Kaberle rumors persist

For whatever reason, the Tomas Kaberle trade rumors have picked up again over the past week. That’s news to the man who holds the key to any trade for the star Toronto defenseman because of a no-trade clause.

“There’s no reason for any talk to commence,” veteran agent Rick Curran of the Orr Hockey Group told ESPN.com on Wednesday. “Nothing has changed from our standpoint. So whatever the media has initiated and tried … I can assure you it’s certainly not coming from me and I know it’s not coming from Tomas. … My understanding of the situation is that unless we were to initiate conversation, then there shouldn’t be one.”

Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke has repeatedly gone on record, including with ESPN.com, as saying he would not ask Kaberle to waive his no-trade clause. When the Feb. 28 trade deadline rolls around, everyone involved in this situation will obviously have to have another chat. But if Kaberle wants to ride it out and walk away July 1 into unrestricted free agency, that’s his right and his call.

Besides, with star blueliner Dion Phaneuf suffering a leg injury Tuesday night, Kaberle is hardly expendable at this point.


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  1. MystifoLeafs says:

    Doubt Stamkos leaves but if he does you have to wonder if its for more money or just because he hates the team?

  2. reinjosh says:

    I say Weber resigns but if it was an option to get it, I wouldn't hesitate to offer Schenn. It would definitely take more though.

  3. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    13 Games is enough to determine a players future? BTW, The habs aren't exactly missing Halak either. 8-4-1. One of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. Bitter leaf fans.

  4. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    Probably the best All-around defenseman in the game for a 1 dementional defenseman in Schenn? You don't have enough talent to package with Schenn to even remotely get close to what Nashville would be asking for him. Weber is an animal. Easily 50-60pts every year and can demolish guys better than Schenn and Phaneuf combined.

  5. dumbassdoorman says:

    I guess you are kinda right but last years total averages out to 54 pts again roughly if he played all season. I still like the way he plays and think even though he is 27 he only played 4 NHLs so he isn't beat up so to speak. I think he would be a great addition, but sadly doubt he is avail. to be had.

  6. dumbassdoorman says:

    ya but Stamkos and Vinny <Cindy and Gene IMO, but who knows. I think Yzerman is a good hockey guy and great leader. Wouldn't have been sad if the Leafs had hired him. I think he will do okay and i won't bash the Gagne trade cause I was hoping Burke would've grabbed him.

  7. dumbassdoorman says:

    I agree with you, Weber is the best Dman in the game right now period. However you are going a wee bit to far saying better hitter than the two combined.  Schenn is actually an extremely good hitter. Now if you had said Weber could fight better then the two combined, I would have agreed.

  8. The-President says:

    Well I wasn't comparing talent wise, just saying how they're going to be comparable salary wise. 

  9. MystifoLeafs says:

    Nord from seeing what happened to the leafs first hand I can see what you mean and quite frankly it may be time for them to ship out iggy but as for the idea of Kipper you need to have someone who can step in to do the job right or else you may have a Toskala style goalie and trust me unless your the Caps or Detroit you have no chance of making the playoffs.

  10. MystifoLeafs says:

    I am not doubting that Webber is a amazing Dman and he is in the top 3 of dman in the NHL BUT to give up Schenn for a chance to sign Webber, unless Webber gave a indication he wants to stay and play for the leafs then sure I would do it then but just to have the chance to sign him then no thank you.

  11. reinjosh says:

    The one thing Phanuef is really good at is hits lol. Plus with Schenn hitting the way he is thats a pretty stupid statement. That said, I agree that Schenn wouldn't get Weber. If that were offered, I wouldn't hesitate in a second to do it but it wouldn't be.

  12. MystifoLeafs says:

    Yeah they are comparable Salary wise and that seems like way too much for a 2nd line center but I guess with both of them along with Staal they did win a cup and lets not forget that the Lightning won theirs with Brad Richards and Vinny as centers so it must work from that standpoint.

  13. MystifoLeafs says:

    If we did get Webber how much money then would we have tied up on the blue line? like we said up above about having Vinny play center on the 2nd line for 7 mill how about Toronto having Komisareak playing 3rd pairing for 5 mill? seems pretty comparable.

  14. albertateams says:

    Yeah I think if Iggy is moved you would have to consider moving Kipper and deal with the consequences of missing the playoffs for a year or two. 

