    Jamie Benn – Todd White – Steven Ott
    Adam Burrish – Tom Wandell – Fabian Brunnstrom
    Krys Barch – Toby Peterson – Brian Sutherby
    (Brandon Segal)

    Tomas Kaberle – Marc Staal
    Stephan Robidas – Trevor Daley
    Nick Grossman – Karlis Skrastins
    (Mark Fistric)

    Kari Lehtonen – Andrew Raycroft.

    They are a little over their salary limit here (by about 2-2.5 million), but they could probably rectify that by dumping players in trades as the season goes on.  If they got Kaberle resigned, and I think they could, Staal, Kaberle, Robidas and Daley would be pretty lethal for a long time. Their top line can get the scoring done, and with Lehtonen, Campbell, and Raycroft, they should be solid enough in net. 

  6. albertateams says:

    I think there would still be a market for Richards. He's a good 1st line center the expiring contract might hurt the return for some teams but for a team really serious about a cup run the return could be really good . I would like Calgary  to take a run at him but Dallas would have to be willing to take salary back . The closer to the trade deadline it gets the more likely it is for him to be moved  especially if Dallas is far enough out , which they probably will be.

    They probably would do the trade for Morrow above and then trade Kaberle to an eastern conference contender at the deadline. Although it would be kind of a lateral short term move. I just really have a tough time thinking that Kaberle signs long term in the west. He has on several occasions said he wants to stay in the east, its not impossible but he would have to go back on what he's been saying for some time. It is harder on players that have played exclusively in the East to come West than vice versa. The travel schedule is something that takes some getting used to.

  7. cam7777 says:

    Not true.  Find me the article where Kaberle actually says he wants to stay in the East and won't play in the West.  It doesn't exist.  It is a creation of the media based on a list of 10 teams he presented almost 2 years ago, which consisted of MOSTLY Eastern Conference teams.  Since then, the media has tried to use this to debase Kaberle's value by claiming he only wants to play in the East and would be essetially useless to 15 of the 30 teams. 

    I do think that Kaberle prefers the East, but I think it has more to do with travel schedule than anything else.  If he was going to go to the West, it would have to be the California division.   He gets all the easy travel of his current division, but ridiculous weather, and the lack of notoriety his agent now claims he is looking for.  Plus, he's friends with Joe, so I doubt he wouldn't at least consider it.

  8. albertateams says:


    If its a creation of the media then obviously articles and columns have commented on it. Its not that he wont play in the west, but I doubt he signs long term there. The pacific division is nowhere close to the same as playing in his current division, there is still way more traveling.
  9. leemon says:

    If kaberle is not aleast worth a top 6 forward that so many of you are pointing out.  Then why is he even in line for a pay raise of 6 million a season? 

    seems to me that if the All-star defenceman can manage to get 6 milon the UFA market then he is definitly worth a top six forward.

    oh and one last thing tampa would have to pay the leafs to take his inflated contract off there hands since there hasn't been a market for him before.

    Just another Bill waters piece of crap Rumor he pulled out of his ass
    hope he remembered to wipe lol.

  10. turdfergusson says:

    great discussion guys but I'm standing firm.

    James Neal, Ryan Clowe and a pick or anything like that was never on the table and never will be. If it was it would have been done already. When Kaberle's trade window closes in the next few days Brian Burke will be saying that there simply was nothing substantial out there that teams were offering.

      cam777, Brendan Morrow?! come on man..

  11. cam7777 says:

    You don't even have to fly to 3 of the teams you play most often.  Only Buffalo potentially offers that in his current division.  Yes, there is more travel, but it is as limited as possible in that division.  Life is pretty easy in that area.  Juat ask Joe Thornton.  If anything, the ease of it is a distraction.  It's just too beautiful there most of the time.  Hard to focus on hockey.

    And of course the media has commented on it, that's all they do.  I know you don't believe me, but seriously, ask a radio station in Toronto how the Leafs doing well is for business.  I mean seriously, I know you think I'm a conspiracy theorist or something retarded, but email them up and ask them.  They'll tell you, when the Leafs suck, or something is controversial, the phones are lighting up like mad, and advertising revenue is off the charts.  When they're good, not so much – like crickets I've been told.

    So with that in mind, it's no surprizing that the Toronto media took something so little as Kaberle's list being MOSTLY Eastern Conference teams, and turned it into "Kaberle will never play in the West".  Surely you can see how absurd this is.  It's not my imagination, the evidence is all laid out for you….

  12. albertateams says:

    Its the easiest in the west by far but nothing compared to traveling in the East (its a huge advantage for the Eastern Conference teams not having to deal with crossing multiple time zones on a regular basis). I do agree that it can be distracting to play in California, however for a committed player it shouldn't be a big deal.

    I agree that the media is better off covering controversy on a bad team than just covering a bad team. Obviously when something controversial is out there, it adds to interest as there is a divergence in opinion.

    All I've heard is that Kaberle would prefer to stay in the East not that he absolutely wouldn't play in the west. That could change if he is traded west and loves it but right now I think its safe to say he would choose to play for a eastern team (probably a north east team if given the chance as, he says he likes the area).

  13. albertateams says:

    Additionally if he is traded west that team would be pretty foolish to give up a package of great young players without either negotiating a contract or be reasonably  certain he will sign.  The exception being if a team sees him as a pure rental. I could see San Jose looking at him as a rental. Dallas, LA, and Anaheim not so much there just not elite teams in the west. Dallas isn't making the playoffs LA and Anaheim are in a group of 7 teams that will battle for 5-11 in the west. Its tough to justify a rental, at the expense of elite young talent unless your a cup favorite. Its possible he could still go to one of those teams but they would want some assurance he is there longer than one year. If one of those teams make that trade and can't resign him and loose him for nothing its a huge mistake.

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