Kaberle off the block?

Brian Burke is not expecting to trade Kaberle or Ian White at the deadline, but names like Antropov and Mayers are still buzzing around.

With the Maple Leafs heating up as the trade deadline approaches, talk of a wholesale renovation of the lineup is cooling down.

At one point it was believed up to five Leafs would be heading out of town. But general manager Brian Burke yesterday all but pulled Tomas Kaberle and Ian White off the market.

“I don’t expect either defenceman to move,” said Burke. “I’ve gotten offers for Ian White which we’ve turned down. We’re really happy with him, and unless we’re blown away we plan to keep him.

“I think there will be less change than people think.”


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  1. alpalstewart says:

    every team needs an offensive minded d-man to start the rebuilding process.now if they could only land a superstar forward they'll be well on there way.

  2. Kyleton says:

    Of course Burke will say that, he's still got a day and a 3 hours left for GM's to get crazy and offer something. If he says he's turned down offers GM's will have to increase their offer.  If he said he's considering something then they will increase their offer by a little. 

    Example: Burke said a team offered 2 late seconds for a White.  He said he declined the deal.  Which tells teams thats not close.  If he said he's considering it, then a GM would just toss in something a little extra.

  3. reinjosh says:

    it was just one late 2nd rounder not 2

  4. Kramer says:

    I won a free donut today in the Tim Horton roll the rim coffee contest.

  5. broc says:

    I had a hotdog AND fries for lunch today.

  6. mojo19 says:

    I've had like 10-15 coffee's since that came back and I haven't won anything. This is BS

  7. mojo19 says:

    Not healthy man.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Good price for Backstrom. Consider what Huet and Theodore got last summer, this is a solid signing by the Wild. And they couldn't have afforded to lose both Backstrom and Gaborik to free agency this summer after having lost Demitra and Rolston last year.

  9. LeafsNation91 says:

    TSN just reported Antropov and Moore are scratched tonight

  10. leafy says:

    Oh oh, looks like something's cooking on the griddle.

  11. LeafsNation91 says:

    its about time bud…

  12. mojo19 says:

    omg….. Nik has played his last game as a leaf!!! I was going to cherrish every shift tonight!!!! If I only knew ahead of time……

    I think I'm going to cry

    For the last time ever:

    I HEART 80

  13. greatlife15 says:

    I've hearted 80 for years, I'll miss the big Kazakh!

  14. mojo19 says:

    I'll cherrish my Antropov jersey always and forever. I hope he doesn't go to Montreal!!

  15. mojo19 says:

    The rumours of Tlusty being shopped by Burke are ridiculous for a supposed rebuilding team.

    20 year old Jiri Tlusty was named the player of the month for February. This was a no-brainer as Tlusty posted… are you ready for this?

    12 goals and 11 assists in 11 games.

    To recap: 11 games played, 23 points, and +11 rating. 20 years old. Tlusty is developping into the superstar Leafs fans dreamed of when JFJ drafted him 13th overall.

  16. reinjosh says:

    this can mean only one of two things

    1. Burke has a deal or two that involves these two.

    2. He doesn't want them getting hurt and risk not being able to trade them.

  17. mojo19 says:

    To clarify, AHL player of the month. But this is great news for Leafs fans. Wait for Tlusty, it was clear he wasn't quite ready last year as a19 year old, that's okay, lots of guys aren't. He scored a few nice goals but went on some bad cold streaks. We gotta be patient with our good prospects like the Red Wings who let their young guns tear it up in the AHL for a couple seasons before unleashing them on the big club.

  18. cam7777 says:

    do you think he's good enough to center a top line if we find him some wingers for next season?  that is stellar stuff though.  that is exactly why i want burke to go out and get some of these beligerent bastards he keeps talking about, so that we can call up guys like tlusty and let them run free next year.

  19. cam7777 says:

    it's the latter i would be.  although new jersey apparently has interest in acquiring a 2nd line center.  if that's true, than you can almost expect burke to send moore to new jersey, since he's pretty close with lou.  i think that's a bad idea though, as new jersey always seems to get away with under-paying for everything.  we'll probably get a 4th round pick for moore if we trade with lou.

