Kaberle rumors persist

For whatever reason, the Tomas Kaberle trade rumors have picked up again over the past week. That’s news to the man who holds the key to any trade for the star Toronto defenseman because of a no-trade clause.

“There’s no reason for any talk to commence,” veteran agent Rick Curran of the Orr Hockey Group told ESPN.com on Wednesday. “Nothing has changed from our standpoint. So whatever the media has initiated and tried … I can assure you it’s certainly not coming from me and I know it’s not coming from Tomas. … My understanding of the situation is that unless we were to initiate conversation, then there shouldn’t be one.”

Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke has repeatedly gone on record, including with ESPN.com, as saying he would not ask Kaberle to waive his no-trade clause. When the Feb. 28 trade deadline rolls around, everyone involved in this situation will obviously have to have another chat. But if Kaberle wants to ride it out and walk away July 1 into unrestricted free agency, that’s his right and his call.

Besides, with star blueliner Dion Phaneuf suffering a leg injury Tuesday night, Kaberle is hardly expendable at this point.