Kaberle, McCabe, or Kubina

15 million dollars is a lot of money. Its roughly 30% of the leafs cap room. 30% of the Leafs cap room is taken up by 3 defensemen. 3 top pairing defensemen. So whenever the Leafs find themselves short on cap space, trading one of these three often becomes a popular option.

McCabe 5.75 million dollar cap hit
Kubina 5 million dollar cap hit
Kaberle 4.25 million dollar cap hit

Its funny how things change. A year ago, Kaberle re-signed with the Leafs for 4.25 million dollars. Leaf fans everywhere are calling this a bad deal, saying “all he does is feed McCabe the puck.” Now he is the number 1 guy on the blueline, at a very good price. Kaberle has a no trade clause, and is untouchable on the Leafs.

McCabe had a great post lockout season. By December many thought he would win the Norris Trophy. He even got to play for team Canada at the Olympics. However, a slight drop in scoring, and a few defensive miscues later Leaf fans want him out. He has a family in Toronto and a No-trade clause. A deadly combination, if you want to trade him.

Many considered Kubina’s post lockout campaign to be an “off year”. However, he proved that not to be the case, with another dismal season in Toronto. He has no weak qualities, he’s an above average point man, above average skater, above average hitter, above average defensively… but at the end of the day, he has no quality that he excells at. He has a heifty 5 million dollar salary, that will make him tough to trade.

I am interested to hear what others think about the leafs defensive situation. Here is what I think:

Puck Mover:
1. Kaberle- one of the best players with the puck in the NHL today
2. McCabe- good first pass out of the defensive zone, but has a tendancy to give away the puck in the offensive zone.
3. Kubina- doesn’t have much touch, often sends passes flying past the intended reciever, which makes him a better goal scorer.

Point Shot:
1. McCabe- If he doesn’t score himself, he deflects his shots off something in front of the net.
2. Kubina- Can shoot high low, glove side, stick side, all with high velocity.
3. Kaberle- He gets most of his shots though, problem is he never shoots.

1. McCabe- Is a very capable hitter, but slightly too capable of going to the penalty box.
2. Kubina- No where near physical enough, for a big guy.
3. Kaberle- No, he doesn’t hit. but he doesn’t have to, because no one can hit him.

1. Kaberle- Keeps his feet moving, rarely gets beaten 1 on 1
2. McCabe- Rarely gets beaten 1 on 1, but sometimes stops moving his feet and has trouble catching up with the play.
3. Kubina- Awkward skating style, but he’s a fairly mobile guy

Overall, Kubina is the weakest of the three, and is also the most tradeable. He is overpaid, but 5 million doesn’t look so bad when you consider Timonen makes 6.2 mil, and Redden 6.5.

64 Responses to Kaberle, McCabe, or Kubina

  1. KingCanada says:

    Glucker, i usually agree with what you have to say but as far as saying that Kronvall will easily be a 2nd pairing defenceman is wishful thinking, weve barely seen any of him.  So far hes a 6th/7th defenceman, hes big and somewhat mobile, ive seen a few good outlet passes but hes not amasing.  HES NOT his older brother, i hate it when everyone seems to think hell fit the same shoes as his brother Nicklas.

    The trade you proposed isnt fair eigther, for eigther sides, Toronto gives up too many players and Colorado doesnt get enough value.  Kronvall and Woz are depth Dmen at best, Pohl is a plug, McCabe and Raycroft are the only 2 that have somewat value.

    Would you trade Hejduk (former 50 goal scorer) for McCabe and Raycroft strait up? i wouldnt, and adding Pohl, Woz, Kronvall is NOT sweetening the pot.

    To make a trade like that work it would have to be something like McCabe, Raycroft, Colaiacovo/White/Stajan, 2nd/3rd rounder for Hejduk and a mid-low pick OR a mid level prospect.

  2. andrizle says:

    i like Kubina too and i happen to think that it would be a reasonable trade… aside from hannan and liles the avs have no player who could be on top offensively and defensively.. i dunno would seem like a fair trade since its reported they are looking for two defencmen.. if not Kubina maybe McCabe would be a better suit for the avs

    with regards to white.. sure hes a decent player but i don't see any improvment fromhim in  the future.. i feel he could be a 3rd, 4th defencmen but the Leafs have plenty of those up and coming at the Marlies who could replace White… i dont have any problem with him staying but i just thought that Pheonix could possible accept a trade of that sorts which wouold in return allow the leafs to free up cap space and sign peca or yashin

  3. KingCanada says:

    Edmonton can still use a Defenceman even after signing Souray (too many offensive minded dmen on that team) so it would make sense for them to aquire Kubina.  I personally wouldnt want to trade Kubina, Edmonton doesnt have much to offer that i would want to take, and no one with immediate help to the team, just a handful of prospects that wuold be good in a few years (Pouliot, Schremp, Gagner, Cogliano).  Hemsky is prolly the only player id like to get back but it would never happen so i think we should just keep Kubina and give him another chance, one bad year doesnt determine ones worth.