  20. LeafsNation91 says:

    I'm depressed as well, I think I'm going to be upset as well, I am so proud of him, its not even funny. After all the shit he has gotten from the Leafs, fans, and others, he has really developed into a top six forward. And if he leaves tommorow, we should all respect him.

    Thank you Nik. Number 80 forever and ever.
  21. LeafsNation91 says:

    If he was a Canadian player, I would say no, nut we all know how Burke feels about Europeans(Especially Slovaks, Russians and Czechs)

  22. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    Last year fletcher had a deal all but done with philly that would have seen carter and a 1st coming are way for kabs,  now if burke get nothing because he cant convince another team that they should pay what he is asking for, for kaberle, i will be pissed,  I have this feeling that burke is going to fail at making this team younger and bettter, I hope i am wrong,

  23. cam7777 says:

    he needs a hand from some of the other teams.  someone else has to make a move first to set the values on these guys.  kaberle is worth a ton more to a lot of teams if pronger lands in the east.  even derek morris to boston would make kaberle a more interesting proposition for philly and washington, among others. 

    if kaberle doesn't go now, don't fret, he'll go in the summer.  kubina is likely here to stay. now the tsn panel claims the leafs will be lucky to get a 2nd for antropov.  mathieu schneider and his 7 points at 39 years old was worth a 2nd and a 3rd, but antropov, a young scoring winger will be lucky to garner a 3rd….rrrright.  things are not going in burke's favor with those guys spouting off rubbish.

  24. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    lets hold on a second.

    A. He's in the AHL
    B. Every player has streaks.

    you have to think that something has clicked for the young guy, but that doesn't vault him up to the top of the depth chart.

    grabovski had superstar AHL numbers too, dont forget.

    lets wait until he shows it in the NHL.

  25. mojo19 says:

    He's just 20. I'm saying if we don't rush him, maybe pull him up late next year, or to start the following year, really let him find his game, and hopefully become a smart defensive player too (leave that up to Gilbert) then we could have a really great player in our line up. That's the Red Wings way.

    Blue-and-White, if you keep up this negative shit towards Mitchell and Tlusty were gonna have to change your name to nordiques.

  26. blaze says:

    It's not just the Red Wings way, it's the normal way. Every team does this yet on the Leafs prospects are garbage if they don't produce immediately.

    Habs fans are always so quick to brag about their prospects and look at the age of their prospects.

    Pacioretty – 20y
    McDonagh – 19y(3 months from 20)
    Maxwell    – 20y
    O'Byrne    – 24y
    Subban    –  19y(2 month from 20)
    Chipchura  – 22y
    Fischer      – 20y
    D'Agostini  – 22y

    The Kostitsyn's are 21 and 23 respectively. Every team let's their prospects grow and for anyone to write off Tlusty at 20 is insane.

  27. mojo19 says:

    Ya good call. I think Tlusty is going to be a real good player. And he's feisty too, he threw a good hit last year against Philly late in the year.

    I gotta say I really like Greg Gilbert as a coach and I think he can develop our players well and turn some of our better prospects into real NHL'ers.

  28. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    ya i agree tlusty is going to be a good player,, i think we drafted him with out 13th pick if i am not mistaken, which we were lucky to get him ,seeing as he was ranked at #8 over all

  29. alpalstewart says:

    big deal what are they gonna get.just another prospect that might become a regular third liner.i would'nt trade robbie shremp for him

  30. Kyleton says:

    must have been a misprint in the article i read then… hmm

  31. the_word says:

    Imagine Tlusy was putting up those numbers with Habs farm team. Fans would be ready to retire his number before his return the LNH.

    Tlusy showed fashes of greatness last season, was rushed into big league and is developing on a typical arc for a prospect his age.

    This could be a smokescreen by Burke, hopefully he has an ace up his sleeve, I don't expect him to be passive tomorrow.

  32. mojo19 says:

    Just for the record, 12 goals and 23 points in 11 games is not a "Hot streak".
    12 pts in 11 games is a hot streak.
    15 pts in 11 games is a hot streak.
    23 pts in 11 games takes a special player to do, and Jiri Tlusty is a *****ing volcano right now.

  33. cam7777 says:

    no kidding about the habs fans.  but tlusty would have stiff competition with the greatest defensemen who've ever played the game of hockey also on montreal's farm team (fisher, mcdonagh, subban, etc…). 

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