    Irving still isn't ready (he may never take that next step) so you would want to get at lest one goalie back from a potential Iggy or Kipper trade.  I like the idea of a trade with the Kings to get a combination of Schenn, Bernier. But also the way St Louis is playing I could see them pushing hard for Iggy. Either of these trades I would be fine with:
    Cal: Schenn, Bernier, 1st
    LA: Iginla, Tanguay 
    Cal: Backes, Allen, Tarasenko, 1st
    STL: Iggy, Tanguay, White
    Both teams can absorb salary and have deep prospect pools, and are playing some really good hockey. I doubt any thing happens until December / January but if a move like that is made it would make sense to move Kipper before the deadline Philly or Washington could be potential teams hat may want a veteran for the playoffs:
    Cal: Varlamov, Alzner 1st 
    WAS: Kipper, Moss
    Cal: Carter, JVR, Leighton
    Philly: Kipper, Moss, Nemisz
    If a Washington trade occurred I'm sure the Flames would push for Semin but I don't think the caps would move him, and even if they would I really think he tests the free agent market in the offseason so you could lose him for nothing which would suck. I really think Calgary has to blow this team up or Flames fans are in for another two years of mediocre play. By trading there two best players you could really rebuild quickly. If you wait two years the return you could get on both Iggy and Kipper would be severely deteriorated. 
  15. mojo19 says:

    Just to humour this rumour:

    If Weber made it clear that he wanted out, and he wanted big time dollars, here's a trade proposal

    Tomas Kaberle (would have to agree to sign a 3 year extension with the Preds in the realm of $5 million per season)
    Jerry D'Amigo
    Tyler Bozak

    for Shea Weber (extended 7 years $50 million, $7.14 mil cap hit)

  16. Leafs_the_word says:

    Because Toronto is a city where rich people like to live, you can do anything and if you play for the Leafs and don't completely suck you're treat like a God.

  17. Leafs_the_word says:

    Ok fagbar what is a better young prospect potentially on the table?  This is a league where Phaneuf was traded pluggers, Kaberle can't fetch more than late 1st round pick.  Remind me where they're is a hard market for defensemen? Schenn is just a top five pick from the deepest draft for blueliners of this generation. 

  18. Leafs_the_word says:

    I'd rather Schenn over Kaberle D'Amigo and Bozak.

    Do you really expect Weber to reup in Nashville? That's like having Einstein working at a call center, waste of a potential life.

  19. mojo19 says:

    Well he's RFA, so I could definitely see him signing a "shorter" term deal, like 2-4 years, to bring him to UFA status in the not too distant future. I expect something like that. So we haven't seen the last of Shea Weber in Nashville.

    But if he does decide to push back during contract negotiations, which is a possibility, I think it would take a ton to pry him out of there and I think there would be a few teams lining up. Nashville will want some NHL ready talent, and some young talent coming back.

    I'll admit, I'm a huge Weber fan, maybe my offer was a bit much from the Leafs, but I see Weber as the franchise D-man.

  20. Leafs_the_word says:

    The thing is its not like Nashville can take on a big contract, I suppose we have young cheap talent.  Perhaps a Phaneuf like deal makes more sense. 

    The alternative would likely be another team giving up draft picks, that would likely be a contender with late picks.  IMO Schenn is much more attractive than mid/late 1st round picks.

  21. mojo19 says:

    "Just stepped into a good situation"…. I don't think so.

    Traded Meszaros for a 2nd round pick to free up cap space. Great move.
    Traded Walker and a 4th rounder for Simon Gagne. Great move.
    Signed Pavel Kubina and Brett Clarke to very reasonable contracts.
    Hired a new coaching staff that is really paying off, looks like another great move.

    Addressed the teams depth needs with a couple smaller signings, most notably Dominic Moore.

    But ya he didn't really do anything, just stepped into a great situation. I mean Tampa finished 28th in the NHL last year and 29th the year before.

  22. mojo19 says:

    It would have to be Schenn + I think. Like Schenn, Bozak, and a decent prospect would get it done.
    Let's just say one of the "usual suspects" were to get involved. I could see the Rangers offering up Marc Staal, and a forward like Dubinsky, Anisimov, or Callahan. So I would think just Schenn would be a bit short.

    But I gotta say I'm loving this rumour, hopefully something goes sour in Nashville and we can get him.

  23. The-President says:

    All the moves he made have not made an impact on the team. 

    Yes he came into a GREAT situation. Stamkos, Hedman, Lecavalier, St.louis, Malone, Downie, your telling me he didn't?
  24. mojo19 says:

    They've made a huge impact. address this in the other thread

  25. Leafs_the_word says:

    I never saw the big deal about Dubinsky he's like Stajan light, Staal is a second rate puck mover, solid but I'd Schenn over him anyday.  Anisimov or Cllahan are interchange with any teams depth prospects.

    I'd say Schenn and Bozak have the value of two quality 1st round picks, I don't know if I like Weber that much.  He looks like the perfect defenseman because he flies under the radar in Nashville much like Bowmester was a stud with the Panthers then exposed once people actually watched him on a nightly basis.  Weber is good but is top five blueliner good?  Me thinks not.

  26. Leafs_the_word says:

    The Gagne trade was one of the biggest steals of the cap era, you can't fault Yzerman for coming into a good situation.  He's been impressive in his short tenure.

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