    McCabe is the other tradable asset the leafs carry but he has a NMC so it would be difficult to move him.  As we have seen in the past few seasons is that a players wife and family have a big inpact on the players decision.  If McCabes wife really pushes him to go back to Long Island i believe is the only way we can move him.  But again with the NYI i dont see anyone of any worth the leafs would want besides Okposo and i doubt theyd trade him.

    So with that said why not just NOT destroy the team and keep them together.  Give them a chance to gel together and see wat they can do, on paper they are a talented team, wether they put it together is another story.  We already have 3 new players on the team, we dont need more, when you add TOO many players to a team it is hard sometimes for them to develop good chemistry especially early in the season, just look at the recent Boston Bruins as a prime example.

  4. tacitus says:

    to bad Markov will get 3 mil a year

  5. tacitus says:


    id offer Raycroft 2.0 and Kubina 5.0 to Columbus for Fedorov. 6.08. Fedorov is on the last year of his contract and playing with guys like Sundin, Blake and Tucker and the fact hes playing for next years money could bring him back to 70 pts or so. People who say Fedorov is done haven't watched him skates, he still stakes like thw wind and TO would love that speed. I think Toronto's defence is deep enough to take losing Kubina, where as Columbus could use another solid D. Its basically an over paid player for an over paid player and each teams weakness's are improved. Raycroft is just freeing up space to make a deadline deal if they are in the playoffs which i think they will be this season

    Or offer Raycroft, 2.0 Tucker 3.0 Kubina 5.0 Kronwall .5 and a 1st rounder for Doan 4.5. and Jovanovski 6.5. The leafs would gain 500k in salary but get a better winger and a better d and really only lose depth d and a goalie that should be starting somewhere anyways. Pheonix who is rebuilding would get a fairly young goalie 27 a young d kronwall 24, Kubina is a year younger then jovo and cheaper, and still a have a rough winger in Tucker. They do set themselves up better for rebuilding with this, and both teams become better where they need it

  6. 92-93 says:

    of the 3 i would trade Kubina.

    BUT, when i do my little fantasy plans i always include him in there because i dont think he is going to be traded.

    fine. but i do think he is more tradeable now than he was 6 months ago.

    i really dont mind giving Kubina and Raycroft another half season to show their stuff to the leafs. i am not holding my breath, but trading them right now might not be the best idea (although any offer for Kubina should be considered considering the cap space).

    but id also dont understand how angry some leaf fans are getting at the prospect of trading Kubina. trading Kaberle? that is another story.

    its a classic case of some leaf fans just getting used to a guy being there and then gradually fearing change, thus seeing any change as a bad thing. i mean, i couldnt believe how some people were appalled at the thought of trading names like Renberg, Khavanov, Richardson, etc. … and then turning around and NEVER accepting a guy like Antropov.

    very unusual.

  7. gilmour_93 says:

    First and foremost, to trade kaberle would be the stupidest thing that the leafs had ever done. Hes their best defenseman all around and his puck moving abilities are outstanding. He is the core of our powerplay by getting the passes across the ice to the open player. I've personally always thought that he should have been a winger because of his superb skating and hard shot, although he doesnt shoot nearly as much as he should, but he is our #1 guy and to move him would be dumb. McCabe i believe should be moved, although his contract is to big to trade, ive heard rumours of him wanting to go back to long island which would be fine but we need something in return and frankly the islanders have nothing to give. He is still a top 4 defenseman easily but he gets in too much trouble and makes too many mistakes. Kubina is a very talented defenseman as well, although he is slow hes a good puck mover and has a rocket shot. All in all i think the leafs should move mccabe if there is somebody stupid enough to take him 

  8. gilmour_93 says:

    i believe that would be an unbelieveable first line and that would make for some excellent highlight reels that i havent seen about toronto in a while. I dont believe that we need to move that many players for hejduk. Pohl will be one of our rising stars. I think McCabe, wozneiwski and razor would be good.

  9. gilmour_93 says:

    Oh and another thing. Why are people talking about trading Ian White? was anybody watching the leafs this year or just reading the game recap ion the toronto sun? This kid is an extremely mobile defenseman and he is quick and handles the puck well. He also is a very good puck mover and should not even be considered to be on the trading block becuz once mccabe and kubinas contracts are up, by then he will be our #2 or 3 guy

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